Key Elements of Successful PAS Cold Emails

Cold emailing is a vital tactic for any business. That’s why it’s important to know what you can or should include in your emails. This article shares key guidelines for cold emailing, especially problem agitate solve cold email.

Examples of the most successful cold email cold emails share a common thread. From billionaire hedge funders to a local bank president, most of these messages addressed specific problems or cited potential. 

Fundamentals of a Problem Agitate Solve Cold Email

Many people assume that cold emails are a complicated proposition. With so much information online about cold emailing, your average Joe can find himself overwhelmed quickly. Let’s specifically analyze what a problem agitate solve cold email is.

Also known as PAS cold email, it is made up of three core parts — problem, agitate, and solve. It is a way of identifying and addressing pain points that are frustrating an individual or business.

The process starts with finding the problem. Subsequently, you are expected to agitate it to allow them to see the entire workings of the problem. The final stage entails providing an effective solution to the problem already identified and agitated.

Why PAS Works

PAS is one of the most effective copywriting formulas. It is effective because it dwells on customers’ pains. Pain highly influences human decision-making. PAS presents a problem in detail and then offers solutions to that problem. 

The message in the PAS approach works because your potential client will lower their guard. The fact that you’ve been able to find their problem and show them why the problem never seems to go will get their attention. 

With their attention comes a level of trust in your ability to help them out. Therefore, a good PAS cold email will offer a workable solution that isn’t too complicated. Even if the solution is complicated, you need to break it down to show that the product or service you’re offering works.

How to Write a PAS Cold Email

Using the PAS formula in your marketing content requires a lot of practice. You should always put your best foot forward. You can hook the reader immediately by finding a problem they relate to. A clear understanding of the customer’s pain points is the main part of PAS cold mailing. 

The next thing you do is to agitate the problem. You show them what the problem is costing them at the moment. Show them what the potential cost will look like in a couple of months if the problem persists. 

The last step requires you to present your solution and how it solves the identified problems. One great thing is that you can use INK’s PAS copywriting tool to get this all done in seconds.

Powered by a proprietary AI technology, the tool can perfectly present the three parts of a PAS writing for your product in lesser time.

Final Thoughts

Cold emails are an effective way to build a relationship with a potential client or a potential prospect. They are quite similar to business plans and expertise to a potential investor.

They offer a chance to show the customer or prospect that your product or service is what they are looking for.

The customer or prospect needs to feel as if they are in control of the relationship. This is why PAS cold email works. You show the prospect that you understand their problem or pain point, and you have the right solution.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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