Informal Invitation Letter Format With Example

The content of an informal invitation letter can vary based on your goals. As such, understanding the format of informal invitation letter is necessary for writing the perfect invitation letter.

What is an Informal Invitation Letter?

An invitation letter is an informal contractual agreement between two or more interest groups, simplifying the passage of commitments and agreements. The letter is a written correspondence with an expectation that the person invited will keep their commitment.

An informal invitation letter asks the receiver to accompany the event or the occasion and informs the sender. In a letter of this kind, the language is informal and friendly.

Please be specific about the event in the letter. Although it is an informal letter, it still must be grammatically correct.

Personal letters are generally used as informal invitations. In order to do so, we use them to invite our friends, relatives, and loved ones.

What Must an Informal Invitation Letter Include?

  • Include the reason for the invitation in the letter.
  • An event or occasion must be described briefly in the letter.
  • A positive tone and cheerful tone must be used in the letter.
  • A correct letter must be grammatically correct.
  • Should be written in the first person (I/we).
  • Unlike formal invitations, the invitation does not ask for a reply. That said, you must be polite and reply to an invitation.

If you are sending the letter to people you are not familiar with, you should use a formal letter style.

Format of Informal Invitation Letter

Many people send informal invitations to their families, friends, or relatives, as the name suggests. As formal invitations remain informal and relaxed, emotions and feelings are the essence of informal invitations.

Below you may find the format of informal invitation letter for any kind of event:

  • Sender’s Address
  • Date (Current date, not the event date)
  • Greeting
  • Event or Occasion
  • Time and date of the event, and the venue.
  • Sender’s Name 

Example of an Informal Invitation Letter

123 Maple Tree Lane

Sunnyvale, NJ

15th December 2021

Dear John,

This is to inform you that my son is getting married at Lehigh Beach Resort in Atlantic City on 5th February 2022. The wedding ceremony will begin at 12 p.m.

We would be honored to see you and your family on this happy day for us. 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,


Paul Gualtieri

To Wrap Up

Typically, a formal invitation letter is addressed to a person of high status. An informal letter of invitation is for someone of neutral or lower status, like friends or family.

We hope the format and the sample will help you write your own invitation letter with ease.

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