Common Product Ideas That Are Always in Demand

Common product ideas bring sales consistently as new sellers try to revitalize existing products. Stocking your shop with everyday in-demand products can increase foot traffic and bring about great sales.

But, there is a trick to it which will be explained in the article. If you are having trouble deciding what common product ideas to choose from, check out our list of products to spur your inspiration.

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Common Product Ideas High in Demand Today

We’ve covered you if you’re wondering what products are trending now. Here’s a list of items that are piquing interest all over the world. 

1. Form-Fitting Garments

Shapewear sales have been rising for many years, demonstrating that it is more than just a fad.

A selection of shapewear in several different silhouettes and colors will help attract customers. Some women may prefer tummy-tuck shapewear with a high waist, while others may prefer a bra integrated into the garment. When worn as an underclothing, it can help create the illusion of a slimmer figure, which is why some women find it so appealing.

To sell shapewear effectively, it takes ingenuity and a keen eye for the right demographics. Women of a larger size or those who have recently given birth are the perfect consumers for this item.

2. Laser Treatment

The struggle of hair removal is real for some women. The hairs grow back in a matter of days if they shave. A month after waxing, it reappears. Because it addresses a long-standing issue, this hot item is always in demand.

Dropshipping is a great way to get your feet wet in the hair care business. Google Trends shows a consistent increase in interest in depilatory methods for unwanted hair. This item is a perennial best-seller, never going out of style.

A store that focuses on the issue and provides a solution could be an effective way to market this product. Make promotional videos highlighting your product’s ability to address the issue. Another option is to contact popular Instagram users and ask them to spread the word about your product. Both, if at all possible.

3. Hair Extensions and Wigs

Because many women can’t grow long hair, hair extensions and wigs are popular online.

If you take a look at the demand for hair wigs and extensions, you’ll see that many dropshippers receive thousands of orders.

According to Google Trends, interest in hair wigs is on the rise. Remember that selling human hair is against Shopify’s rules, so don’t do it. However, you can sell artificial hair in your online store.

Creating how-to hair tutorials for YouTube is a great way to promote these hot new items. Influencers who regularly post photos of themselves wearing hair extensions are another avenue for brand exposure.

The most straightforward hairstyles can be revitalized with the help of a trendy barrette.

Giving affiliate links to well-read mommy blogs is a great way to spread the word about your company. If you want to advertise your shapewear products to new mothers, Facebook is a great place to do it.

If you sell shapewear to women, especially new mothers, remember that they may be self-conscious.

4. Athletic Wear

For at least two years, athleisure has been a staple of “what’s hot right now” lists. People think about sports bras and leggings, which are both comfortable and practical for lounging around the house or hitting the gym.

Search volume for “athleisure” has increased significantly as more retailers stock athletic wear.

Partner with people who share your style and have a large following. Promoted posts on Instagram can bring in new customers and get them excited about making a purchase.

5. Detangler Brushes

Detangler brushes separate knots from the hair. They help alleviate stress on the scalp and the hair, and halt further thinning.

Demand for this hot item hit its all-time high in January 2021, then dropped for a few months before picking up again.

Video marketing is your best bet if you’re trying to promote a hot new product. Working with an influential person to film them using the hairbrush will give you access to engaging content for marketing purposes.

A video is the most effective medium for demonstrating how the product can help keep hair free of tangles. Customers will likely buy more if they see that this hairbrush offers a unique value proposition.

6. Barrettes

According to Google Trends, interest in barrettes has been rising again in recent years.

Using influential people to spread the word about your product is a viable option. You shouldn’t have too much trouble transporting and storing sample barrettes for them because of how light and inexpensive they are. Then, the influencers will write about your product and spread the word to their followers, increasing the exposure your business will receive.

7. Denim Pants

Straight-leg denim, raw hems, boyfriend jeans, and cropped lengths have become increasingly common.

Google Trends indicates that interest in this hot commodity is only expected to grow shortly. Over the next couple of seasons, we’ll see an uptick in requests for it; now is the time to capitalize on this trend.

Denim product promotion should follow the same logic as other types of trendy apparel. This includes experimenting with Pinterest, Facebook ads, influencer marketing, and other forms of social media promotion. Burst is a great place to look for free denim photos on your website.

8. Bathing Suits

Sustainable swimwear, for instance, is a rapidly expanding product category, and high-waisted bikini bottoms are a hit with millennial women. Having these swimwear items on sale may be a smart move, as they will bring customers in.

