Writing an Informal 2 Weeks’ Notice Letter

You’ve landed a new, better job. Congratulations! Nevertheless, you must…

You’ve landed a new, better job. Congratulations! Nevertheless, you must first give notice of your departure from your current role. And the best way to do that is to give a two weeks notice letter to your manager. If you have been employed at your current job for a long time, you might write a friendly resignation letter for your boss. That’s what an “informal 2 weeks’ notice letter” is!

What is a Two Weeks’ Notice Letter?

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An official resignation letter that follows two weeks’ notice is used to notify an employer. It is standard practice to give your employer two weeks’ notice, so they can find a suitable replacement while ensuring your position remains open.

Two weeks gives you enough time to complete your current obligations, inform your managers and fill in your coworkers about your duties. It also is an opportunity to say goodbye to your colleagues professionally and positively. 

Although the two weeks notice is customary, consider giving your company a “4 weeks notice” if you are going through a busy period. This will really help in the future when you need any favors. Or with your new boss, who will see that you don’t let the company down.

How to Tell Your Boss You Are Quitting?

In no case should you quit your job by email. You can send your resignation letter in an email after you resign in person. Quitting a job in an email is not professional nor cordial.

Neither is doing it over the phone. Unless you can’t see your boss because you work remotely, you should not quit over the phone or by mail.

Some things should be done in person. When talking to your boss, be courteous but determined. Do not elaborate on why the job is awful. Just thank them for the opportunity and wish them the best.

How to Write an Informal 2 Weeks’ Notice Letter?

Like any other business letter, informal 2 weeks notice letter should be written on your official letterhead. But you can still maintain a professional manner while remaining friendly

It is important to remember to convey your basic details regarding your resignation. If you have any important details about the job in general, such as responsibilities transferred, you should mention them now. 

Don’t forget to include your up-to-date contact information so that people can still reach you.

What to Include in Your Letter?

  • Your wish to quit,
  • Your last day in your current job,
  • Providing assistance with the transition,
  • Your employer’s kindness and compassion for you,
  • Thanking your fellow coworkers.

To Wrap Up

Remember that your two-week notice letter will mark the last chapter of your career with your company. There may even be a chance that a good recommendation will come from separating amicably.

No matter what you think of your company, there is no reason to burn any bridges. No one knows what the future brings for us, after all!

Frequently asked questions

Can you be fired after giving notice?

Employers can fire you and stop paying you immediately after you give notice. Almost all U.S. cities do this. Workers are employed at their own discretion. If they do not discriminate against you, then the company can terminate your employment for any reason-or no reason at all-at any time.

Can you give a two weeks notice verbally?

You should write a brief resignation letter to allow yourself to talk through the next two weeks and give the respect and appreciation required to leave on good terms. In regards to leaving on good terms, I think it’s very important to examine how you’d like to proceed.

What do you write when leaving a job?

  • Defining your intention to leave your job.
  • You should indicate the company’s official position.
  • The date of your last day on the job.
  • The employers you hired are yours.
  • Your trip (optional) will be remembered as a highlight.
  • Providing training to your replacement.

Does a 2 week notice have to be exactly 2 weeks?

The US has no laws that require you to provide a full two-week notice. People I know have given notice less than two weeks ago. If you do not provide sufficient notice, many companies may mark an employee as unsuitable for rehire.

Is it unprofessional to text a two weeks notice?

No. In general, you should resign in face-to-face conversation.

How do you politely quit a job through text?

Your letter is sent to let you know I intend to resign in two weeks (February 20th). I enjoy working with you and the rest of the team, but I have decided that it is time to move on since I have missed some other opportunity.

What to write when putting 2 weeks in?

  • Start with the recipient’s name and address.
  • You must state your decision and inform your recipient of the relevant dates.
  • Please explain briefly why you resign.
  • The company deserves your gratitude.
  • Finally, outline the next steps in your essay.

How do I write a 2 weeks notice letter?

  • Include a greeting
  • Please briefly explain why you are resigning.
  • Your last day should be indicated.
  • Thank your employer for your kindness.
  • Offer some help
  • Proofread before sending

What do you say when giving notice?

  • I take this opportunity to thank you.
  • If You Are Leaving, An Explanation.
  • Help with the Transition.
  • Appropriate Notice
  • The date you are leaving.
  • You won’t be caught off guard if you have a planned outcome:.
  • Now is the time to leave.

How do you politely quit?

  • Keep quiet. Don’t tell coworkers you’ll quit before you tell your boss.
  • Quit in person. Don’t quit by email or phone.
  • A two-week notice is required. More is better.
  • Send a resignation letter. After you quit in person, bring it in.

How do you write a two week notice for a job you hate?

  • If possible, give two weeks’ notice. At least two weeks’ notice should be given to your boss when you want to leave.
  • Make an appointment with your boss.
  • Keep the tone positive or neutral.
  • Keep it brief
  • Help with the transition.
  • Resign your post
  • Say goodbye to colleagues.

How do you tell your boss you’re quitting?

  • A meeting may be scheduled in person.
  • Give us your reasons for quitting.
  • Please give at least two weeks’ notice.
  • Facilitate the transition to a new position.
  • Express gratitude
  • Provide constructive feedback
  • Let us know how you have resigned.
Writing an Informal 2 Weeks’ Notice Letter

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