Business Plan Synopsis Example & Guide

Having a business plan synopsis example and guide might be what you need to draft a great business plan. Many entrepreneurs overlook the importance of drafting an effective business plan when launching their venture. However, it is a critical step that can benefit any small or large-scale operation. 

This blog post is an excellent resource for creating a perfect business synopsis with a template.

What Is a Business Plan Synopsis?

A business plan synopsis is essentially a summary of your overall business strategy. It provides an introduction to your broader goals and objectives while also addressing crucial themes like market research and financial predictions.

A good business plan synopsis helps you define your vision and mission, target market research, and financial estimates. It should provide readers with a basic understanding of how you plan to achieve success within the industry. 

Elements of a Business Plan Synopsis

To provide a comprehensive example of what should be included in your business plan synopsis, here is a breakdown of each key element: 

Mission Statement: Outline the overall mission and vision for your business that sets out to achieve a specific goal. 

Target Market: Identify who you plan to target as your primary market while covering any secondary markets and their needs.

Financial Plan: Outline any financial projections you have in place, such as profits and losses. 

Competitive Analysis: Research the current market competition and identify how to compete against them. 

Marketing Strategies: Introduce how you plan to market your business, whether through online strategies or traditional advertising channels. 

SWOT Analysis: Outline your venture’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. 

How to Write a Business Synopsis

While seeking additional money, small business owners often devote a sizable portion of their time to networking with potential lenders and investors. A well-written business summary is essential to any plan for acquiring financial backing. 

You can think of the synopsis as an abbreviated version of the whole business plan for your startup. It should recap the company’s past successes and forecast its future expansion over the next three to five years. 

A potential lender or investor should be able to read the executive summary and grasp the company’s mission and plans in minutes.

Your Business Plan

You need to complete the whole business plan before going on to the summary. Your business strategy should outline the departments and goods your company provides. You can discuss your R&D strategy and current projects if you develop new items. 

Examine your business’s sales goals and marketing strategy in detail to round out your proposal. The company’s current financial situation and its anticipated financial situation over the next few years should be detailed in this section.

Market Conditions

Don’t forget to include a short section outlining the present market conditions your organization is up against. Sales forecasts for the company and the industry should be discussed here. 

It’s also fair game to talk about what your rivals are up to and how that can affect your operations. Don’t be shy about highlighting your small business’s benefits over its larger rivals. Benefits could be your intimate knowledge of the area or your longstanding ties with locals who could become customers. 

You should also include in this area any impending tax law changes or other legislation that will impact the business.

Executive Summary

For many startups, the executive summary is their last opportunity to impress potential investors. Even if you have a great business plan, it will look amateurish if it has typos, wrong information, or poor formatting. 

Before you send out the synopsis, be sure it has been proofread. It’s time to get a second opinion if you’ve read the work so many times you can’t see errors.

The business overview should flow naturally when read out loud, so be sure to read it.


If possible, represent numerical information through charts and graphs. The organization’s financial status is much simpler to grasp with the help of visuals. 

Depending on the people you’ll be delivering the business summary to, you may wish to tailor distinct document versions for each group. When submitting a business overview to investors, you might highlight the company’s promising future. Lenders, on the other hand, may care more about the company’s long-term viability.

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Business Plan Synopsis Example

Company XYZ is a small business looking to expand its operations in the coming year. To do so, they need an effective business plan demonstrating their potential for growth and success. 

This Business Plan Synopsis Template is designed to help Company XYZ create a comprehensive summary of its proposed plan.

Organizational Overview

This section provides an overview of Company XYZ’s current business operations, mission statement, and goals. It should also contain its management structure, team, and any upcoming changes or proposed new initiatives.

Market Analysis

This section provides a detailed analysis of Company XYZ’s target market and customer base. It includes demographics such as age, gender, income level, geographic area served, and more. In addition, it consists of an overview of the competitive landscape, industry trends, and potential growth opportunities.

Customer Segmentation

This section outlines the different customer segments that Company XYZ is targeting with its products and services. It includes detailed profiles of each customer segment and how Company XYZ plans to reach them.

Competitive Analysis

This section analyzes the competition in Company XYZ’s target market. It includes an overview of the competitive landscape, Company XYZ’s competitive advantages and disadvantages, and potential strategies for gaining an edge.

Product and Service Offerings

This section outlines the different products or services that Company XYZ plans to offer. It provides a detailed description of each offering, pricing, and any additional features.

Marketing Strategies

This section outlines Company XYZ’s strategies to reach its target customers. It includes detailed descriptions of online and offline marketing efforts, such as direct mail campaigns, email campaigns, social media campaigns, and advertising campaigns.

Financial Projections & Metrics

This section provides an overview of Company XYZ’s expected financial performance. It includes projected income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, and key metrics (e.g., customer acquisition costs). Also, include any additional information needed to understand the company’s financial position.

Risk Management

This section outlines the risks associated with Company XYZ’s proposed business plan. It includes a detailed assessment of the risks and how to mitigate them. Also, include a contingency plan if one or more of these risks occur.

Company XYZ will be better equipped to make decisions by completing this Business Plan Synopsis Template. This template can also be used as a reference when providing updates or presenting the plan to potential investors. 


A business plan synopsis is a document that summarizes the fundamentals and critical features of a business. If you want to create your business plan synopsis, our business plan synopsis example is a great way to start!

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