How To Use Viral Marketing Strategy, with Examples

Businesses adopt various methods of expanding their brand’s influence, particularly when it comes to present trends. Successful entrepreneurs always aim to achieve what is best for their sales, including the profit they earn in a particular period. If you are an aspiring successful businessman or businesswoman, you must learn how to use viral marketing.

In the modern age, companies are adjusting to the new marketing and promotional platforms introduced by the Internet. Deriving from the term “digital age,” many new opportunities for businesses to market their brands are arising.

As an aspiring businessman or businesswoman, you need to familiarize yourself on how to maximize these opportunities in your favor.

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Learning how to use viral marketing to your advantage will show outstanding results to your sales. This article will teach you about the fundamentals of viral marketing. Also, you will discover the three steps to using it for your company’s benefit.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is one of the core activities of a business. It is a strategy of bringing a product or service to get a need or demand that is impacting a company’s sales and revenue.

Marketing is a way of increasing the value of a company’s product or service. You can achieve these goals by persuading people to buy or use that product or service.

A good or service has value when it is needed or wanted by certain people. A product has value when it is of the best quality.

Value is also created by promoting that product or service to improve its demand and sales of it. Throughout the progress of time, marketing has evolved into various forms.

One of which includes viral marketing.

Viral Marketing

How come you don’t get many followers on your social media? How does your content not attract the engagement you aspire to have? You might find these questions familiar, especially when it comes to your digital marketing strategies.

Companies often spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on campaigns to reach a wider audience. There are many influencers active on social media platforms.

No influencer guarantees concrete numbers for reach. However, social media is slowly increasing the appeal of this tactic.

What is Viral Marketing?

Viral marketing is when your content is shared by a large audience because it is viral-worthy.

Viral content creates buzz, captures the attention of the users, and motivates them to share it with their friends. If handled properly, your content may end up on everyone’s social media feed.

Among examples of this phenomenon are memes that frequently spread like wildfire through social media platforms. An increasing number of feeds are populated by the number of shares.

The more users repost and share content pieces, the more people you can reach. The content piece goes viral after some time.

How Does Viral Marketing Work?

You can target a much wider audience with a viral campaign and establish brand awareness in untapped markets. The result is a definitive improvement in brand traction.

There is a need to create a powerful effect so that the user can experience the message you want to convey. Many users share their experience with their network of friends once they like it (or enjoy it).

The process goes forth until the content piece becomes apparent in the feeds of a larger segment of your audience.

The Essence of Viral Marketing

The term viral marketing refers to marketing in which your content is shared by a large audience.

Viral marketing is one of the most effective means of getting attention. In a few days, you can boost your social media presence and increase your brand following.

A viral content piece might bring much publicity and broad media coverage to the cause. The coverage serves as fuel for the fire as more and more users become aware of this content piece, increasing popularity.

3 Ways to Use Viral Marketing to Your Advantage

There are three ways how to use viral marketing to your advantage.

  • Hop on Trends
  • Create Trends
  • Collaborate with Trending People

Tip #1: Hop on Trends

First, you need to hop on trends. This is true mainly when you are a new brand so that you can make your name known to many people. Joining trends can help you reach many individuals that you can target with your brand’s answers to their needs.

Tip #2: Create Trends

Once you have established your brand’s reputation, you can create trends. This is better than the first one because it can show that your company has originality. That is a big boost for your sales because your patronizers will realize that your brand is excellent in making content.

Tip #3: Collaborate with Trending People

Lastly, you can collaborate with trending people. You can contact famous influencers to promote your brand. Their overwhelming number of followers will surely try out your products and services!


Viral marketing has shown various positive effects to companies using this strategy. You must also find out the potential for your company’s marketing success. Remember, all you need to do is hop on trends, create trends, and collaborate with trending people.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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