Slogan for Tourism: the Ultimate Hidden Gem

Tourism is undoubtedly a big business, and many nations of…

Tourism is undoubtedly a big business, and many nations of the world understand this. A slogan or tagline is usually a short, striking or memorable phrase used in advertising. Travel companies use it to capture the audience’s attention and promote awareness of the product being offered. The main objective is to capture their attention. A slogan for tourism aims to create a memorable image of the country in the minds of visitors.

An important element of slogans is often the desire for the consumer to associate the slogan with the product it represents. Tourism slogans and country slogans play a vital role in promoting destinations

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Why Do You Need a Slogan for Tourism

Travel is like a sport, and the slogan for it is similar to the one for sport. Having a catchy slogan will attract the attention of the audience. A good slogan allows you to explain in a few sentences what exactly you are offering. You use it to explain the tourist-friendly features that travelers can expect.

Irrespective of the entity using them, tourism slogans serve similar purposes. For countries, it allows them to put their best foot forward. It’s a way of describing the experience visitors will get when they visit. National tourism slogans could focus on the beautiful scenery on offer in the country. It could be about the romantic nature of the country.

For travel agencies, it’s a clever way to describe what they stand for and why they’re the best. Small and local travel agencies that are looking for ways to attract foreign tourists find creativity in using slogans to promote their business.

Tourism slogans are usually used to promote destinations, but they can also be applied to an entire chain of events and tours.

Examples of Slogans for Tourism

With tourism as a key part of the economic engine of many nations, people in government and businesses have to sit up. They need to know how to execute a tourism campaign that will actually bring in the intended audience. But, what should be the focus of a slogan for tourism?

Let’s look at some examples of national slogans.

  • Brazil – “Brazil, visit and love us.”
  • Mozambique – “Come to where it all started.”
  • Belgium – “The best place to be.”
  • Seychelles – “Experience Seychelles, our home your sanctuary.”
  • Slovakia – “Travel in Slovakia. Good idea.”
  • Bulgaria – “A discovery to share.”
  • St. Lucia – “Let her inspire you.”
  • Croatia – “Full of life.”
  • Luxembourg – “Live your unexpected Luxembourg.”
  • Macedonia – “Do something great.”
  • Guyana – “South America undiscovered.”
  • Mauritius – “The dream you can afford.”
  • Montenegro – “Wild beauty.”
  • Austria – “Arrive and revive.”
  • England – “Discover your England.”
  • Bosnia – “The heart of SE Europe.”
  • East Timor – “Explore the undiscovered.”
  • India – “Incredible India.”
  • Madagascar – “A genuine island; a world apart.”
  • Turkey – “Be our guest.”
  • Germany – “Simply inspiring.”
  • Guatemala – “Heart of the Mayan world.”
  • Georgia – “For the best moments of your life.”

In each of these examples, they try to be creative and sell dreams to the visitors. The content doesn’t have to be too long. A word or two does the trick. Remember that you only have a moment to sell your hospitality credentials.


The slogan is the very essence of a business, and the tourism industry falls under many different classes. With the boom in technology and the promotion of tourism, a motto should give the perfect blend of what the destination offers.

As a result, the slogan for tourism is totally up for grabs. For something new, a slogan such as “Travels in Worlds” could be the ticket. Focus on a slogan that will be able to attract attention and memory. In addition, it must be something that is also able to relate to the rest of the world. The mantra of the Chinese market is “green, green trees, green skies.”

Frequently asked questions

What is the slogan of Philippines tourism?

Tourism officials announced Friday morning their new tourism campaign called “It’s more fun in the Philippines.”.

What are some country slogans?

  • United States – “All Within Your Reach”.
  • Colombia – “Colombia is Magical Realism”..
  • Turkey – “Be Our Guest”..
  • “Jump into Ireland”
  • Iran “You’re Invited”
  • “Travel in Slovakia, a Good Idea”..
  • .. “The United Kingdom” – “The Land of amazing moments”.

What are the best tourism slogans?

  • “Be our guest” in Turkey.
  • Austrian – Revive and regain.
  • Nature is driving Norway.
  • I enjoyed Latvia slowly.
  • Morocco – “Much more”.
  • Argentine – “Beats to your rhythm”.
  • The Cape of Verde – “No stress”.
  • The ‘All Time Classic’ Greek.

What is a slogan example?

In addition to “America Runs on Dunkin’ Donuts,” the Nike “Just Do It” swoosh or McDonald’s “Lovin’ It,” slogan examples that live on in our minds even when we.

What is America’s tourism slogan?

As the third largest nation on Earth, the United States claims to be “all within your reach”, which is optimistic considering it’s a world-class nation. The nations are using their slogans to tell us where they are.

What is a travel slogan?

Your blog or business’ mission, values, and promises are communicated effectively with slogans and slogans. It’s not always easy to come up with them!

What are the four tourism slogans?

  • Fiesta Islands Philippines
  • I’m so much more fun in the Philippines!
  • WOW Philippines (2002)
  • Experience the Philippines (2017)
  • Pilipinas Kay Ganda (2010)

What are the sample phrases or taglines that you will use in brochure about tourism campaign?

  • “Delaware: Small Wonder”
  • “With Love, Philadelphia”
  • “Idaho, Great Potatoes. Tasty Destinations” .
  • You’ve Got a Friend in Pennsylvania.
  • “Oklahoma is OK”
  • Find Yourself Here, California.
  • Best and Worst Tourism Slogans. By Tracy Stewart.
  • The Virgin Islands are for the lovers.

What is the importance of taglines in tourism?

Explicitly conveying the destination’s benefits and the essence of the experience should be your brand language. Hence, the same tagline cannot be used anywhere else.

Which country is having the tourism slogan of happiness is a place?

With the national tourism logo, it is accompanied by a tagline that reads, “Happiness is a place.”. Bhutan’s tagline is more of an assertion of its serious pursuit of happiness than its claim to success. While Bhutan may not be the place of happiness yet, it definitely contains those qualities.

What is the slogan of Indian tourism?

Sunil Dutt launched a campaign to promote India as a popular tourist destination in 1972. As a slogan for the ministry, it was a phrase called “Incredible India”.

What country that has this tourism slogan ______ everything is here?

All is here, Honduras.

What is the slogan of Thailand?

Thai tourism is promoted internationally with the slogan “Amazing Thailand”.

What is tourism commercial slogan?

Luxury travel at its best. Our destinations are as great as our journeys. In just one moment, I’m smiling. Show it to us!

How do you write a tagline for tourism?

  • Destination For The New Millennium.
  • A Different Light
  • Traveling in a More Rewarding Way.
  • An Introduction
  • It is a new pulse of a dream.
  • A New Sky, A New Life.
  • An Excellence Signature
  • Slogans should stand alone.
Slogan for Tourism: the Ultimate Hidden Gem

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