Try an Advanced Google Chrome Extension to Make Reading Easier

Chrome extensions to simplify life online are available in abundance.…

Chrome extensions to simplify life online are available in abundance. With so many people being online and needing information, a Google Chrome extension to make reading easier should be a requirement.

These extensions make being on Chrome much more pleasant. Readers can easily navigate and click through different web pages. The help makes it simple for anyone.

Online reading of blogs and news articles has increased. It is crucial to have a proper tool that can ease the reading process. Managing a Chrome extension is not difficult.

Once installed, the extension automatically becomes operational. It is as simple as clicking and having the article open. The extension returns to the same point when you are finished. This makes it easy to use the next time.

Let’s look at some ways to make reading articles easier.

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How Can I Make Reading Articles Easier?

You can make reading easier by using a good Chrome extension that simplifies the text, the font, and the color. A quality Chrome extension is intuitive and ensures the text is snappy.

With a great Chrome extension, you should browse the Internet quite easily. It should be able to read aloud the article in question to you. This makes reading articles online a lot easier and quicker.

A Chrome add-on readable extension is great for online reading. An extension should support you while online and simplify your content. But what is the best extension for you?

What Is the Best Reader Extension for Chrome?

One of the best Chrome extensions to make reading easier is Skim Reader. This is a free Chrome extension that allows you to control your reading from your computer alone.

With this extension, you can speed up and slow down your articles to a pace that you find comfortable. You can also copy-and-paste anything that interests you.

What makes this extension special is that it carries over your bookmarks and history. So, you can swiftly access articles you’ve read before.

Reading articles online should be done effortlessly. With a proper tool, you should easily be able to read everything that interests you. This is the best Chrome extension for you to enhance your reading experience.

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Built-in Tools in Chrome

Read parts of a page with the built-in screen reader for Chromebook. Additionally, Select-to-Speak can read selected words out loud. You can quickly switch between the two in the Chrome Settings menu.

The reader view is a good option for Chrome when you want to focus on still images and text, respectively. With Select-to-Speak, each spoken word will be highlighted allowing you to focus solely on that.

How to Use Chrome’s Hidden Reader Mode?

Open your computer, go to Chrome, and follow these steps to access the hidden reader mode.

  • In the address bar, type chrome://flags and hit Enter
  • Search for “Reader Mode” at the top in the text box
  • Select the flag titled “Enable Reader Mode.”

The reader mode in Chrome is not known to many people. With it, you can read websites in plain text only. It’s a quick, easy way to access the option without getting bombarded with advertisements.

Google wanted their own version of a reader mode. An amazing feature of this function, it changes the site without reloading it. This saves time, data, and loading speed.

Wrap Up: Chrome Extension to Make Reading Easier

Simplifying reading with a good extension makes reading more enjoyable. The ease with which you can go through articles increases. Also, your browsing experience becomes much more interesting!

You can even start reading articles with friends online because reading takes less time and effort.

An easy reading tool complements the ability to go through a long article a lot quicker than usual. Also, it improves your ability to focus on reading the article, reduces distractions, and doesn’t take as long as when you read it offline.

Frequently asked questions

How do I make a page readable?

  • Use strong headlines
  • There are many subheads.
  • Use bullets or numbered lists.
  • Use white space
  • Keep sentences short
  • Keep paragraphs short
  • Keep line width short too.
  • Use bold, bold, and italics for keywords.

How do I use mercury reader extension?

How can I make Chrome easier to read?

You can turn on the feature at “chrome://flags/enable-reader-mode” and restart your browser. You can then put a page in reader mode by clicking the settings button on the top right and selecting “Distill page.”.

Is there an extension that reads text?

There’s an extension called ‘Text Reader’ that reads texts selected from websites you visit for you. The editor also allows you to type your own words and sentences to read out loud, or even upload text documents to the window or use your mic to type.

What is the best reader extension for Chrome?

  • Reader View Rating: (45 / 5)
  • Mercury Reader Rating: (3 / 5)
  • Just Read. Rating: (4/5)From the most simple reader extension to the most complex and malleable.
  • The Secret Reader Mode of Distil/Chrome. Rating: (4 / 5).

How can I make reading articles easier?

  • Impatient searchers
  • Make it snappy
  • Let go of the lines.
  • Subhead compelling content in your content.
  • Create bulleted lists
  • Use “deep captions”
  • Link to relevant and helpful sites.

What is readability extension?

There is an extension for Firefox and Google Chrome called Readability that removes ads and other distractions from a website. As a result, students can focus more on the content than the clutter surrounding it.

Is reader view safe?

You can protect your data by using Chrome! No history is sent out to the network.

How do you simplify a website for reading?

To enable Reader Simplified View Mode on Chrome Android, you first launch the Chrome Browser and tap on the three dots in the top right corner. Double-click on Settings>Accessibility and tap to select the checkbox next to the “Simplified view” for web pages.

Does Chrome have a reading mode?

You can now activate reader mode on any site by clicking the book icon on the right side of the address bar.

How do I use the natural Reader extension in Chrome?

What is Readermode?

Readermode is a Chrome extension that can help you. You can customize how you see an article on the web and highlight and annotate it directly so you can go back to the content later on. Watch.

What is a Chrome extension that reads text?

SpeakIt. Simple TTS tool SpeakIt. Chrome highlights text and clicks a button, which allows children to read aloud the words. This extension can read more than 50 languages.

How do you use Speechify?

Try an Advanced Google Chrome Extension to Make Reading Easier

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