Making a Creative Slogan for Pizza Place

There’s nothing more delicious than a compelling slogan for pizza parlors. The picture of bread topped with quick melt cheese and yummy pepperonis can’t stop your mouth from watering. Indeed, the best way to market a pizza shop is by making a tagline or a slogan.

People will do anything to buy a pizza. It’s a given fact. Pizza enthusiasts consider this food one of the Italians’ best contributions.

If you’re starting your own pizza parlor, you must learn how to make a slogan for pizza. Luckily, this article will discuss everything you need to remember when brainstorming one. What are you waiting for?

5 Tips to Remember When Making a Slogan for Pizza Parlors

If you’re a startup pizza parlor owner, you might require a little push regarding your marketing campaign. You can’t just depend on the signage outside your shop to increase your sales.

Check out these five things you should remember when making a pizza shop slogan.

1. Jot Down Possible Slogans

The first thing to do is jot down possible slogans you can use. 

You don’t have to mind if the slogans you’re jotting down straight from your ideas aren’t perfect. Remember, these are rough drafts for the actual taglines you choose.

Jot down at least twenty to thirty sample slogans so you have a variety to choose from. Ensure that these samples relate to your pizza parlor business.

If you’re running out of ideas, you can ask for help from other people. It could be from your family, friends, or colleagues.

Once you’ve made your list, here’s how to choose the best slogans from the good ones.

2. Filter Your List

After making your list, the next thing you need to do is filter it. Since you’re choosing from twenty to thirty and above, here are some rubrics you can follow in picking your desired slogan.


First, you need to pick the ones that are well-written. Nobody wants to read an advertisement that has corny, cringy content. 

People love taglines that are one-of-a-kind because it leaves a mark on their minds. That way, they can get to remember your pizza parlor’s name.

You may want to add words that further emphasize the tastiness of your shop’s pizza. Don’t just tell them that it’s good without telling them reason in a persuasive manner.


Another factor you should consider is the length of the slogan you will pick. Don’t consider long ones because customers hate reading sayings as long as a college admission essay.

Also, the shorter your slogan is, the better you can convey your message. You don’t have to talk about different topics in your motto.

The shorter your slogans are, the better. Customers will love your promotion and respond to your pizza slogan’s call to action.


Lastly, you should pick the convincing ones to choose the best slogans you can use for your pizza restaurant.

If you want someone to eat your fresh pizzas, you got to convince them by giving them reasons. Tell them your restaurant’s pizzas have spices that authentically come from Italy if you have to.

One of the first steps in making your customers love to eat in your restaurant is persuading them to do so. That’s why you should begin doing that through your pizza slogan.

3. Add Some Flavor

Once you’re done jotting down possible slogans and filtering them, it’s time to add some flavor to your slogan. Following this guide makes your slogan even more catchy.

The best pizza slogans can visualize how fresh and cheesy a restaurant’s pizzas are. Customers will come to your business and eat there if you successfully inform them how delicious your pizzas are.

Tell them how unique your pizzas are compared to Pizza Hut and other pizza places. They’ll love to know how your business stands out compared to other pizza businesses.

Examples of a Slogan for Pizza

Here are some examples of pizza slogans. You can refer to these drafts in making your own tagline.

Let’s get started!

  • Taste the Slice of Life with our Big Crust Pizza.
  • Door-to-Door Pizza Delivery.
  • This is the taste of great pizza.
  • Delivering Our Pizza to Your Home.
  • Order our Pizza Day & Night.
  • Eat Pizza. Work Well.
  • You’ll definitely like our Italian toppings.
  • Share your Food. Save a Life.
  • A good slice of food.
  • Pizza for life.
  • What time is it? It’s PIZZA TIME!
  • Enjoy our Hot and Spicy Pizzas now!
  • Food lover? Pizza lover.
  • New Price, Same Seller. Taste our Cheapest Pizzas ever!
  • Have a bite of our best-selling pizza.
  • Love food. Love pizza.
  • Pizza pizza pizza! Love our pizza pizza! Eat our pizza!
  • Pizza this and Pizza that and Pizza everything else! CA Pizza straight from Canada!
  • Fast Pizza delivery for Pizza lovers. Straight from our Pizza chain.
  • No brand is better than our authentic Italian pizza.
  • Try our Homemade Italian Pizza now!

To Wrap Up

Pizza slogans should effectively promote the uniqueness and tastiness of the pizza that your parlor is selling. Making a slogan for pizza requires a lot of hard work and effort. Now that you’ve read this guide, there’s no doubt you’re more than ready to make your own pizza parlor’s slogan.

Jot down possible slogans before filtering your drafts. Consider three rubrics in choosing the best taglines you have. Ensure that it’s creative, concise, and convincing.

Lastly, you must add flavor to the slogan you chose. Remembering these tips will make it fast for you to create your own pizza slogan. Let’s end this article with a pizza slogan for you: “The ‘pepperoni on top’ of your bread.”

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