What is Summarize (Unbelievable Key Features)

What is summarize? Summarize isn’t equivalent to rewriting. A summary provides a shortened and accurate description of a text’s key ideas and characteristics.

How to Pronounce Summarize?

We pronounce summarize as sum-mar, so it’s the same sound as “summa-ryze,” but with the “u” sound of “rule.”

 Write a Summary- Step by Step

  • To create a summary, keep in mind that it should begin as a paragraph.
  • A summary begins with a statement that describes the title, author, and central idea of the text as you understand it.
  • Write in your own words
  • A summary is limited to the main points of the original text. Avoid including your ideas, interpretations, inferences, or observations in summary.
  • Rank the important sub-claims the author employs to justify the primary claim.
  • Word-for-word replica: Three independent excerpts from the essay that you believe support and defend the essay’s core argument.
  • Cite each passage by identifying the work and author first. Place “quotation marks” around the passage you’ve chosen, and place the number of the paragraph immediately following the passage.
  • Utilizing source material inside the essay is essential. Why? When writing papers for college lecturers, support your arguments with evidence.
  • Write a final line that “concludes” your summary; typically, this is a straightforward restatement of the significant statement.

What is Summarize?

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What is summarize? Summarize means to “state or express concisely.” What do we summarize? Articles, presentations, blog posts, etc. 

The only difference between “summarizing” and “reporting” is “or.” The terms are used interchangeably in some places, and there is no difference between them in others. All summarizing and reporting means is “to tell what is happening shortly.”

 Example of a Written Summary of Text

Man first appeared on earth half a million years ago. Then he was little more than an animal. Even so, early man had certain advantages over the animals. He had a large brain and an upright body with quick-moving hands. He invented a language to communicate with his fellow men.

This ability to speak was of supreme value because it allowed men to share ideas and plan. These unique advantages put men far ahead of all other living creatures. The man had achieved a great deal since those far-off times when he first made his appearance. (110 words)


With the help of a large brain, dexterous hands, and the invention of language and speech, man progressed from his animalistic beginnings. He accomplished much by speaking with others and transmitting information to future generations. (37 characters)


Students learn how to identify the most significant concepts in a text. They also know how to exclude extraneous information and combine the essential ideas in a meaningful way by summarizing. 

Summarizing promotes retention of what you have read. In nearly every subject area, summarization strategies are applicable.


Summarization truly comes in handy when you need to give some concept or idea a boost or are struggling to convey it in writing. 

A summarization takes a given topic or written content into a short, simple list of points. The summary could even be a step-by-step process for the reader to follow. In simpler terms, it is condensed information expressed in a few short paragraphs. 


To summarize means conveying essential information or ideas about something or someone.

Summarizing should have a framework. This includes key points, essential particulars required to substantiate the ideas, and keywords or phrases to indicate the text’s fundamental ideas.

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