Creative and Memorable Slogan for Hotels

With the presence of Airbnb, hotels have their work cut out to stay relevant and retain their market share. One cool way of keeping customers conscious of a business is by using slogans and taglines.

slogan for hotel could take the form of a simple remark of excellence or a promise of comfort. Whatever the choice of words, the slogan should market the hotel and put it in a positive light.

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What Makes a Good Slogan for Hotel?

1. Keep It Creative

Keeping your marketing slogan creative and unforgettable is one of the best ways to promote your hotel. Using creative phrases, funny jokes, or having a catchy tune can go a long way in making a slogan memorable for your customers. It’s not the number of slogans or taglines that defines the success of a hotel; it’s the creativity and uniqueness of the slogans.

2. Keep It Short

Some hotels might have a catchy slogan that’s a little longer and comes off to be a bit more serious at the same time. You want the slogan to keep ringing in the heads of visitors even after they leave your place.

3. Perception Is Key

A change in your slogan doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to change who you are or what you stand for. It’s just a change in how the customers perceive you. You might even find that it helps the hotel stand out from the others. But make sure your hotel still focuses on delivering luxury and excellent hospitality.

Examples of Hotel Slogans

  • “Our world is your playground.”
  • “Great location, service, and stay.”
  • “Live like a king.”
  • “Start here. New living.”
  • “A great stay is closer than you think.”
  • “We invite you to try it.”


There has never been uniformity in creative and memorable slogans for hotels. So, your competitors will always be sharper than you with creative and memorable phrases.

So, amongst all the competitors, only one of them will be able to benefit from it. To make the slogan for hotel stand out from the competition, you need to work harder and use some unusual slogans. For hotels in the luxury space, creative and memorable slogans will work. 

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