If you’re afraid to launch a swimsuit shop, try selling swimwear as a line in lingerie, apparel, or accessories.

Promoting your swimwear through influential people is a great idea. Influencers can help you get high-quality lifestyle shots of your swimwear that you can use for advertising and promotion. The influencer can tag your business in their post, increasing your exposure and potentially generating sales.

Advertise these hot items on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to see results sooner.

9. Straps for the Abdominal Crunch

The health and fitness industry quickly adopts every new fad. And at the moment, the trend seems to center around abdominal crunch straps.

Searches for “abs” have increased in popularity over the past few months. Further, many online fitness retailers are experiencing brisk business expansion.

Video-based social media sites like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook would be the best places to advertise trendy products like these abdominal crunch straps. A product tutorial video could be as short as 10 minutes, demonstrating how to use the product in a workout.

If you want to increase sales, it’s best to put a link to the CTA in your bio or the video’s description. Having customers witness the product in action and providing social proof that it does what it claims can increase sales.

10. Scarves for the Head

In recent months, popular clothing retailers like ASOS have added sections for headscarves to their websites.

The summertime is when most women wear their hair up, so it makes sense that this product would be popular then. But it’s been on a skyrocketing trend for a while now.

Designing a whole line of styles may be advantageous if you own a women’s clothes and accessories business. Include this popular item in your inventory immediately. 

Many marketing strategies exist for scarves. If you sell scarves, you could develop a video or blog article with many photographs showing how to wear them. 

This would encourage people to buy your products to get the same looks. You could also promote your scarf by running ads on Facebook.

Ask famous people to wear your scarves in social media images and link to your page. Hashtags are a great way to get your shop noticed and your scarves in front of the right people.

Social media can help you sell trendy products like these by appealing to impulse purchases.

11. False Eyelashes

False eyelashes are a well-liked cosmetic item worn to give the illusion of thicker, longer eyelashes.

You can find a wide selection of false eyelashes from AliExpress vendors. The fact that thousands have already been sold on the site is evidence of the product’s popularity. One interesting point is that large quantities of the product are frequently ordered.

In addition to selling false eyelashes and brows, eyelash glue and serum can also be sold through your online shop.

A quick look at Google Trends reveals that queries related to “false eyelashes,” “eyelashes,” and “fake eyelashes” have been on the rise. Because of the recent surge in interest in false eyelashes, it is a perfect time to launch a retail business selling them.

You can promote your fake eyelashes by contacting the beauty editors of women’s magazines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) for your online shop can boost your site’s natural visitor numbers. To improve your search engine rankings, including the terms “fake eyelashes” and “false eyelashes” in the URL slug for the relevant product category.

Consider making a quick makeup tutorial featuring the use of fake eyelashes if you intend to use Facebook ads to promote your business. You might not get as many last-minute purchases if you put a picture of false eyelashes on a white background. Think about making a video ad to promote the product.

12. Nail Extensions

There is a lot of evidence that nail extensions are quickly becoming popular and are a market powerhouse in the beauty industry.

Since January 2011, “nail extensions” has been one of the fastest-growing search terms on Google Trends, indicating that it is a marketable product.

Many use variations of the term “nail extensions” to find this item online. False nails have a more comprehensive range of names than you might think, including fake nails, fashion nails, acrylic nails, etc.

Instagram should be your primary sales channel for these hot new products. Make quick tutorial videos demonstrating the proper application of your nail extensions.

It’s important to use Instagram hashtags if you want your posts to be seen. The word “nail” on Instagram will reveal millions of posts tagged with #nailsofinstagram, #nails, and #nailart. You can increase exposure for your product by using similar hashtags in all of your social media posts.

13. Temporary Tattoos

Despite the continued popularity of tattoo parlors, some people are now opting for henna-style ink. The popularity of temporary tattoos has risen recently because many consider them superior to temporary body art.

You can use AliExpress to find suppliers for your new online tattoo shop. Since sellers on AliExpress stock a wide variety of styles, you won’t have trouble spicing up your shop.

Tattoos are the new hot item, so promote them on TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat to make a killing.

Pinterest is an excellent tool for creating stylish layouts that appeal to customers. Use Instagram’s carousel feature to display the variety of patterns you sell.


The common product ideas are popular for a variety of reasons, but all of them are constantly in high demand. They are expected to continue to attract consumers in the upcoming years. Take advantage of these products, and you’ll have a guarantee of success.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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