How to Rewrite a Sentence Better to Ensure Quality

Are you writing and wondering if your sentence is correct? You can’t always count on your spell checker, and you need to learn how to double-check your text and rewrite the sentence correctly!

Why Would You Want to Rewrite a Sentence?

There are numerous reasons you might want to rethink a sentence. If you’re unhappy with an original sentence, but it’s a valid and normal phrase, you can fix it by rewriting and improving it.

No one enjoys reading content they have already read before. If you want your audience to enjoy your content without sounding repetitive, rewriting is the best approach. 

Rewriting is when you write something completely over from the start, while rephrasing is about making what you say sound different.

Skipping the reword step and going straight to rewriting is a better option for a smaller problem.

You may want to reword a sentence to:

  • Make your content more understandable.
  • Improve sentences that have been poorly written.
  • Alter the meaning of your text.
  • Make your article more interesting.
  • Clarify a background point.

How to Rewrite a Sentence Retaining the Meaning

Rewriting an expression is not as simple as just swapping words or adding words to them. There is an art to it, and it requires constant vigilance to ensure the alteration does not affect the meaning of the sentence. 

Sometimes, updating a phrase can hurt the overall meaning. Make sure you have a good reason to do the rewrite before you consider it. 

Using the advice below, you can rewrite a sentence retaining its meaning:

Ask yourself why are you rewriting a sentence

You might want to revise a statement because it’s either too long, sounds strange, or the original sentence wasn’t written formally.

Before you modify a phrase, ask yourself why you’d like to do so. Those answers might help you decide how to rephrase and structure your sentence.

Understand the key meaning of the sentence

Some sentences have one specific purpose, but there might be more ways of saying what you want. 

The key is remaining true to your overall message and ensuring that you don’t modify the original context.

You need to have a full comprehension of a sentence or a piece of content to rewrite it without changing the meaning. The goal should be to improve the readability and understandability of your content. 

Use a thesaurus

It is essential to use a thesaurus because many different words stem from the same root word. Having a thesaurus handy will assist you in finding other replacements for the word that you are rewriting without altering the meaning.

When you spot weak or repetitive words, employ a thesaurus to replace them with better synonyms. 

This technique will make your writing less repetitive and more effective. 

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Utilize the AI Writing tool to Rewrite the Sentence Correctly

Using an AI writing tool can be very effective and efficient when rewriting a sentence for readability. Automatic rewriting does not remove meaning from the sentence, but it does replace words with phrases to clarify meaning.

Before completing a writing task, many people strategize how they will accomplish the task they are working on. In the end, this is very difficult and time-consuming. The way to save time and produce high-quality content is to use a free AI Writing tool online to rewrite a sentence for you.

Four Tips to Write Good Sentences

In general, rewriting a sentence means changing the structure but not the meaning of the paragraph or entire passage. 

It is one of the most natural and common actions of writing. You rewrite sentences not because they are bad, but because they aren’t what you want them to be. Because rewriting sentences is a common procedure, the following are a few tips to aid you through the process.

1. Keep your sentences short and simple

Eliminate fluff and irrelevant information from your writing and pack a punch with short sentences. Lengthy sentences don’t appeal to the readers. Simpler sentences convey the message to the audience better and make your writing more digestible. 

Good writers employ strong sentences that are powerful and dynamic. Short and simple sentences will improve the readability of your text and engage the target audience better. 

2. Consider parallelism in writing

Sentences sound better when there is a perfect agreement in the grammatical structure of the related phrases, known as parallelism. 

An example of parallelism: The article was well-structured, grammatically correct, and plagiarism-free.

Using parallelism in your writing will result in more clear and more impactful sentences. It will emphasize the relationship between the ideas better. 

3. Make sure to use proper grammar

You should always make sure to write correct English. To make an impact on the reader, you need to avoid run-on sentences, passive voice, and sentence fragments. 

While editing or rewriting content, writers often write incomplete sentences in the process of making them unique. Proper grammar will lend a professional feel to your writing. 

When you notice awkward phrasing in your writing, rewrite the sentence correctly!

Ensuring your sentences are fluid, creative, and grammatically correct is the key to being an excellent writer.

4. Pay attention to punctuation

The right punctuation creates a rhythm in your writing. Make sure proper punctuations are implemented in your writing to make it sound and look more sophisticated. 

Be mindful of the punctuation if you want your writing to be considered professional. 

Wrapping Up

The key to rewriting a sentence comes in understanding why you want to make the changes. Quality is important, and you don’t want to compromise your writing. Rewriting and editing your content can help you achieve quality. 

If you want to highlight something, ensure that it is the strongest point of that sentence by turning it into a short dialogue. If the sentence is poorly written, check for grammar and punctuation mistakes that can make your sentences sound mechanical. 

The simple tips and advice mentioned in this article will guide you to rewrite your sentences and improve the readability of your text.

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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