Can You Get Expelled for Plagiarizing?

Plagiarism is serious business, with serious consequences. If you’re asking can you get expelled for plagiarism, the answer is yes. This, of course, depends on your school’s policy.

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Getting Expelled for Plagiarism

Colleges have very strict honor codes and ethical standards. This is to protect the value of their degrees. A single instance of plagiarism may result in automatic expulsion from schools.

Some schools may only expel students when violations occurred on a major project. Or, they expel if the majority of the paper was copied rather than minor portions.

Sometimes, the expulsion isn’t permanent. The student may be suspended for an academic year. This is a temporary expulsion. But it’s still likely to cause damage to a student’s reputation.

So, can you get expelled for plagiarism? Yes. But expulsion is not the only consequence of this type of cheating. Repeat offenses also lead to more severe penalties at many schools.

Other Consequences of Plagiarism

1. Having It Added to Your Student Record

An act of plagiarism may be included on your college transcript. This one has the potential to follow students around.

Schools started to take these actions to discourage students from plagiarism and cheating.

Most policies state these marks have to remain on the student’s record for a period of time. It may not impact a student’s day-to-day life after graduation. However, it may affect his chances of getting a place at a university or graduate school.

2. Loss of Reputation

The damage from plagiarism may follow a professional business person, politician, or public figure all of their careers.

The consequences are dire. They can be fired or asked to step down from their current position. It is likely they will also have a hard time getting another respectable job.

3. Criminal Charges Can Be Filed

Expulsion may not be the only thing to worry about when plagiarizing.

Plagiarism can have legal consequences that can be severe. If you plagiarize copyrighted material, the owner of the copyright can take you to court.

4. May Have to Make Payments

Newspapers, authors, public figures, and researchers have exposed more and more plagiarism in recent years. This is possibly because technology has made this easier.

If an author sues a plagiarist, the author can receive monetary compensation.

5. End of Career

In academia, an accusation of plagiarism is quite serious indeed. You may lose the ability to publish new work. This may happen even if the new work is original.

To lose the ability to publish most likely means the end of an academic position and a destroyed reputation.

To Wrap Up

It is a good idea to take plagiarism seriously. The professor or school should reprimand this violation of academic integrity. And that’s a minimal consequence.

Can you get expelled for plagiarism? Of course. It can result in suspension or expulsion from the program. You may also receive a permanent mark on your student record. It can even result in criminal charges for those found guilty of plagiarizing.

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