A Guide to Writing Informal Letter Properly

An informal letter is a personal letter written in a…

An informal letter is a personal letter written in a casual and quick writing style. Informal letters address people you share no professional relations with, like family and friends. An informal letter format has a casual tone and conversational writing style.

What is an Informal Letter?

An informal letter is a written communication that is casual. It may include personal information, a brief account of events, and a request for advice, assistance, or recommendation. It follows a personal, lively and conversational tone.

The informal letter is also referred to as a casual or personal letter. Informal inspired writing is best when you wish to convey your thoughts to your dear friend, family members, or partner. Unlike a formal letter, it has a friendly and relaxed tone and demeanor.

An informal letter intends to address a quick, personal note to an acquaintance, family or friend. Its information is usually brief, concise and does not include formalities.

When to write an Informal Letter?

Below are several instances when you can write an informal letter.

  • To express appreciation to a dear friend or family member for a gift. An informal letter of appreciation is a ‘thank-you card’.
  • When writing to a business friend to inquire about their business.
  • When writing to your romantic partner to apologize for your behavior.
  • To your therapist to consult about your treatment plan for an upcoming therapy session.
  • To your favorite childhood babysitter to thank her for all the years of love and support.

Informal Letter Format

An informal letter to a friend or a potential employer usually doesn’t follow a traditional formal letter format. Unlike a formal letter, the content and tone of an informal letter are conversational and relaxed.

The informal letter format can be used for creative, opinionated, or emotional letters. These guidelines will help you write a compelling informal letter.

1) Address

An essential component of an informal letter is the address of the writer. It is the first thing to write in an informal letter. Write the address at the top left-hand side of the page.

Whether writing to family or close friends, ensure you note the accurate and complete address. This will help the receiver write back to you if need be. When writing to someone in a different country, include your country in the address.

2) Date

The date needs to go at the top of the letter, just below the address. It is vital to write the date because it tells the reader when the letter was written.

It also gives them an idea of when they should write back. Ensure to write the complete date (i.e., the day, month, and year).

3) Greeting/Salutation

Since you are writing to familiar people, you can address them by their first name. You can also use the words “Dear” or “Dearest” as prefixes to the names (e.g., Dearest Evelyn, Dear Samuel).

You may choose to address the receiver by their relationship with you (Dearest Sister, My dear brother, Dear aunt). When addressing someone older than you, you may use prefixes like Mrs, Ms, or Mr to show respect.

4) Introductory paragraph

The tone of your letter can be set with a brief introductory paragraph. An excellent way to begin is to ask about the health and wellbeing of the recipient.

For example, I hope this letter finds you in perfect health. Ensure to write in a friendly and casual tone.

5) Body of the Letter

Here, you should explain the purpose of the letter and include relevant details. Remember to consider who you are writing to so as to decide the kind of tone to use.

When writing to a friend, you may use a more casual style than when writing to an older relative. Take care to be respectful, even though informal and friendly.

6) Conclusion

The conclusion is an important element of the informal letter. It serves to close the letter and make a lasting impression on the reader.

The conclusion should summarize the main points of the letter. End it in a friendly tone and affectionately say goodbye to the reader. Also, invite the reader to respond to your letter or write back.

7) Subscription/Signature

Close the letter with a dignified and courteous closing. A note that says “regards,” written in the bottom right or left corner can be used for a more professional touch.

A more casual tone is suitable when addressing a close friend, family, or relative. You can use: Yours sincerely, Your loving wife, Yours affectionately, Lots of love. A signature and name should follow the final greetings.

The Bottom line

An informal letter is typically written in a casual and conversational way.

As with a formal letter, the informal letter contains the writer’s address, date, salutation, body of the letter, conclusion, and subscription/ signature. When writing informal letters, it is best to use a friendly tone and be clear about the message you want to convey.

Frequently asked questions

How do I start writing a letter?

  • Send your contact information.
  • Include the date
  • Fill in the recipient’s contact information.
  • Start with a greeting that is most appropriate.
  • Your recipient’s name should be in the most professional form possible.
  • Start the letter with a tone that is acceptable.
  • The purpose of writing the letter should be described.

How should I end an informal letter?

  • Thanks
  • Stay well
  • Warmly
  • Thank you
  • Kind regards
  • Best wishes
  • Best
  • Many thanks

How many paragraphs does an informal letter have?

It is essential that informal letters are well organised and paragraphs are one way you show your organisation. Within three paragraphs, a letter of 100 words is easily formatted.

How many steps are there to writing a friendly letter?

  • Finally, the article goes on.
  • We end the day with the closing.
  • The third ad is the body of the letter.
  • Next comes the greeting.
  • The first thing we need to do is to read the heading. The letter’s title is the first thing you see.
  • Signature is the fifth part of a friendly letter.

What is the format of informal and formal letter?

Formal LetterInformal Letter
It is written in a formal way or a professional way.It can be casual also.
It is an official announcement by a person or a firm.It is non-official.
The format of the letter should be followed.There is no particular format.

How do you write a good informal letter?

  • The Sender’s address
  • Date
  • Greeting/Salutation
  • Introduction
  • This is the body of the letter.
  • Conclusion
  • Signature

What is informal letter writing?

An informal letter is one that is written in a casual manner. You can write them to family members, cousins, friends, relatives, or relatives. If you have a friendly relationship with your formal contacts, you can write an informal letter to them.

How do I start a letter for an informal letter?

Do we write subject in informal letter?

Informal letters can contain added information and can be longer than a formal letter. An informal letter does not have a Subject line. After writing your address, you should write it first! , i.e. Is the address of the sender.

How do you start a letter in English?

Beginning and ending your letter Most formal letters start with ‘Dear’ before the name of the person you are writing to. First name and surname may be chosen, or title and sur name may be used. If you do not know the name of the person you are writing to, you must use ‘Dear Sir or Madam’.

What are the 5 steps of writing a letter?

  • Provide Your Name, Contact Information, and Date.
  • Provide the recipient’s name and contact information.
  • Body and Greetings to them.
  • Let us finish your letter with a complimentary close, your signature, and your name.
  • Send Your Letter

What are the 5 parts of an informal letter?

  • Closing Salutation
  • Opening Salutation. John is typically called the opening greeting; this is the way it is read.
  • Body Block. This is what you will appear in your letter (introduction, main paragraphs, and final paragraphs).
  • Address Block. Include your return address and the date when you wrote the letter.

How many address are in informal letter?

If you post a letter, your address (yours and recipient’s address) will appear on the envelope. You may also be able to reply to your recipient by post if you place your address on the top of the page.

What are the features of an informal letter?

The letter includes an address, date, salutation, and body. Briefs could also be sub-grouped to include greetings, reason for writing, and conclusion. Then there is the signature of the sender/writer. There would be discussion on the above format.

What are types of informal letter?

S.No.BasisInformal letter
2GreetingFriend, name of the receiver
3AddressOnly the address of the sender is mentioned
4BodyNo such prescribed limitations
5SubjectNo need for subject
A Guide to Writing Informal Letter Properly

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