Steps To Writing Payment Reminder Notification (Free Samples)

Dealing with outstanding payments is almost inevitable for businesses. To be candid, offering a service without getting paid is frustrating. But you can remedy that by notifying the client via a payment reminder notification.

Contacting clients for overdue payments could be difficult. You need to be professional and polite.

This article will explore the tactics for securing successfully overdue payments with a great notification message.

What Is an Overdue Payment Reminder?

Before unveiling the steps in crafting an unpaid payment, let’s examine the meaning.

A payment reminder notification is an overdue notice sent to someone who has failed to make a payment or fulfill an obligation. It’s a gentle reminder notifying the recipient of their responsibility.

The message should outline the amount due and encourage the debtor to take action. An overdue payment can be a letter, sms, or email, and the reaction you will get depends on how well you craft it.

Step By Step Guide To Writing A Payment Reminder Notification

Have A Fixed Follow-up Timing

Building a strategy for how you will send your notification is the first step. Would you love to send a reminder as the deadline approaches? Or when the payment is overdue?

Structuring out timing for your notification is primal. That way, you can schedule your messages where necessary. Besides, it makes debt recovery more effective.

Include Invoice Details

Next, ensure you input all the invoice details in the reminder. And you should notify the client of what happens if they fail to pay within a timeframe.

Some of the information to include:

  • Customer name and address 
  • Clients number 
  • Your company’s legal name and address
  • Invoice date and number
  • The date you sent the email
  • Payment due date 
  • Amount overdue 
  • Services provided

Make The Subject Line Attractive

To avoid getting lost in an influx of messages, make your subject line scream “read me.”


Consider making it have the following features:

  • Invoice number
  • Company name
  • Due date
  • Call to action 

Any of these features will pique your client’s interest.

Attach The invoice

Referring a client to an invoice you sent weeks ago will only slow things down. So, make it easier by reattaching the invoice or including a link to it.

Insert details on how to make payment in the email as well. That way, you’ll make it easy for your clients to follow the link and pay instantly.

Go Straight To The Point

Be considerate, straight to the point, and friendly. Clients pay late for several reasons, including forgetting to make payments.

However, make the message as brief as possible. Avoid any unnecessary information or boring small talk.

Brand Your Message

We live in a world where cyber crimes are becoming normal. Email phishing is quite rampant nowadays. Hence, ensure your payment reminder notification is branded with your company logo and colors.

Examples Of Payment Reminder Messages

Subject: Last Reminder – Invoice #456798.

Hey Liam,

I’m writing to remind you that the payment for invoice #456798. is now past due. We understand these are challenging times, but we also hope you recognize our need to be paid promptly. And the financial pressures that it puts on our business.

We truly appreciate your ongoing partnership and would hate to see any disruption occur due to late payments. Your cooperation and prompt response are greatly appreciated.

Should you require additional information, or if there is anything we can do to assist, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.



Wrapping Up

No business deserves to go after clients for payment. But it happens regardless, and you need to be ready to handle it professionally.

The guide above will help you manage the situation in the best way possible. Remember, you don’t want to jeopardize your relationship with your clients.

So, be gentle until it becomes imperative to get firm and take action.

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