6 Best Free Plagiarism Checker Online

What is the best free plagiarism checker today?

You might have a paper or assignment due in the upcoming day, and you need to double-check that it isn’t plagiarized. Luckily, there are plenty of options available to help you with plagiarism checking of your content.

These tools can identify if a paper, piece of music, or just about anything else you want to write is plagiarized work. With so many options available online, pinpointing the best free plagiarism checker can be challenging.

Therefore, this article provides a list of the top six free plagiarism checkers to use based on your needs.

What Is a Plagiarism Checker?

A plagiarism checker is just a software program that helps you detect plagiarism in your work. It uses various plagiarism detection tactics like citation checkers or plagiarism detection plugins for Chrome.

They are considered to be the most reliable methods for detecting plagiarism. This can help put your work in its context to help prevent the chance of plagiarism.

Why Should You Use a Plagiarism Checker?

You might be surprised at how many people are caught cheating on their research papers or essays by plagiarizing, either deliberately or inadvertently.

Students often get caught up with plagiarism, but it can also affect anyone, from bloggers to freelancers. When writing your paper, it is good to use a plagiarism checker to avoid a plagiarism penalty.

A plagiarism checker is definitely something you should invest in for your academic and professional goals.

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Seven Best Plagiarism Checker for You

Plagiarism is a serious matter that can easily lead to severe consequences. That’s why every student and professional needs to learn how to protect their work.

They need to make sure they’re not copying the work of others without proper citation. In search of the best free plagiarism checker, we have curated a list of the top six plagiarism detectors. It will help you check your papers for plagiarism and other content-related mistakes.

1. INK

INK plagiarism checker is a program that helps identify instances of content similarity within a document. Thanks to our advanced AI, you can quickly scan for matches between your text and existing content.

With that said, the INK Plagiarism checker is not available for public use yet. However, you can expect it in a few months.

2. Duplichecker

Duplichecker is a well-known free plagiarism check tool that enables the search and control of duplicate content in an article. This is an excellent tool because it includes other content checking automation features like spelling and grammar checks. All you need to do is upload your document or copy and paste the content into the text box.

Once you run your document in the tool, the software will deposit the result on the web. It gives you the chance to check the duplicate papers. There’s no need to submit an email address or create an account to get the results of the check. It allows you a 1000-word limit per search.

3. Copyleaks

Copyleaks is a highly effective and accurate plagiarism checker to provide extensive plagiarism information on your paper. This tool utilizes the power of advanced AI-powered algorithms to detect plagiarism, similar material, and paraphrased content within a text document. You need to add your own text in the drop-down menu that you want to check. Then Copyleaks will detect and highlight any text that is fully or partially copied from elsewhere.

Even though you can use it for free, you need to create an account. You are allowed to scan 20 pages per month for free. But if you need to check higher volumes, there’s a paid version to do so.

4. PaperRater

PaperRater is a great plagiarism-detection software used by students and professionals alike. It is a great solution when you want to double-check your work. Results for spelling problems, grammar, what grade your content is, word choice suggestions, and a few more features are also included in the search.

PaperRater’s service offers a free result as long as your work is up to standard. This tool has more options to check than Duplichecker, thus it may take a little longer, but the plagiarism detection is really accurate. The interface is very simple and uses a bit of color, making it an attractive option.

5. Search Engine Reports

Copying content can happen a lot, so it’s important to avoid plagiarism when possible. To ensure your work is original, using the Search Engine Reports is a great way to make sure that you are not plagiarizing anyone. This free plagiarism checker will give you each of the instances where your work was copied from other sources.

Search Engine Reports is a free plagiarism detector that allows you to scan up to 1,500 words at a time. This is a genuinely free service because you can upload as many documents as you wish.

6. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is a simple-to-use plagiarism tool that offers you results immediately, much like Duplichecker. If the text has been plagiarized, you may readily identify the plagiarism and unique content in a percentage with matched sources. You can use a URL, local files, or copy & paste to upload and insert your material.

It’s completely free and requires no registration or personal information. It has a word limit of 100 words per check, but you are allowed to run multiple checks. You need to complete Captchas every time to upload and check your document, but you can scan them all without paying.

