Looking For The Best Social Proof Apps?

You’re a company owner running an online store. It takes a moment to discover the top social proof apps you can employ to enhance your Shopify store. We felt free to perform the research for you.

When your consumers read other people’s product reviews on these applications, they may use that information to make an informed choice. This aids in increasing conversion rates as peer recommendations are most effective.

If you want to learn more about these apps and see which ones are the best, keep reading!

What Are Social Proof Apps?

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A marketing strategy is known as “social proof” gives customers reassuring “evidence” from their peers to back up their purchase choices.

Social proof may be any content created by a customer’s social peers that promote the company. Examples include:

  • customer ratings on items,
  •  user reviews,
  •  endorsements,
  •  social network likes and shares,
  •  real-time notifications that show other people buying while your consumer is exploring.

There are several social signs and interactions that consumers miss out on when they purchase online. Social proof is the easiest way to provide those to your clients and increase sales.

We are social beings as humans. We turn to individuals around us for examples of appropriate behavior and reassurance that we are doing appropriately in every circumstance.

Have you ever gone around the table at a restaurant before placing your order to check what everyone else was ordering? You wouldn’t likely order tequila shots if everyone was sipping wine.

You turned to your other students for advice since you weren’t sure what to do at that moment.

This is accentuated when confronted with uncertain circumstances. What we do and the results we anticipate are influenced by what we observe others doing and responding positively.

Why Is Social Proof Important?

Think about first-time customers who have never purchased from you before or returning customers who haven’t tried a new product. They are probably unsure of their decisions and need a little prodding in the form of social proof to make the buy.

Social proof in marketing refers to the techniques we might use to educate prospective consumers. Educate how? That making a purchase is the “right” course of action by demonstrating to them that others around them are doing the same. With less doubt and hesitation, there is a higher chance that the individual will buy anything.

Reviews, ratings, endorsements, social network likes and shares, and user-generated material. And most importantly, real-time pop-up sales notifications from customers are a few examples of social proof in marketing.

Social evidence is significant because it boosts credibility and trust. People are more likely to feel confident making a purchase from a website when they see social evidence there.

When customers can read reviews, rate products, and access user-generated information before making a purchase. Read the entire review for more information and helpful social proof statistics.

How A Social Proof App Work?

Social proof is effective because it builds trust. The average customer isn’t inclined to believe a company just because they make nice things about themselves.

They may be a poor company with a great copywriter! However, social proof is produced by an outside source whose opinions prospective clients may see as more important than those of the business itself. Social proof influences people, such as reviews and endorsements, while making purchases.

It has a remarkable capacity to sway people’s opinions.

Best Social Proof App


This social proof app is already in Shopify. So if your e-commerce business is in Shopify, you won’t even have to leave the platform. The fact that there aren’t isn’t any setup necessary helps a lot. It helps, especially if you aren’t that proficient with setting up an external app.

Nudgify has a free plan, but with that free plan, you only get 1000 nudges per month. Here are the features you get with the Nudgify app:

  • Recent Sales,
  • Popularity & Order Soon Nudge,
  • Selling Fast Nudge,
  • Low Stock Nudge (This gives a sense of urgency to the visitors)
  • Free Delivery Nudge,
  • And many more types of nudges, including custom nudges!


Another Shopify social proof tool that links to another site is Provesource. It functions similarly to FOMO in that it connects with other technologies, including Facebook and Google Reviews, to provide Social Proof messages. You may pick from a variety of educational, event, or review reminders, unlike FOMO.

It might be challenging to set up new notifications due to the dependency on integrations. However, you have a ton of customization possibilities at your disposal.

Unfortunately, Provesource does not offer a free plan. The price of the cheapest plan is $16 a month.


This app is probably one of the most popular social proof apps out there, along with Nudgify. 

On Shopify Stores, FOMO displays recent orders, product reviews, and a number of other consumer behaviors. However, as the app can only be connected to Shopify via allowing an integration, it might be challenging to show sales and views. Additionally, it makes it more challenging to handle your billing and account information.

You may display a variety of notifications regarding recent activity by integrating using Zapier with other eCommerce solutions (like Mailchimp, Stripe, and Trustpilot).

This app adds many features to your page. Pricing for FOMO starts at $19 per month. 


Fera offers a variety of artificial intelligence-powered solutions, such as social proof messaging. The easiest way to conceptualize it is as a versatile digital salesman.

Fera may be used to add banners, carousels and buy-one-get-one-free deals. Not only that, but also countdown clocks to your website in addition to pop-ups that provide data on recent sales and views.

The A/B testing option is one of Fera’s most intriguing features. This feature enables you to contrast one notice with another after you’ve established a goal.

It also has live chat support, which helps user who aren’t that tech-savvy a ton. Whenever you run into any problems with the app, you can get in touch with the support team!

So, what does this app offer you? You can use the following messages, or “skills”:

  • Pop-up for Testimonials: This shares testimonials from previous customers to your current visitors. This feature highly increases conversion rates.
  • Social Proof Popups
  • Counter That Shows Recent Sales: Seeing many visitors purchasing this will make your visitors trust you more.
  • Low Stock Popup: Visitors who see that the stocks are low will not delay their purchase.

In Conclusion

The rise of social proof apps speaks to the importance of social proof in marketing. Social proof apps are now popular with audiences, but they are not often accepted by audiences.

The phrase “technology will be the death of privacy” may seem dramatic. However, with apps like these, social proof is only going to continue to get more pervasive.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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