Best Video Title Format That Gets Views

A good video title format can be more than just a single line of text. It should draw the audience in and not leave them wondering what the video is about.

Formats are generally divided into two categories – the video title and the video description. The video title should be a concise description of what the video is about, but do not use excessive descriptions. The video description should be used to “describe the contents of the video.”

The title of your video and the thumbnail image are what viewers see first when searching on YouTube. To attract readers, your title should not only explain what the article is about but also pique their curiosity.

Consider these five guidelines if you want to write titles that get more clicks. s

A good video title format can be more than just a single line of text.
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5 Guidelines for Video Title Formats

1. Rely on proven models

Worry not if you have no idea what to call your videos on YouTube. You don’t have to think up a completely original title. Use a successful title structure as a template. Ensure the layouts are modeled after highly viewed videos on YouTube.

2. Which is better: This vs. That?

Videos that directly compare two topics, such as reviews of two competing items, often utilize the familiar “versus.” format for the title. The audience will be particularly interested in this type of film if the two things being contrasted are well-known but frequently misunderstood.

3. List Video

A YouTube list video could rank the most excellent cars or the worst makeup kits. Items are rated for the benefit of the video’s audience. People who know they want to buy something specific but aren’t sure what to get may find these roundups very useful.

Shopping guide list videos are great for shoppers who know what they’re looking for but aren’t sure where to start. They tell the audience whether or not payment is justified by the benefits received.

4. Ask Specific Questions

If your customers have a burning query, you should make a video on YouTube to answer it. Put a frequently asked question (FAQ) from your demographic in the title of your video, and you’ll probably receive lots of views.

One of the most watched channels on YouTube, TEDx, routinely features ASQ titles. People visit the TEDx channel even if they don’t have a question, as the lectures are generally interesting and educational.

5. Instructional Videos

Instructional videos follow the format of manuals with clear, sequential steps. However, these videos demonstrate products or services in action while they are being discussed, which a blog post cannot. The audience can watch the video in its entirety, or pause it to perform each step.

How to Come up With Good Video Titles

The first step in search engine optimization for a YouTube video is to give the title some thought.

One must be familiar with the fundamentals of online search to properly label videos for YouTube. As a search engine, YouTube utilizes an algorithm to choose which videos to return when a user enters a query.

YouTube’s search function places a premium on usefulness, popularity, and quality.

1. Use Search Terms as Part of your Title

Include search terms used by your intended audience in the title to help the YouTube algorithm determine if your video is relevant to them.

If you want your titles to appear in search results entirely, you should include keywords near the beginning of the title. Ensure your title is around 70 characters in length.

Don’t simply use these keywords in the title; incorporate them into the tags and description.

2. Key in Fundamentals of Psychology

YouTube channel names can be generated with less creative effort by drawing on a few different types of human psychology. Discovering how the framing of ideas affects how people respond to your video can equip you to make engaging titles.

Cognitive disequilibrium is when someone is psychologically thrown off-balance due to having their previous assumptions challenged.

An unexpected, counterintuitive headline is more likely to get people to click on it since it makes them question their own assumptions. The audience is left wondering, “What?! Wow, that cannot be true.

3. Anxiety about Losing Out (FOMO)

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is the regret that motivates people to take action. For commercial purposes, video titles that play on the fear of missing out (FOMO) generate a sense of urgency.

4. Knowledge Gap

According to the information-gap theory, people are more likely to seek out new information when they recognize a gap in their current understanding. You may use this idea to your advantage by giving your videos descriptive names that promise to deliver helpful information.

It’s not uncommon for people to feel intimidated when learning about programming. If you want to know how to do anything, the best person to ask is someone who has already done it. So, set yourself up as an expert.

If the title doesn’t accurately describe the video’s contents, no one will bother to watch it all. YouTube’s search algorithm will lower your video’s relevance score and search ranking if its watch time is low.

5. Make use of a video title maker

If you do not have a title for your YouTube video, use a video title maker help you achieve your title goal.

The generator will suggest several variations on a how-to title if you enter a topic. Some of which will emphasize social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Characteristics like word count and clarity are considered to get feedback on your title and suggestions for improving it.

Video title makers can also offer suggestions for making your title more attractive, such as the use of emotive language or unusual vocabulary.


Many people struggle to come up with good video titles. A video title format involves using search terms as a part of your title, following proven models, creating a list video… Using our proven guidelines will guarantee you a great outcome.

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