7. Plagiarism Detector

The Plagiarism Detector is a free website that performs a plagiarism check. The tool is quite effective and seeks out problematic words, sentences, and even whole paragraphs. Simply complete the form, and the results will be returned in a few moments. You can also upload the URL or file for free plagiarism checks if you do not want to copy and paste. It’s quick, easy, and private.

This tool performs relatively better with edited texts and is available for free, with a 1,000-word limit per document. You can increase this restriction to 25,000 words per document with the paid version.


Using a plagiarism checker will help you know whether what you have written is original and doesn’t resemble other sources. With all of the platforms and software out there, there is a large variety of websites that provide you with a plagiarism checker. However, many of these websites are not free, meaning you may have to pay for them, and they have fewer features. This article lists the six best free plagiarism checkers that you can use and make the call yourself.

Frequently asked questions

How do I copy and paste without plagiarizing?

Copy and paste plagiarism is avoided by using quotes. Block quotes can be used for your quote that is longer than four types of lines. Block quotations are indented from the main body of a page.

Is Turnitin better than Grammarly?

Turnitin is mainly focused on plagiarism detection, so Grammarly is a comprehensive writing assistant, whereas Grammarly offers all-around functionality. The Turnitin plagiarism detector is a lot better than Grammarly, but Grammarly has a better grammar checker, spell checker and is more accessible.

How can I use Scribbr for free?

For our customers, we do not offer a free trial. If your document is longer than 30,000 words, we will provide a sample edit of 2,000 words so that you are completely satisfied with our editor’s style.

Is Scribbr as good as Turnitin?

University students will see similar results if they use Turnitin. There is only one likely difference between your submission and a private database that contains prior papers submitted by your students.

What is the most accurate plagiarism checker?

Scribbr is the most accurate plagiarism checker we have found through our in-depth research. Many plagiarism checkers fail to detect all plagiarism or falsely flag text as plagiarism. Plagiarism checkers use advanced database software to locate matches between your text and existing texts.

How many percentage plagiarism is acceptable?

It is generally accepted that a text similarity below 15% is acceptable by the journals, and a similarity over 25% is considered high plagiarism percentage. Not more than 25%. There are no clear-cut guidelines regarding how much plagiarism is acceptable in a new manuscript.

How can I fix plagiarism for free?

Using plagiarism changer, SEOMagnifier will help you identify and remove plagiarism in your content. The tool can help you create unique content. With its AI-based algorithms, you can rewrite your content to make it unique.

Which is the best plagiarism checker online free?

Plagiarism checkerOverall scoreLimitations
1. Scribbr4.7No full report in the free version
2. Quetext3.3Trial of 1 scan (2,500 words)
3. Grammarly3.2“Free” version gives no information
4. Unicheck3.0200-word trial

Is plagiarism a crime?

Plagiarism is the act of taking someone else’s original work and presenting it as if it were your own. Plagiarism is not illegal in the United States in most cases. Rather than being considered an violation of honor or ethics codes, it may result in disciplinary action from school or workplace.

What plagiarism checker do universities use?

Turnitin is the most popular tool available to universities. The tools are designed to help the university meet deadlines without making any errors. You just need to run your paper through Turnitin and you will receive a list of all the possible sources your content could copy.

Is Grammarly plagiarism accurate?

Grammarly is a good plagiarism checker for checking plagiarism and grammar. Grammarly assures you meet all the clarity requirements before submitting your content. Plagiarized content does not allow you to download the edited work.

Is Scribbr plagiarism checker free?

The free plagiarism checker offered by Scribber lets you detect plagiarism accurately.

Which plagiarism checker is similar to Turnitin?

Viper is a free, low-cost alternative to turning and is designed for everyone. Student, teacher, business, or curious individual, Viper can help you detect, monitor, and reduce plagiarism in your documents. Viper is like Turnitin, the well-known plagiarism checker used by many universities.

Is there a free plagiarism checker?

Grammarly’s plagiarism checker checks plagiarism from billions of web pages and ProQuest’s databases. Our plagiarism check will tell you whether or not your text contains duplicate content.

Can I use Turnitin for free?

The only kind of product that is sold is turning to educational institutions. Educational and student use of it is then free.

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