6 Steps to Write Clear Summarized News

Writing clear and digestible summarized news stories that maintain a…

Writing clear and digestible summarized news stories that maintain a level of depth without interfering with the details of the story can be challenging. Follow the steps to create compelling news article summaries that captivate the audience in no time.

What is a News Summary?

A news summary is a shortened version of information that focuses on specific areas of daily events. They cover world events, including national, international, and breaking news of the day. The main headline is followed by a few sentences that explain briefly what the said article is about.

Why is Summarized News Important?

A news article summary highlights the key points and gets the most out of every minute when reading the news. By summarizing the article, you make learning what happened in the article easier and more effective.

Many online platforms such as Facebook make it easy to share and follow the news articles that interest you. Summarizing news articles helps you stay on top of world events by increasing the time spent reading each summary.

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6 Steps to Summarize News Articles

Before summarizing, you must first determine who the summary is intended for. You should take certain steps to make your article look great, shareable, and attractive to your targeted audience. Below are six steps to writing clear, concise, and logicalsummarized news articles.

1. Find the topic sentence in context

The story’s theme is usually summarized in the first few phrases, so look for it at the start of the piece. Try rewriting the topic sentence first and then include new information from later in the story to add context.

2. Determine the significance of the story

Look for data points that provide context for the event’s overall impact by asking a few specific questions.

To identify the intensity of the story, consider the percentage change, the population affected, old and new data, and the frequency of the event.

3. Take note of the who and when

Keep track of whom the news affected and when. To enhance the summary and make it more authentic, ask a few factual questions first.

Analyze the location and timing of an event, any statements made by significant figures, and any predictions for the future.

4. Discuss why the news is significant to the audience

Once you have the facts and figures, consider why it matters to the audience. To be more specific, highlight why the public need to know about certain information and how it will affect the status quo.

5. Examine the publishing source

The publishing source is crucial and cannot be overlooked. Evaluate the source that contributed to the story.

Also, consider if the publisher’s intention was money, political affiliation, or anything else. Examine the source’s validity by looking for accolades or how frequently other media or organizations acknowledge it.

6. Assess the authenticity of uncertain data

In the end, trust your own judgment because projections, predictions, and opinions are all susceptible to uncertainty.

Therefore, you must assess their reliability if you’re not confident about the source’s authenticity and credibility. Gauge past factual data to back up the claims.


News article summaries are essential in giving news reports the surface treatment they deserve.

The principles and processes described in this article will help you write a strong and comprehensive account of any article you choose. So let’s take a break from the news and write our own summarized versions of it!

Frequently asked questions

What is the first step in summarizing?

In summarizing a passage, the first step is to identify its main points.

What are the three basic steps in summarizing?

There are three basic steps: (1) Read and understand, (2) Find the key words, (3) Write short sentences with these key words.

What are the 3 ways to summarize?

  • Please read carefully the passage to fully understand what it means.
  • Make an ideal reference to your paper by selecting a short passage (about one or four sentences).
  • In your summary, make notes of the main idea and supporting points that you think you should include.

How do you write a news summary?

  • Identify the extent of the story. Look for data points that give context to the event, such as:.
  • You should note the who and when.
  • Focus on why the news is important to the audience.
  • Evaluate the source
  • Projections, estimates, opinions: Expel noisy quasi-data.

What are the 7 steps to news writing?

  • Select Your Topic. As you start a news article, the next step is to choose a topic for discussion.
  • Conduct Your Research
  • Organize Your Details
  • You must establish your author persona.
  • Make a compelling sentence.
  • Outline a little
  • Write a Conclusion

How do you write a good news story?

  • Start with the most important facts.
  • Keep your text short and thorough.
  • Use active tense
  • Communicate what new or different is.
  • Human interest is encouraged.
  • Avoid jargon
  • When you reference these acronyms, write them down in full.

How do you make a news report?

How do you write an article Grade 6?

  • Start off with a catchy headline that summarizes the news.
  • Include a byline that explains the author’s name.
  • The content should be clear, accurate, and fluent.
  • You should have paragraphs that: introduce the theme (stating the problem).
  • CODER is a principle. Collection of ideas.

What are the 5 steps in summarizing?

  • Check the summary against the article.
  • Divide the text into sections in step 2.
  • Identify the key points in each section.
  • Read the text in step I.
  • Summary: Write down the steps.

What makes a good summary?

An independent, comprehensive, concise summary should be written. Below are some of these qualities: A summary needs to be comprehensive: Identify all the points in the original passage and keep them in a list.

What are the 5 parts of a newspaper article?

  • Byline. This line indicates who wrote the article.
  • Supporting Paragraph(s)
  • Lead Paragraph(s)
  • Location. In bold print, this is usually placed at the beginning of the article.
  • Headline (Headline) The headline of the news article is named after it.

How does a news story start?

The introduction to a news article is called the “lede” and is usually found in the first paragraph, similar to an essay. Led is a deliberate misspelling of ‘lead’ to prevent confusion when printing was done with lead type.

How do you summarize?

  • Read and understand carefully the text.
  • Considering the purpose of the text. Is the author’s purpose in writing the text clear?
  • Please select information you need.
  • What matters most
  • Text structure changes
  • Put together the main points in complete sentences.
  • Check your work

What is a summary example?

Summarys are short short reviews of what happened. One example is the story of Golden Dollar and the Three Bears told in under two minutes. Abstract or condensed presentation of the content of a material body. An explanation of what the main points are.

How do you start a summary of a newspaper article?

You should begin with a summary or overview of the article, including the author’s name and title. Finally, you should give a thesis statement that says the main idea of the article. It depends on the length of the original article.

6 Steps to Write Clear Summarized News

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