How Viral Branding and Humor Engage Prospects

In a marketing context, the word “viral” refers to something that spreads quickly among its audience. It achieves this as members of your audience share your content with people within their network. As a result, your marketing content builds brand awareness and increases the reach of your company or business.

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The Definition of Viral Branding

Viral branding is native to the internet as it allows users to share content. Search engines facilitate the spread of viral content when trending content gains traction. It signals search engines that the content attracts the interest of users.

Social media platforms are particularly potent carriers of viral content, and they have even been proven to influence user behavior.

Don’t forget that people, too, become viral, as is the case with influencers. Many influencers have millions of followers. Followers listen to them and even base their buying decisions on the products their influencers endorse. This paves the way for influencer marketing campaigns, which is a topic we’ll discuss at another time.

For now, the main focus is on viral content and how they cause ads and their products to go viral.

The Importance of Viral Branding

Viral branding allows brands to establish brand awareness rapidly by leveraging viral content. It helps businesses get their brands and products in front of their target audiences quickly. 

Viral marketing is very cost-efficient because it gets your ads in front of your audience without spending much money. Users willingly share content they find fun and interesting. Then, search engines are generally happy to index it along with other great content if it’s of high quality.

This is why it’s not uncommon to find big companies jumping in on trends. It’s why some aren’t afraid to take potshots at their competition [not recommended].

To better understand viral marketing, it’s important that you learn how to identify its forms.

Forms of Viral Content

You’d be surprised that most viral content coincides with the content type you enjoy most. This also makes sense, considering these are also content that search engines are most likely to recommend to users. If you plan to run a viral campaign, here are some video types you might want to create:

  • Tutorials
  • Apps
  • Online Games

Success Factors for Viral Branding

Creating viral content is only part of viral marketing. In truth, viral marketing involves many other tasks, such as:

  • Knowing your target audience
  • Creating good ideas
  • Leveraging audience emotions
  • Investing in quality video production
  • Cross-media distribution

The main focus of your marketing efforts should be on creating fun and interesting experiences for your audience. Make sure to avoid the mistake of putting your branding efforts before your content. Customers are resistant to marketing efforts.

We all just want to enjoy the internet, and brands that help users achieve that are bound to be more memorable.

In Summary

Viral marketing is a solution that utilizes the internet to spread content quickly among vast audience bases. It’s tricky to master because each audience base reacts differently to content, and it puts your brand at risk if executed poorly. 

The main point to remember with viral marketing is that it focuses on its audience rather than its brand. [This doesn’t mean that brand marketing takes a bad seat either.] High-quality content is more likely to go viral than poorly made ones.

Abir is a data analyst and researcher. Among her interests are artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing. As a humanitarian and educator, she actively supports women in tech and promotes diversity.

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