Top 5 Article Writer Software for You

It can be exhausting if you need to regularly produce high-quality content for publishing. Writing unique content on similar ideas without sacrificing quality can sometimes seem impossible.

To save time and resources, you need article writer software to generate fresh content and SEO-optimized articles for any purpose. Here’s a list of the top 5 AI article writers that can automatically generate quality content and improve your workflow.

What Is an Article Writer Software?

An article writer software is a downloaded program or an online application. It uses sophisticated AI algorithms and technologies to automatically write articles for you.

This software utilizes the power of advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning frameworks, and natural language processing. As a result, this program can efficiently facilitate the process of content creation and help you write new articles in seconds.

How Does an Article Writer Work?

Once you have decided on the topic or niche of your article, you’d have to enter a few related phrases. This will help the article writer to understand the content you’re looking for.

After that, the generator will search its database for articles similar to yours and curate one for you. It analyzes the content to gather the information that aligns with your topic. It spins the text to a human-like quality, presenting you with fully readable content in a couple of seconds.

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Top 5 Article Writer Software for Better Content

There are many article writing software available in the market today. The technicalities of article writing are being streamlined, which makes it easier for writers. The software methods being developed make it possible to generate more precise content in a shorter time. Below are the five most popular article writing software for you.

1. INK

With INK AI Writing features, you can summarize individual sentences and paragraphs for high-quality content.

For example, the extension can help simplify complex sentences to improve readability. At the same time, you can also expand simple paragraphs to provide more depth. 

Finally, the rewrite function allows you to rephrase sentences. It’s also a clever way to beat plagiarism. Wait, there’s more!

Thanks to INK’s advanced AI, you can generate content that aligns with your goals — whether that means casual or formal. Besides selecting a suitable tone, the INK also helps with word choice. 

2. Article Forge

Article Forge is a powerful AI writer that produces high-quality, unique, and informative articles within 60 seconds. It allows you to write articles in 7 different languages and can handle a wide range of topics.

All you need to do is type in the relevant keyword of your topic and preferred text length and let it generate content. This software uses deep learning to create impressive SEO-optimized pieces ready for publishing.

Article Forge offers a 5-day free trial to see if it’s the perfect fit for you. You can also subscribe to three pricing plans with monthly and yearly billing.

3. Jasper

Jasper is an efficient AI writer GPT-3 software that can be used for generating a wide variety of copywriting content. It allows you to write SEO-focused blog posts, Google Ads, emails, product descriptions, social posts, and video scrips. It enables you to write high-quality content while overcoming writer’s block.

The efficient AI technology of this app can curate content 5x faster than a typical human copywriter. Before you generate articles, you get pre-written blog post outlines and introduction paragraphs on specific categories. Jasper can easily convert articles into over 25 languages, helping you write multilingual articles.

Jasper offers you a free trial of 5 days that can be used to generate up to 10,000 words of content. Once you exhaust the 10,000-word limit, you can opt for its premium plans.

4. Kafkai

Kafkai is a remarkable AI article writer that harnesses the power of the GPT-2 machine learning model for unique content creation. It requires minimal human involvement in the writing process. This is an ideal choice for SEO experts and affiliate marketers.

This software is a great choice if you need high-quality content within the shortest time. It can expand content from the title or paragraphs. The app covers a wide range of topics from automotive and fashion to relationships, and it continues to learn new niches.

Kafkai offers a three-day free trial version with daily and monthly limits on articles. It also includes numerous paid plans based on requirements.

5. Copysmith

Copysmith is an AI-powered web content generator that lets you generate a plethora of ideas at the click of a button. It uses machine learning to create advertising, taglines, and product descriptions, among other things. It covers over 10 different types of content.

The copy can then be readily organized and edited within the app and shared for easy collaboration. Moreover, the AI learns from your usage, analyzes your preference, and suggests content accordingly. This tool is an ideal option for e-commerce.

Copysmith comes with a free version that allows the first 100 generations for free. However, it has extensive subscription tiers, including Starter, Early Adopter/Professional, and Enterprise.

To Wrap Up

If you’re a blogger or content writer, you know the daunting process of generating unique content regularly. There are numerous article writers available online with varied features.

These innovative AI-powered tools will automatically produce high-quality SEO-optimized articles in seconds, ready for publishing. This article curated a list of the top five article writer software with detailed explanations to let you make an informed decision.

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