Better & Effective Ways to Going Viral Online

Going viral online takes a bit of both: skill and luck. While we can all blame or praise it on luck, that’s not in our control. So, let’s keep the luck aside and work on the skills and strategies to go viral with your content. Making something viral doesn’t necessarily have to be a negative thing.

In fact, strategic viral marketing can help boost brand awareness, improve engagement, and build customer loyalty. The right viral content on social media can get your brand an avid and mega fan base.

This article details effective ways to improve your chances of going viral online.

What Does Going Viral Online Mean?

When something goes viral, it is disseminated rapidly among the audience or general. Creating content with the purpose of going viral means you want it to circulate to as many people as possible. People read the content, love it, and post it on social media. And hundreds of thousands of people engage with your content even before you realize it.

That’s the power of going viral online!

But what kind of content gets viral? Well, it could be anything from an image, video, or blog to just a memorable tagline. The key is to make the content unique, appropriate, shareable, and distinctive to the public.

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Better Ways to Create Viral Content & Drive Traffic

There are no hard and fast rules to guarantee that certain content will go viral online. However, we all want our content to be seen, liked, and shared to drive more traffic. If you want to go viral with your content or marketing campaign, you must follow the best practices.

Here are some practical ways to have your content go viral on the internet.

Conduct Research First

If you don’t have a clear strategy in place for achieving your goal, you can’t hope to create content that goes viral.

You must set a specific goal first and strive toward it. The goal could be anything like gaining 100K followers or making 100K people watch your content.

The next step is to determine what your audience likes and where they spend most of their time. Understanding the type of content your audience enjoys, engages with, or shares are crucial to your viral marketing strategy.

The data from your research will help you determine where to launch your content and which medium to employ. Analyze the previous viral content samples produced by your competitors. Determining what made the content so effective will help you create content that is even better.

Pay Attention to Current Trends and Events

If you decide to make content on current events and trends, you have a better chance of increased viewership. Because most people are interested in current events, they would search for them on Google, Twitter, and other platforms.

It is good to consider how you might combine today’s noteworthy trends into your viral content. Pay attention to Google Trends and Google News section. You must also check out Facebook and Twitter’s trending sections, as that’s where trending news initially breaks out.

Be Different but Authentic

What is the one common thing among all the viral content? They are unique and authentic but delivers unexpected result. You can’t expect content to be picked up by a sizable audience if it’s just recycled content with a subpar message.

Simply put, you need to accomplish something unique for it to go viral. You need to pique people’s interest and provide them with something that can hit their heartstrings. Only then can you expect a large audience to share your content with their social networks.

Use Relevant Keywords Wherever Possible

Remember that people continuously use keywords and phrases to look for things on Google and other search engines. So if you can get your content to appear in the results, you’ll have a high chance of reaching the right audience.

Therefore, make sure to include relevant and proper keywords in the title, description, and body of the text for written content. Using tags or hashtags on websites like Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube can also help you appear in search results.

Hook Your Users

Just like attention-getters in public speeches, the hook is also important for your online content. The hook is the primary idea of your content. It causes people to pause and focus on your content. It’s also why the same people share your content on social media.

Simply put, the hook is your content’s unique selling point which must deliver a clear message and engage your target audience. Consider your hook to be bait. It draws the interest of your target audience and persuades them to do the desired action. It makes them visit your website, subscribe to additional content, or follow you on social media.

Get Visual

Visuals are an important factor in getting your content or campaign viral.

Which would you rather share on social media — a piece of writing with witty uninterrupted text or a picture with a creative caption?

You’ll likely share the image first unless you’re speaking to a niche audience. And how can I say that so confidently?

Well, viewers easily consume visual content. They are eye-catchy and fun!

Besides informing your audience about something, the goal is also to entertain them with your content to keep them engaged. If someone enjoys a video you have posted on your social media, they might spread the word about you on their social networks.


What comes to mind when you think about a viral video or article? Lots of laughter, crying, happiness? Sometimes all it takes to go viral is seeing something in a new light or someone with a fresh perspective.

You might want to go viral on the internet with your content and reach a broader audience. This article outlines some effective ways to go viral online, grow a mega fan base, and drive more traffic to your content!

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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