Sentence shortener (Improve your Writing With Ease)

Sentence shortener is a free online tool that does just…

Sentence shortener is a free online tool that does just what its name suggests! It reduces any given text to just a few sentences, making it easily readable. You need to enter a text, and it will generate a user-friendly paragraph with your desired length and coherence.

Auto Summarizer

An auto summarizer is a computer program that uses machine learning to read a document and determine relevant sentences and keyword phrases. It uses relevant sentences and keyword phrases to summarize the text and provide a shortened version of the document. Auto summarizers are helpful for people who want to learn about a particular topic or get a snapshot of a document.

The Auto Summarizer will generate a summary of a written sentence or paragraph in seconds. You can create short summaries on any document or work e-mail and events with the Auto Summarizer.

Text Summarizer

Text Summarizer is ideal for summarizing very long documents or books. Text Summarizer can quickly summarize up to 5,000 words in a few seconds. This means it can summarize a 200-page book in less than five minutes. This software will summarize the entire book or selected passages. 

How to Use the Text Summarizer

When you use the program, select the portions of a book you want to be summarized. The text summarizer program will then go through the whole book and summarize it. The summary will appear in a dialog box. You can edit and save the contents of the dialog box and send them by e-mail or save them on your computer. 

This software is helpful for individuals and organizations who have a lot of information to share. For example, students need to summarize their assignments before sending them out; project managers need a quick way to summarize the necessary information.

What if you don’t want to make use of these online tools? Here are some writing tips on sentence shorteners.

Writing Tips: Sentence Shortener

We frequently use more words than necessary because we are inefficient with our language.

  • Consider the following sentences:

“Circle around” can be shortened to “circle.”

“Write down” can be shortened to “write.”

“Close proximity” is synonymous with “close.”

“Throughout the course of” is “during.”

  • Adverbs should be avoided. Adverbs clog up your writing. They are usually unnecessary. Here are a few examples:

“That’s usually a good idea.”

“That’s pretty good coffee.”

“I totally

“I actually disagree.”

Delete all italicized words to make your sentences shorter.

  • Make use of the active voice.

We occasionally use the passive voice, which conceals the “actor” of the sentence (the person performing the verb). Here’s a well-known example:

There were errors.

Who made those errors? We have no idea! As a result, the sentence is passive. The only advantage of this example is that it is brief! However, passive voice typically lengthens sentences by including a clause with the word “by.” As an example,

The man was bitten by the dog. [active]


The dog attacked the man and bit him. [passive]

If you make it a habit to use an active voice, your sentences will be shorter. 

  • Make an effort to include a few super-short sentences.

Always include items that are significantly shorter when writing. You’ll need one- to five-word sentences. 

How do you go about doing that?

I just did it!

A five-word sentence is “How do you do that?”

“I just did” is a three-word phrase. Here are some more examples of super-short sentences:

So why not?

What exactly is going on?

What occurred?

Try to incorporate some of these super-short sentences into your writing, and you’ll notice your writing improve.


If you need to make an article short enough to fit a specific word count, you should consider using a sentence shortener. It can help you compress an article to a specified size and format it to suit your needs.

If you need even shorter sentences, using a super-short sentence generator may prove useful. But remember to always proofread what you write before submitting it.

Frequently asked questions

How can I make my sentence better?

  • Keep it simple. As well as long sentences or complex sentences, sophisticated sentence writing is not necessarily necessary.
  • Use concrete rhetoric
  • Employ parallelism
  • Mind your grammar
  • Properly punctuate
  • Practice writing

How do you rewrite a sentence?

  • Use stronger synonyms. Rephrasing a sentence is the easiest way to rewrite it.
  • Remove unnecessary words. The phrase “wide variety of” is an unnecessary phrase that could be simplified.
  • Active voice will replace passive voice.
  • You can split up long sentences.
  • Paraphrasing is possible with a paraphraser.

How many words is 10 sentences?

Reading one double-spaced page or 250 words in a minute is average. In the following example, 1500-word articles are about 5-8 paragraphs long. A 200-word paragraph is written in 10 sentences, each of which contains 20 words.

What is a good words per sentence?

The quality of the writing can sometimes be affected by sentence lengths. The most common technical communication is generally 15 to 20 words. The sentences would be choppy if they were 10 words long. As a rule, a series of 35-word sentences would probably be too demanding.

What are sentence types?

There are four types of sentences: simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex. The sentences are defined by independent clauses, dependent conjunctions, and subordinate clauses.

How do you shorten a word?

Using the first part of a word, you can abbreviate a long word. Abbreviations such as this are common in this country. There are many familiar terms for this technique: hippo (for hizopotamus), fem (for feminine), elem (elementary), and diff (for different).

How do short sentences affect the tone?

The number of words that are found in each sentence determines the tone and message. Writers can create certain effects based on their writing modes or genres. Short sentences are ideal for fast or intense action, angry characters, or urgent situations.

What are 10 good sentences?

  • a happy family is nothing more than an earlier paradise – George Bernard Shaw.
  • Rob Frost: “In three words, I can summarize the many lessons I have learned about life: life goes on.”.
  • Giving up does not always mean that you are weak, but it can mean you are strong enough to let go. – Anonymous.

What is the effect of short sentences in writing?

Less dense sentences improve readability. You can make your writing more accessible with short sentences, whether you’re writing a novel, a short story, or an academic piece.

Why are short sentences powerful?

Consider sentence structure – short, simple sentences or truncated sentences can create tension, haste, or urgency, whereas longer complex or complex sentences are slower and often feature in formal texts.

How can I shorten my sentence?

  • Remove unnecessary words. The number one sin that causes long sentences is unnecessary words.
  • Sort word order by the following. Outwrite makes it easy to convert passive voice into active voice without hesitation.
  • Sam, don’t say it again.
  • Starting from one idea at a time.
  • Cut the conjunctions

How do I shorten my writing?

  • Delete “The”
  • Erase “That”
  • Take out adjectives and adjectivals.
  • Use Shorter Words
  • Trim Wordy Phrases
  • Choose Active Voice
  • Revise Needless Transitions
  • Eliminate Conjunctions

What is good style in writing?

Communication is effective in a good style. The reader can quickly move from word to word, sentence to sentence, paragraph to paragraph, and from one section of the paper to the next. Bad style is often confusing and boring.

How can I use good in a sentence?

  • I am pretty good at seeing.
  • She seems unwell and has the flu.
  • I am a good eye.
  • It’s good to have a relationship with you.
  • A good job was done in today’s test.
  • Today, she felt sad and did not feel well.
  • Relationships are well established.
  • Today’s test showed that he performed well.

How changing sentence length is associated with the writing?

The length of sentences increases understanding. The longer the sentence, the less readers comprehend it. Having a long string of sentences (30+ words) is hard to digest. Alternatively, short sentences may be too many.

Sentence shortener (Improve your Writing With Ease)

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Sentence shortener (Improve your Writing With Ease)

Sentence shortener is a free online tool that does just what its name suggests! It reduces any given text to…

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