A Great Guide on Making a Unique Slogan for Pen Products

One of our best friends in school and the workplace…

One of our best friends in school and the workplace is pens. They help us write the things we need to inscribe, whenever and wherever we are. If you own a company producing these writing instruments, you should learn how to make a slogan for pen products.

Without any doubt, selling pens is one of the easiest ways to earn money. People from every background and age need a pen wherever they go. Our teachers tell us during childhood, “have you tried going to a battle without a sword?”

What a hilarious idiom, right? Kidding aside, this article will teach you a few steps to follow in making a slogan for products. At this moment, you should get your pen and start jotting down the information you’ll encounter later on.

3 Easy Steps to Follow in Making a Slogan for Pen

Although many people need a pen, not all are convinced with ordinary ones. That’s why you should work hard to promote the pens you sell.

Check out these three easy steps to follow in making a slogan for a pen. Trust us. If you follow these, you’ll see a phenomenal rise in your sales. 

Let’s get started!

1. Brag About Your Pen’s Quality

There are a lot of pens out there. However, not all pens have the same quality.

This is the moment when you should brag about your pen’s quality.

If you use a different kind of ink compared to your competitors, then it’s best to let your target clients know. Meticulous pen lovers love pens that have outstanding features compared to typical ones.

2. Display Your Pen’s Price

Next, you should tell them about your pen’s affordable price.

Your slogan should tell your target clients about the cost of buying your pen.

Even though your pen is cheaper than your competitors’, it should still be of good quality.

3. Have a Strong Call to Action

After letting your potential buyers know about the price and quality of your pens, your slogan should have a strong call to action.

A good marketing tagline has a solid persuasive tone that convinces your target clients to buy your pens.

This part shouldn’t be long. However, it should convey the brand messaging of your business.

Examples of a Slogan for Pens

  • The Best Ballpoint Pen is Now Available!
  • Looking for the Best, The Cheapest Ball pen? Check Out PEN Academy’s Buy One, Take One Pen Promo Now!
  • Our Pen Sets Are Designed Just for You.
  • Whether You Want to Draw a Ball or a Cow, Our Pen Will Turn You Into the Best Artist.
  • I Have a Ball. You Have a Pen! BALL PEN!
  • My Pen. Your Pen. Our Pen. EVERYONE’S Pen!
  • Pen for Home.


Pens are an essential object that we will always use in our lives. Despite losing these precious things, again and again, we all know their role in our academic and corporate life. Without a pen, we can’t write anything.

Remember the steps you have learned by reading this article. Don’t forget to brag about your pen’s quality in making a marketing slogan. Make sure to display your pen’s cost as well.

Lastly, your taglines should have a strong call to action. No one will ever forget the power of pens. In one stroke of it, history changes.

Frequently asked questions

What are the features of a pen?

  • Find balance
  • Make a point
  • A little insurance
  • Be dazzled
  • Look for fit. Good fit is just as important as purchasing clothes.
  • Finish first. Many different finishing options are available these days: resins, metals, celluloid, wood, and many others.

What to say to sell me this pen?

Key takeaways. This is a classic interview question that shouldn’t be avoided in sales interviews. Don’t ask to pass on your question. Instead, respond with interest and enthusiasm. Ask questions about the client’s needs before making a purchase.

What is the importance of pen?

These documents are essential whether you’re at school, at home, at work or at college, whether you have them on hand for documents, notes, writing essays, or taking exams. While technological advancements continue to change how we work, pen holders have remained essential.

How do you promote a pen in an interview?

  • Be positive. In the process of answering “sell me this pen” you need to be positive.
  • Ask direct questions
  • Refer to a larger idea or concept.
  • The interviewee’s specific needs should be covered by the pen.
  • Encourage them to purchase the pen to close the deal.

How do you sell a pen to a company?

  • If you ask them what they do, they will tell you. You want to know what kind of person you are selling to.
  • Acknowledge how important their job is and get them talking about the last time they used a pen.
  • Use the pen to demonstrate emotional importance.
  • Bring back the pen and close the deal.

How do you sell a pen example?

  • Ask the interviewer about the position you are looking for.
  • Establish a connection between the job and product of the interviewer.
  • Describe the emotional value of the product.
  • Make sure they understand they are required.
  • Offer them the product to close the deal.
  • Put the pen down so the interviewer can benefit from it.

What to put on marketing pens?

  • Include Your Company Name – This sounds like a no-brainer.
  • As mentioned before, you don’t have a lot of room to work with.
  • Include contact information – Contact information is also crucial.

How do I convince someone to buy a pen?

How do you advertise a pen?

Paper companies can promote your pen brand as a great way to market your company. Print a coupon along your branded top sheet of a lined paper package to gain more exposure to students. As students return to school, it is also beneficial to offer discounts to retailers during the late summer months.

A Great Guide on Making a Unique Slogan for Pen Products

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