Reliable Guide to Improve Ease of Reading

The ease of reading an article is a difficult task. It hinges on a subjective measure of how likely readers are to comprehend the text.

Readability is a measure of the text’s difficulty level. It has been an important metric for the evaluation of scientific texts for many centuries.


Readability formulas have been devised to estimate an approximation of readability for text written in many different languages and for texts of different lengths.

A proper readability formula consists of three parameters. These are word length, text length, and text type (usually text type is used instead of numeration).

Reading effort and speed are eased by higher readability. However, readers without high reading comprehension are at a greater disadvantage. This is why it is important to make the text as simple as possible.


What is ease of reading?

Readability is defined in Google’s dictionary as the quality an article has of being enjoyable or easy to read. It is the ease for someone to comprehend written text.

The difficulty plays an important role in creating a readability of your text. When a sentence is difficult, the reader spends time trying to understand its meaning.

This can decrease the readability of your document. Although, the volume of text does not help a lot as well. Readability has something to do with the amount of characters and words in a given length of text.

The ease of reading your text is also determined by the use of sub-headings and paragraphs. How long your sentences are, how familiar your text is, and how you style it all come into play.

These tips, however, can help your content creation process to make it more readable for a lot more people. Reading text online provides many devices that help people to read better. They should not struggle.

Ease of reading importance

It can be challenging to assess your own work objectively when writing. Many people have the ability to write an article or a few paragraphs on certain topics.

Ensuring your article is easy-to-read and entertaining is where it gets challenging. Overusing challenging words, constructing long sentences and not creating one coherent story.

Readability determines how easy it is to read your text. Having a high readability score is something you’ll want to accomplish. For readers, it keeps them interested in your content and what you are saying.

You’ll then see a lot more clicks coming from readers because they want to see what’s new in your content. Ways to improve readability vary. The importance of having a high score remains consistent.

Articles that are too difficult to read will make your site unfriendly to readers. Due to the internet and apps online, people want their information as quickly as possible.

No one wants to spend a long time trying to understand your content. One of the most common issues with a low readability score is formatting. Unless you are using an outstanding readability tool, a link may not be sufficient.

The problem many people run into is the lack of understanding of a readability tool. Due to this, many people don’t understand how to improve their readability score.

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Strategies to improve the ease of reading

Utilizing key strategies to improve readability can improve content and traffic to your site. There are a few easy changes you can make that will make a difference.

These strategies include maintaining good sentence structure, and using concise language. Good use of punctuation, ensuring sentence flow, and being aware of the audience you are trying to reach also matter.

In spite of it being a wordy and academic topic, few technical manuals contain exceptional delivery. Whether through the use of poor grammar, or the omission of reader appeal and readability strategies, manuals drift towards being confusing.

They become unhelpful because the reader is unaware of the content. Writers should always remember that delivery is key no matter what.

7 Top tips to improve readability

These tips can help ease the reading process, but everything is relative. How easy or difficult a book is to read can depend on how much time you’re willing to dedicate to it.

  • Utilize easy and short words
  • Make sentences shorter
  • Minimize the use of adverbs & adjectives
  • Reduce the overuse of jargon
  • Reader-friendly fonts are key
  • Break up paragraphs
  • Aim for 7 or 8th grade level with readability formulas

These tips to improve readability are simple to implement and only require a few minutes of your time. When you implement these tips, always proofread your article.

Less effort will be required from the reader by following these tips. Additionally, these practices improve the ability to remember information.

Create a map of the content in the reader’s mind. We need to simplify. To clarify the main message, remove unnecessary words that do not work. It is better to use the word only than so many others in the text.

Simplifying words makes reading and understanding the text more easier. When writing in English, using simple language goes a long way. If you make your sentences short, the reader will do the rest from there. This will ensure that your posts and articles flow smoothly.

What is the best tool to simplify readability?

There is no specific tool that is the “best” for simplifying the reading process. However, a number of tools exist that can pretty much target any need an individual has.

A good tool should offer a means for outlining lengthy text, or help find a specific word from the text. Having the aid of an easy-to-read tool can help improve the reading experience.

INK have an AI tool that simplifies the text and makes the reading process easier. The simplify tool can improve readability and make for an easy reading process.

This is what allowed them to rank so highly on various lists. The AI nature of the tool and its ability to highlight information are what made INK a good choice for several lists.

Developing an AI tool of this caliber is one of the reasons why INK have become an industry leader. When it comes to AI writing and simplifying, they are the best. This is even more evident in their key stats.

The ease with which text is simplified to provide more understanding is like no other. Writers can save time by incorporating the quality that the AI tool provides.

With the INK simplify tool, you can test and get a feel for how easy it is. In fact, it can work with other tools too. This is why INK continues to rank highly among competitors and why people are continuously impressed.

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Wrap up the ease of reading

For a higher readability score, writers should invest in and utilize a readability tool. These tools provide writers and readers with a grade on readability.

This helps the writer determine whether or not it is fine to submit their article. The INK AI simplify tool is the best readability tool that writers can utilize.

It incorporates various aspects in order to provide the utmost readability. In simple words, the tool converts complicated phrases and words into simple ones.


For the sake of improving readability and website traffic, writers would be wise to invest in the tool today.

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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