Guide to Free HR Complaint Form Template

In every organization, there will be instances where employees may have grievances or complaints. It could be about their work environment, relationships, management decisions, or colleagues.

It is the job of the Human Resources (HR) department to address and resolve these complaints in a timely and professional manner. This is where HR complaint forms come into play.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of HR complaint forms, their benefits, and how to create an effective HR complaint form template.

What Is an HR Complaint Form?

An HR complaint form is a document used by employees to report a grievance or concern they have with their employer or co-workers. It provides a formal method for employees to report their complaints and serves as a record of the complaint.

The HR department then uses the form to investigate and address the complaint in a timely and efficient manner.

Creating an Effective HR Complaint Form

When creating an HR complaint form, there are several critical elements in the form. These elements include:

Contact Information

The HR complaint form should include contact information for the complainant. It should also have their name, phone number, and email address. You can use this information to follow up with the complainant. It can keep them informed of the complaint resolution process.

Complaint Details

The HR complaint form should include a section for the complainant to provide details about their complaint. This section should include the date and time of the incident and a description of the incident. It should have the names of any individuals involved and other relevant details.


The HR complaint form should include a confidentiality statement. This statement should assure the complainant that their complaint will be confidential to the extent possible. Let them know they provide information to investigate and resolve the complaint.

Investigation Process

The HR complaint form should outline the investigation process you will use to address the complaint. This process should include a timeline and a description of who will be in the investigation. Add any other relevant details about how you will handle the complaint.

Resolution Options

The HR complaint form should provide options for how the complainant would like to resolve their complaint. These options could include mediation, disciplinary action, or other appropriate measures.


The HR complaint form should include a section for the complainant and the HR representative handling the complaint. This part is to sign and date the form. This confirms that the complaint has been received and that both parties know the complaint resolution process.

Tips for Creating an Effective HR Complaint Form Template

When creating an HR complaint form template, there are several tips to keep in mind to ensure its effectiveness. These tips include:

Keep It Simple

The HR complaint form should be easy to understand and fill out. Avoid using complex language or legal jargon that may confuse the complainant.

Be Specific

The HR complaint form should clearly outline the types of complaints that one can report using the form. This will help ensure that all relevant information is in the complaint and that the complaint is addressed appropriately.

Consider Accessibility

The HR complaint form should be accessible to all employees, including those with disabilities. This may require designing the form in an alternative format, such as an electronic form you can complete using screen readers.

Train HR Staff

Train your HR staff on handling and using the HR complaint form. This will ensure that they take complaints consistently and treat employees fairly.

Review and Update

Review HR complaint form regularly to ensure that it remains adequate and relevant. Communicate any updates or changes to employees.

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HR Complaint Form Template

[Company Logo]

HR Complaint Form

Employee Information:



Phone Number:


Complaint Details:

Describe your complaint in detail, including when and where the incident occurred. State who was involved and any relevant information:


Your complaint will be kept confidential to the extent possible. Retaliation against you for making a complaint will not be tolerated.

Investigation Process:

The HR department will investigate your complaint. The investigation may include interviewing witnesses, reviewing documents, and taking other appropriate measures. You will be notified of the outcome of the inquiry within [insert timeframe].

Resolution Options:

Please indicate how you would like your complaint to be resolved (check all that apply):

  • Mediation
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Other (please specify):


By signing below, you confirm that you have read and understand the company’s complaint resolution process. You agree to cooperate with the HR department in its investigation of your complaint.

Employee Signature: _______________________________ Date: _____________________

HR Representative Signature: ________________________ Date: _____________________


What Is an Employee Complaint Form?

An Employee Complaint Form is a document that informs, in writing, an employer how the employee is feeling professionally. It shows how they would like to see change be made.

When Do You Need an Employee Complaint Form?

  • An employee wishes to complain about a workplace issue.
  • Your small business needs a formal way to complain.
  • You’re an HR professional, and you want your documents readily available.

The grievance form must be complete and submitted to employees’ principals or immediate supervisors.


When creating an HR complaint form template, it is essential to include key elements. These are contact information, complaint details, confidentiality, investigation process, resolution options, and signatures.

By following these tips, organizations can create an effective HR complaint form. It will ensure complaints are handled consistently and fairly. This way, employees feel safe and supported in reporting their grievances.

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