Every Wedding Needs a Fun Wedding Slogan

Love is a wonderful thing. In all its forms, it…

Love is a wonderful thing. In all its forms, it brings opportunities to celebrate and find joy. So, why not celebrate in your own way. The slogan for wedding might not be high on your list of priorities. However, it is a good way to set the mood for a memorable celebration of love.

As an event planner, one of the first things people notice about you is your sense of planning and style. Whether it’s a big wedding with elaborate decorations or a modest one, you will want to make a lasting impression. Help couples make the most of the wedding venue by ensuring it doesn’t look like a wedding but looks like the love they share. 

A wedding slogan can set a celebratory mood for guests. It can also set an intention for the day. These short phrases typically appear on signs, invitations, cocktail napkins, or reception tables. They might highlight adventure, humor, gratitude, or something else important to the couple. 

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How to Create a Fun Slogan for Wedding

There are a few things to consider when planning a wedding, but you should find creative ways to soak up the love. All your guests need to share in the sentiment of the day. 

One way is to consider slogans that are sure to make guests smile from ear to ear. The slogan could reference something lovely about how the couples met. Keep it light-hearted; it’s a wedding, after all.

Also, consider distilling the slogan into a few expressive and symbolic words. The wedding guests are not there to read an essay. Thus, the wedding slogan should be short and straight to the point.

Finally, make sure you’re on the same page with the couple. Depending on the couple, a slogan may not be a big deal. You should make them see the light.

Examples of Wedding Slogans

  • “Happily ever after starts today.”
  • “Today is to eat, drink, and exchange vows.”
  • “The beginning of a beautiful story.”
  • “We’ll marry; you’ll be merry.”


Wedding slogans are important for the perfect wedding day. Your wedding slogan could come from a poem or a funny saying, or it may be long and dramatic.

The important thing is that it’s both funny and spot-on for your wedding. Just remember, your wedding slogan doesn’t make the day, but it sure won’t make your day boring!

Frequently asked questions

What is a good quote for wedding?

  • No barriers can be overcome by love.
  • I want to be always around you when you walk with your hands in mine and mine in yours.
  • I love you, not only for what you are, but also for what I am when I am with you.
  • You see, I love you more every day.

How do I write a post for an event?

  • Just write
  • Write down a 10-second pitch for the event and then address the high points that support it.
  • Ask a close friend or colleague to take notes during your conversation about your experience at the event.

How do you make a couple name hashtag?

  • This is Alvarez (also: AlvaresAtLast).
  • Betrothed (ex: #BeamanBetrothed)
  • Bewitched (ex: #BewitchedByBearden)
  • Captivated (ex: #CaptivatedByKaplan)
  • Charmed (ex: #ChadwickCharmed)
  • Cheers to Erin and Barry (ex: CheersToBarry).
  • Dreaming (ex: #CalantoniDreaming)

What are some good taglines?

  • I believe that a diamond is forever.
  • The original: The old Spice.
  • Samsung: Do what you can’t do.
  • Nike: “Just do it.”.
  • Disneyland: “The happiest place on Earth.”.
  • MasterCard: “There are many things money can’t buy.”.

Do you need a wedding hashtag?

Your wedding hashtag makes it easy for guests to see all of your guests’ photos in one place. It is a fun and immersive way to connect with your guests and may even allow them (or them) to see pictures they might not have otherwise seen.

What is an example of a tagline?

You can’t go wrong with slogan examples like “America Runs on Dunkin’ Donuts,” “The Happiest Place on Earth,” Nike “Just Do It,” or McDonald’s “Lovin’ It,” but the.

What are some good slogans?

  • – Finger licking good (KFC).
  • And MasterCard (MasterCard) is all that’s needed.
  • – Save money. Live better. (Walmart).
  • – A diamond is always a diamond (De Beers).
  • Red Bull gives you wings (Red Bull).
  • You just have to do it (Nike).
  • – Have a break. Have a KitKat. (KitKat).
  • – Eat fresh (Subway)

How do you make a slogan for an event?

  • Let’s begin with your logo. Your slogan works in tandem with your logo.
  • Keep it simple
  • Use small words
  • Brainstorm a word list of your business word list.
  • Roll it off your tongue.
  • Power words or phrases are suitable.
  • Test your slogans

How do you set up a wedding Instagram account?

  • How to Instagram Your Wedding.
  • Creating an account at Ii.do is step 1.
  • Creating an event
  • 3. Choose the perfect match.
  • Fill out your event information in step 4.
  • Sign up for your Instagram account in step 5.
  • Step 6: Select your appearance and design.

What is a wedding slogan?

Here are some wedding tagline examples. Hence, the adventure begins. The greatest challenge is finding true love. We are looking forward to a lifetime of adventures together. It is a beautiful place to live together.

What is the tagline?

A tagline is one or two phrases that provide clarity, entertainment, or emphasis to help promote a brand’s mission, purpose, or culture. Brands want to feel more connected to consumers through taglines.

How do you invite someone to a wedding message?

You can also use classic wedding invitation wording such as, “The honor of your presence is requested at the marriage of” or “You are cordially invited to celebrate the marriage or “We invite you to share in our joy and request.

How do I make a wedding tagline?

  • We are together forever!
  • Just Married
  • After a long, painful process, I finally had the chance to change my last name.
  • We are set to embark on the journey called “marriage”.
  • It’s time to embark on the next adventure full of life.
  • Better we were alone than we are to do.
  • Our relationship is governed only by love.
  • “I do”

How do I write an event ad?

  • You should identify your target audience. From the initial event brief, you will have a good idea of who you’re trying to attract.
  • Check the website properly.
  • Use listing websites
  • Don’t forget email
  • Use social media
  • Content marketing

What is a tagline for an event?

Taglines describe your event and its principal benefits in a succinct, compelling manner. An effective tagline should have a strong ‘hook’ which clearly conveys what your event offers and why audiences should attend.

Every Wedding Needs a Fun Wedding Slogan

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