How to Summarize a Newspaper Article in Seconds

Can you summarize newspaper article? Many students shoulder the responsibility…

Can you summarize newspaper article? Many students shoulder the responsibility of summarizing newspaper articles as part of their schoolwork.

Newspaper Summary

Daily, weekly, or other periodic journal is known as a newspaper. A newspaper publishes news, editorials, features, and additional information of public interest and advertisements.

A quality newspaper summary includes a personal assessment of crucial facts. An introduction, central body, and conclusion form part of a quality newspaper summary. You can keep specific phrases from the newspapers without rephrasing them while composing them. 

When to Summarize a Newspaper Article

Summaries are far shorter than the original material and provide a general summary of the entire source material. Write summaries to present the viewpoints of both parties in a discussion.

Here’s a list of when to summarize an article: 

  • You wish to provide background information or an overview of a subject.
  • Describing a topic’s knowledge (from several sources).
  • You want to figure out what a single source’s primary points are.
  • We feel like we’re likely to get a technical question we need for work in the future.
  • We want to review the article to write about it for an assignment.
  • There are more extensive viewings of the article on the website, and we want to read a few of them.
  • It’s not about the accuracy but about what we want to share
  • It’s not about a specific article but a general topic

Step-By-Step: Summarize Newspaper article

Writing an article summary involves multiple phases, as listed below

  • Determine whether your summary piece should be a paragraph or an essay in length. If this is a class assignment, the teacher should give lengthy directions.
  • Main topic: Read the original article slowly and identify the central, primary notion that the author attempts to illustrate. Take note of the work’s title, tone, and what the author is trying to prove with the evidence. Make a list of the significant points.
  • Start writing: Set aside some time to create a summary based on the vital topic offered in the original scholarly work. Also, pay attention to the supporting arguments used by the author to illustrate their claim. Write the main topic and an introduction paragraph first.

Other points include:

  • Support: Read the rest of the article to find the key points or arguments that back up the central premise. Read the topic sentences in each paragraph for hints about the paragraph’s aim. If no obvious topic sentence can be found, summarize each body paragraph and identify what the evidence is attempting to prove. It is beneficial to take notes or highlight the content.
  • Determine if the summary should conclude or the student should continue. Continue reading if you want to. Use the summarization written on the body paragraphs of the original text to write the body paragraphs. This will serve as evidence for the author’s central point. In this section of the summary article, make sure there are no facts, dates, figures, or precise specifics.
  • Conclusion: Based on the introductory paragraph and the body paragraph of the summary article, write the conclusion paragraph or sentence. The original text’s conclusion paragraph might potentially be used for inspiration. This should be a brief, concise summary of the point made in the original article and any key arguments. 

To Wrap Up

Students will be able to summarize items they’ve read quickly and efficiently with time and practice.

Students will be able to continuously generate well-written summaries with proficiency and ease if they recognize meaning, preserve conciseness and correctness, and are objective.

Frequently asked questions

What are the 5 steps in summarizing a text?

  • Check the summary against the article in step 5.
  • Figure out the key points in each section in step three.
  • Organize the text into sections by step 2.
  • Here is the summary step 4.
  • Read the text in step 1.

What are the 3 summarizing techniques?

Three summarization techniques are essential. Selection, rejection, and substitution are the three major aspects.

How do you summarize an article without plagiarizing?

Let’s write a summarizing in your own words, paraphrasing the author’s ideas in your article or other source to avoid plagiarism. Cite the source with a reference and an in-text citation, so your readers can easily locate the original text.

What are the five strategies of summarizing?

Six crucial questions are necessary to make Five Ws, One H: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Answers to these questions help you identify the main character, important details, and main idea. What was the story about?

How long is a 1 page summary?

Summary should not be read as a rewrite-it’s a summation of the original piece. Summary paragraphs are typically between five and eight sentences. Keep it brief and direct. Copying your paragraph is simplified, so you will have clear and concise text.

How do you summarize easily?

  • You can choose a small passage (about one to four sentences) that supports the idea you’re proposing.
  • To fully understand this passage, read carefully.
  • Make sure you think you should include your summary’s main idea and supporting points in your summary.

How do you summarize a newspaper?

  • Write down the facts of the story. Similarly, you should look for data points that provide context about the total impact of the event such as.
  • Observe who you are and when you are doing it.
  • An important reason to highlight the importance of the news to audiences.
  • Evaluate the source
  • Clear the noisy quasi-data from projections, estimates, and opinions.

Is a summary a 5 sentence?

It is common practise that sentences should have between 15 and 20 words, and a good summary should be between 5 and 8 sentences.

How can I improve my summarizing skills?

  • Identify sections within the text. Get the text’s thesis and main ideas.
  • Identify major and minor details.
  • Include minor details and examples.
  • Make sure to pay attention to transition words.
  • When necessary, re-order the ideas.
  • Reserve your opinions

Is there a summarizing tool?

QuillBot’s summarizer can organize articles, papers, and documents to the key points immediately. Artificial intelligence uses natural language processing to locate critical information while maintaining its original context.

How do you summarize an article quickly?

Indicate the main ideas of the article. Identify the most important details that support the central ideas. Don’t copy phrases or sentences from the article unless they are direct quotations; write your summary in your own words. Do not ignore the superficial details of the article and express what’s at the heart of it.

What makes a good summary?

An effective summary should be comprehensive, concise, coherent, and independent. You should emphasize all the points in the original passage and list them down in a summary.

How long should a summary be for 2 pages?

The summary should generally lengthen about one quarter as much as the original piece. If the original piece is four pages long, your summary should not exceed one page.

Can a summary be 2 sentences?

Write a summary. You can summarize the paragraph with your list. Ample idea list, followed by important ideas. You shouldn’t try to summarize your summary more than one or two sentences.

How do you start a summary example?

As a conclusion, acknowledge the source of the summary. For example, you could begin with the statement “This is a summary of the article “XXX” written by XXExX published in XZXX.”. Write a topic sentence that conveys the main message of the text.

How to Summarize a Newspaper Article in Seconds

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