Short Sentences: The Key to Writing Interesting Content

The link between short sentences and readability is not debatable. It’s pretty…

The link between short sentences and readability is not debatable. It’s pretty simple — sentences with fewer words are easier to follow and understand. 

What is a Sentence?

A sentence is the building block of every written English. One of the ways humans communicate is writing, and being able to shorten sentences in writing is of great importance. 

A sentence is also the combination of different words that make complete sense — having a subject and predicate.

Conciseness In Sentence Writing

Does conciseness in writing matter? Do readers care about how lengthy or complex your sentences are?

Yes, it does matter, and readers care a whole lot. Common wisdom holds that shorter sentences are preferable in general and scientific writing.

The brevity of words in a sentence is essential. A long sentence can be concise when each word is relevant and adds meaning. Writers of the English language, especially non-native speakers, should pay attention to the length of their sentences to avoid wordiness. 

A sentence should not contain unnecessary words, paragraphs, or sentences. It’s the same way that a drawing should not have unnecessary lines. 

It means we need to write in a way everybody will understand. People dislike jargon, so being straightforward and direct helps a lot, as do shorter sentences. 

Tips for writing good short sentences

  • Write your content with action words that depicts emotion or can create scenarios.
  • It is expedient for each sentence to communicate an idea. 
  • Let there be breaks between sentences as it can help readers understand the content before they continue reading. 
  • Shorter sentences help readers save a lot. The whole thing is more precise and less deviating, so we get to the point quicker.

Features of a short sentence

  • A Group of words makes up a sentence.
  • Sentences contain subject and verb.
  • Sentences contain more than one clause.
  • A sentence makes complete sense in itself.

Long explanations can make readers lose interest, and short sentences does the opposite. In addition to containing no unnecessary words, a sentence should use concise phrases.

It sounds unlikely, but short sentences are more challenging to write than long ones. Writing short sentences requires you to understand your subject. 

Some writers may feel that adding extra words or phrases lends sophistication to their writing. However, it creates clutter and can confuse readers. 

As such, recognizing wordiness, repetition, and unnecessary language is a vital skill. Such ability ensures your writing expresses your ideas as clearly and concisely.

The key to writing clear sentences is recognizing your grammar gets. It knows what filler words look like and how passive voice sounds.

Image of a book page showing really long sentences
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It’s pretty clear that the longer the sentence, the greater the risk of losing the reader. Content writers for professional websites generally recognize this as self-evident, so why do they write too long sentences? Nobody has a definitive answer, but we can consider a couple of solid possibilities.

The longer the sentence you write, the greater the chance that your readers will prefer shorter sentences to longer ones. However, many writers try to prove their intelligence by writing unnecessarily long sentences. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you understand how to shorten your sentences. 

Frequently asked questions

What is a very short sentence?

A VERY SHORT SENTENCE is a sentence or sentence fragment of no more than five words that adds suspense, action, or simply punches to a text.

What is a short sentence called?

Parataxis is a literary technique that favors short, simple sentences without conjunctions or with coordinating, but not with subordinating conjunctions, in writing or speaking.

How do you write an interesting sentence?

  • Use an active voice and vivid verbs. You look like you are trying to avoid responsibility by using passive voice or leaving the subject out of the sentence.
  • Choose precise words
  • Choose concise phrasing
  • Choose simple words
  • Choose appropriate words

How does short sentences create tension?

Short sentences convey emotion and pace in fiction. These characters can appear angry, excited, or surprised. In addition, the sound and tone can also be more direct.

What is 10 examples of sentences?

  • She likes bananas
  • Can she drink any coffee?
  • The employees speak English at work.
  • The train does not depart at 12AM.
  • Mary enjoys cooking
  • Do they talk a lot?
  • At the moment, I do not have money.
  • You enter the party.

What do short sentences do?

Communicating can be a bit more difficult when less is more. Think about sentence structure – short, simple sentences or truncated sentences can cause tension, urgency, or haste, whereas longer complex or compound sentences are slower and frequently used in formal texts.

Why are short sentences effective?

Your main point can be reached in short sentences. If you’re writing, take this axiom into consideration. Using a verbose sentence will distract readers, burying your main point under unnecessary words.

What does short sentences do to the reader?

Less words make sense. Less readers comprehend the sentence, the longer it is. Having long sentences (30+ words) is hard to digest. In another case, short sentences are unusable in a message.

Whats considered a short sentence?

It’s not possible to write a sentence without less than seven words or 20 syllables. If you see a short sentence, you notice it. The short sentence is also defined by its surroundings: a sentence might not seem short when surrounded by ten-word sentences, but when accompanied by 100-word ones, it seems like a dove.

How do short sentences affect the tone?

The number of words in each sentence provides the undercurrent for tone and message. In some cases, the writer can create a certain effect based on the genre or mode. Short sentences are great for quick or intense action, angry characters, or urgent situations.

What are 10 simple sentences?

  • I’m purchasing a new pair of shoes.
  • As early as we do, we wake up.
  • I became a police officer.
  • How much sports do you play?
  • Trying to understand
  • Cars have been my main tool.
  • In Emma’s letter, she writes.
  • I hear my brother talk loudly.

Why do writers use short paragraphs?

It’s easier to read and understand paragraphs in short lengths. The best writing experts recommend paragraphs of no more than 150 words in three to eight sentences. The length of paragraphs should not exceed 250 words. Make your paragraphs more interesting by altering their lengths.

Is short sentences a language technique?

Students can use simple sentences as a language technique to describe themselves. Communication is constructed straightforwardly. Aside from that, they are small and to the point. Simple sentences are the easiest way to draw the reader’s attention.

What are 5 sentences examples?

  • Rabbits are welcome to eat salad.
  • At dinner, my mother taught me to finish all on my plate.
  • Sharpening a pencil is the only problem.
  • I am awoken each night by the sound of a barking dog across the street.
  • Almost every day, our school’s bricks are used.

Why do writers use long and short sentences?

Identify the pace of the action in the narrative by using your sentence lengths. A short sentence can speed up, while a longer sentence slows it down.

Short Sentences: The Key to Writing Interesting Content

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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