How to Check Plagiarism in Word- Free and Accurate

If you want to know how to check plagiarism in word, read on!

Plagiarism is a grave ethical offense, but that does not stop people from engaging in it. You can run plagiarism checking on any “original” Word document that you get. Here are your available options.

Check Plagiarism in MSWord With an Add-in

Consider installing an add-in to check plagiarism on Microsoft Word. An excellent example of such is Copyleaks. It’s simple to install and compatible with Word 2016 and later on PC and Mac.

Although the Copyleaks overview page states “free,” this is incorrect. To clear up any misconceptions, the application does provide a free plan. However, it only includes ten free credits each month.

Each time the program scans 250 words, one Copyleaks credit is removed from your account. If you have a document with 1000 words, the program will require four credits to complete the scan. 

Installation of the Add-in

  •  Navigate to the Accessories section of the Insert tab and then select “Get add-ons.”
  • The Window for Office Add-ins displays. Type “Copyleaks” into the search box in the window’s top-left corner. 
  • The overview page for Copyleaks emerges. Read everything, then click “Add.”

After installation, a new “” group appears in Word’s “References” tab. Proceed by selecting “Scan.”

How to Check Plagiarism in Word

In the right pane, the Plagiarism Checker will appear. When you establish an account with your email address, you will receive an email requesting to verify it. Once you do so, you will receive ten complimentary credits.

To purchase additional credits, click “Get credits” at the bottom of the right panel, which will lead you to the purchase page.

Steps to Scanning your Documents for Plagiarism

1. Scan

Select “Scan” when you are ready to verify your Word document for plagiarism. The scanning process begins and, depending on the size of the document, may take a few minutes. 

URLs are displayed in the panel on the right as the application scans. The number and percentage of related words inside the document are displayed alongside the URLs.

2. Analysis stage

 Once the analysis is complete, select “Start report” to get detailed scan findings, the report will load on your default web browser. 

It will display the ratio between the number of words in the scanned document and the percentage of similar phrases. 

How to Check Plagiarism in Word Without Add-In

If you do not wish to install a Word add-in, numerous online plagiarism detectors are available. One of the most popular is INK.

You can copy and paste your content into the text box provided on the plagiarism detector website or upload your document. 

Here are the steps to upload a Microsoft Word file using plagiarism detectors:

  • Click the link button next to “Upload a document.”
  • File Explorer opens (Windows). Choose the file you wish to upload, then click “To open.”
  • After uploading your document, just check for plagiarism.

Once the plagiarism checker has completed its analysis, it will display the results and provide a sentence-by-sentence breakdown. 

If the sentence is correct, “Unique” will appear next to her. If a sentence was copied, “Plagiarized” will show next to her name.

To Wrap Up

This article explains how to check plagiarism in Microsoft Word.

By installing an add-in, you will be able to find a verification tool for the software. In addition to that, there are also other ways to check for plagiarism without the add-in.

These methods should be used as alternatives for basic methods, but for those looking for a more thorough approach, Add-in is the option to choose.

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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