Easy Guide: How to Resell New Products Online

Building a company from the ground up can be daunting for anyone. It’s why many people decide it’s best to take small steps and start a simple business.

Online reselling is among the simplest business you can consider. It’s a great way to acquaint yourself with the eCommerce industry. To establish a successful online business, you’ll need to learn how to resell products online first.

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This article will explain online reselling and provide you with some key tips to help increase your chances of success. Read on, would-be entrepreneur!

What is Online Reselling?

Online reselling is the process of completing the transactions of buying a product and then reselling it online. It’s a process performed in person or over the internet. It’s both a business opportunity as it is a way to combat the logistics problem we’ve had since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Online sellers are essentially middlemen who help make products available for lower prices. It’s not a new concept. In fact, reselling has been around for a long time. The only difference is that modern business models leverage the internet and its many platforms.

Platforms such as Alibaba, Amazon, Shopify, and eBay give users the infrastructure and software to manage their inventory and process orders easily.

Is it Lucrative?

Online reselling is very lucrative because the economy and demographics are rapidly changing. Some of the Internet-based leaders, like Amazon and eBay, already have thousands and thousands of sellers, and some of them make six-figure incomes. The internet also allows us to advertise products highly and reach people worldwide.

An online reselling business is particularly lucrative for people who know how to market their products and themselves properly.

Four Ways Online Resellers Make Money

Online resellers make money in four general ways:

Online Arbitrage

Online arbitrage refers to a business model where sellers purchase a lower-priced product online and then resell it for a higher price. You can buy and sell items for profit on Amazon, for instance.

Private Label

A private label online reselling model is when a seller sources products directly from manufacturers and adds their own branding and packaging. Sellers sell these items as their own products under their own brand. They can sell their products on sites like eBay, Amazon, and even social media marketplaces.


Drop-shipping is a business model where sellers source products directly from manufacturers and sells them online without holding inventory. The main benefit of drop-shipping is that sellers don’t need a physical space to house their items. Middlemen and software handle the products.


Wholesaling is similar to a private label, and drop-shipping reselling model in that sellers buy products directly from a manufacturer. It differs in that wholesalers buy large quantities of a product at a reduced price.

How to Resell Products Online

Here are some things to consider when reselling products online.

Conduct Market Research and Identify Your Products

Your products are the most important detail to address because they directly affect the success of your business. The key to determining the chances of success of your business is market research.

Sellers must study their target market and identify their preferences, traits, and other important details. Knowing your target demographic will enable you to pick products your target customer like. It will also help you identify the marketing approach that resonates most with them.

Choose your Marketplaces

Not all selling platforms are right for your business model. Some platforms are better than others. Ideally, you must choose a platform that works well with your niche.

For example, Stock X is ideal for high-value items such as sneakers and watches, while others are better suited for clothes. Selecting the right marketplace ensures that your target customers find your store.

Plan your Online Marketing Strategy

Your online marketing campaign is the bread and butter of your reselling business because it will help you stand out from your competition. You’ll never go wrong with SEO. But, if you have a limited budget, you can always use social media platforms for marketing your online shop.

Just be sure to tailor your messaging to suit your target audience.

Use Cross-Listing Apps

Sellers shouldn’t confine themselves to a single platform. To make the most use of the internet and its many platforms, sellers must list their products on many platforms. This will ensure that your reach is as wide as possible. 

The greater your reach, the more people will find themselves in your sales funnel. It’s a lot of work to post your items on multiple platforms, which is why we recommend using cross-listing apps.

Take High-Quality Pictures

Online buyers don’t have the option to drop by and inspect the items they plan to buy. To help them overcome the inherent mistrust, sellers must post high-quality pictures of the products they sell. This not only shows more about your product, but it’s also a gesture of good faith.

People are more likely going to buy from sellers who quell their doubts. High-quality pictures also let people see how your product might look in a more controlled environment. It’s a way to gain a prospective buyer’s trust.

Write Detailed Product Descriptions

Detailed product descriptions cannot be overlooked. Make sure to include relevant product information and describe its overall condition accurately. They help put buyers at ease, and it shows them what they’re about to buy.

This creates a sense of trust and confidence in buyers. Moreover, most platforms require sellers to provide an accurate product description.

In Summary

There are many different routes you can take as an entrepreneur. If you plan to try your hand as a reseller, we hope these tips show you how to resell products online. Running a business is daunting, and growing it even more so.

Remember to take the time to understand the market you plan to compete in and follow these simple tips. Don’t forget to invest in your skills and in good people. Reselling is a profitable online business as long as you earn the trust of your customers and you have a great product idea.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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