Explore Some Catchy Slogans for Women

Nearly a century after the successful campaign for suffrage, women receive the recognition they deserve worldwide. Institutions and businesses alike reflect such credits through their marketing campaigns about “girl power.” Well-known brands like Adobe express their support for the ‘gals’ by simply making a slogan for women empowerment.

Inspired and confident women embrace such statements that promote their worth. When companies launch empowerment campaigns, they need banners and catchphrases that will strike a chord with women worldwide. Creating a catchy slogan that taps into the women’s psyche is an art when it comes to marketing.

This article will guide you on making an inspirational slogan for women empowerment: the definition and tips to remember when making one.

What is a Slogan for Women Empowerment?

A slogan about women empowerment involves writing inspirational phrases, aphorisms, or quotes geared towards women. It intends to provide them with empowerment and inspiration. 

An inspirational slogan about women’s empowerment should inspire women to take the initiative. It attempts to narrate their lives as a success story. 

The slogan can involve creative quotes, inspiring phrases, and witty humor

Inspirational slogans can also have lyrics from songs or even guides on how to make the most of life. There are plenty of sayings that successful companies have used to inspire and promote women’s rights. Some of these slogans empower women to do groundbreaking things, while others bring them ideas on how they can improve their lives. 

These sayings include motivational statements and ideas that help align women with success’s positive aspects.

Three Tips to Remember on Making a Slogan for Women Empowerment

1. Start With Your Mission and Values

Before starting with anything, reflect on your company’s mission and values that have something to do with women empowerment.

Does your company aim to have more than 50% of your workers as women (or people who identify as women)? What are your company’s views about women’s rights? Does your brand cater to women entirely?

After getting to know your mission and values better, try to incorporate them with the ideals of women empowerment. 

Use your slogan to convey your business’s contributions to the fight against patriarchy and gender inequality.

This tip will be much easier if your business has something to do with products or services often purchased by women. However, you can still create slogans for women empowerment even if your brand sells masculine products.

2. Include What Makes You Unique Compared to Others

Aside from pondering your mission and values, try to prove how your company’s women empowerment campaign is incomparable to others.

Does your slogan sincerely understand the struggles of women in a patriarchal society? How do the men in your company treat women in the workplace? Do women who work for your brand experience the empowerment you wish to ignite in your clients?

The best way to ensure that you follow this tip is by comparing your campaign to your competitors.

If you can present reliable data and information about your company’s initiatives for women empowerment, then do so.

There are some cases where companies use the women empowerment movement to capitalize on gender struggles.

Remember, you’re initiating to start this campaign because you understand that entrepreneurship is more than just the money.

Being a good business person also includes being good to others, regardless of gender.

3. Attack the Patriarchy

As a final touch for your campaign slogan, don’t forget to attack the patriarchy.

The patriarchy refers to the male dominance in society, deemed the number one reason for gender inequality. It includes workplace discrimination against women due to the prejudice that they’re weaker than men.

The patriarchy is seen as a form of cultural imperialism, sociopolitical, economic, and sexual control over women. It’s manifesting in the form of social processes, institutions, and dominant ideologies deeply embedded in Western culture and thinking. 

As a result of patriarchy, women are still victims of male supremacy and are treated as less than equal. Many women are treated as inferior or beneficiaries of lower social standing, political power, or economic well-being. 

That’s why attacking the patriarchy in your slogan would attract many women to know more about your brand. Every woman understands the struggles of being stuck within the grip of men.

It’s a great strategy to encourage them to patronize your company.

Examples of Slogan for Women Empowerment

  • Who Runs the World? GIRLS!
  • There’s a reason there’s a WOW in WOMEN but NOTHING in MEN.
  • Her Body, Her Choice!

To Wrap Up

Encouraging women to recognize their worth is an essential part of empowering individuals. That’s why your company must create catchy slogans that inspire them. Slogans for women empowerment will reflect your belief in the significance of women’s collective voice. 

Remember the three essential tips above when creating a slogan about women empowerment. First, you start with your company’s mission and values. After that, you include what makes you unique to others.

Lastly, you join your women clients in attacking the patriarchy. Whether your products are gender-based or not, empowering women is one of the most extraordinary acts your company can do. It’s time to stand up with women in fighting for gender equality and their rights.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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