Acquire Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

If you’re looking to use acquire synonym examples in your…

If you’re looking to use acquire synonym examples in your writing, you’re in luck. This article explores the various synonyms for acquire, including the antonyms.

Let’s dive right in.

The Definition of Acquire

The dictionary defines “acquire” as a verb. When you “acquire” something, you take it as your possession in exchange for money. Also, “acquiring” a product means you wish to take it as your own after a successful deal.


  • I wish to acquire two tickets for my favorite band’s concert.
  • Kim acquired a house near the beach last year.
  • Do you think I cannot acquire a diamond ring for you?
  • Watch out for what you acquire from the thrift store.
  • I can acquire a lot of things with this lottery money I won!
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Acquire Synonym — Exploring English Words with Similar Meaning

Some acquire synonym examples are come by, get, receive, gain, earn, win, and come into. Other words with similar meaning are purchase, procure, secure, gather, and collect.


Buy” is a common synonym for “acquire,” which derives from the Old Germanic term “bycgan.” The etymology translates to “get to paying for” or “acquiring a product.” 

  • I want to buy myself a new laptop to work more effectively.


Another widely known synonym for “acquire” is “obtain.” It came from the Latin term “obtinere,” which means to have” or “to possess something.”

  • Alexa obtained a lot of points from yesterday’s game.


This synonym for “acquire” came from the Old French term “gaignier,” which means “reward or profit acquired from something or someone.”

  • You have to study hard to gain more knowledge about history and mathematics.

Acquire Antonyms — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

Some synonym for acquire are lose, misplace, forfeit, mislay, displace, drop, relinquish, and release.


The exact opposite of the term “acquire” is “sell.” It came from the Old Norse word “selja,” which means “to give up possession.”

  • Our neighbor intends to sell their house and lot.

To Wrap Up

It’s best to familiarize yourself with these acquire synonyms to improve your vocabulary. You could also use it to avoid repetition in your writing.

Besides this article, you could also use a thesaurus to learn more about this English synonym.  

Frequently asked questions

How do you write a guide?

Keep in mind when writing your Guide that your content should be as understandable as possible. In the center of your content, the most important information is displayed. Make content easy to read through sections. Headings can be used to structure the content and help users navigate.

What is noun of acquire?

Acquisition is often referred to as the process of getting something or the object that is acquired. Acquire is a noun form of purchase, which most commonly means to acquire, buy, or learn.

Which is the best antonym for the word guide?

  • neglect
  • disorganize
  • leave alone
  • mismanage
  • misguide
  • mislead
  • ignore
  • obey

What is the opposite for acquiring?

forgofork over
give awaygive up

What is an antonym for guidance?

Antonyms. Approval rejection unbelief belief unhappy satisfied discontented.

What is an example for acquire?

After the war, the navy acquired both ships. Three new players were acquired this year. No longer exists, the old phrase has the meaning of new. The seemingly minor event has gained increased importance over recent weeks.

What is the opposite of acquired taste?

Having acquired a taste is like having an appreciation for something unusual, which is unlikely to be enjoyed by someone who has not been exposed to it well. This is the opposite of innate taste, which is the ability to enjoy things which are enjoyable by most without prior knowledge of them.

How do you put the word Acquire in a sentence?

  • In very short intervals, we don’t have time to acquire new value for each other.
  • An academic study of modern Greek was essential to his success.

What is the synonym acquire?

Give something physically. acquire. gain. get. obtain.

How do words acquire meaning?

A verb (used with an object), acquired, adquring. Gain control or ownership over; own property: acquire it. Gaining self-worth through actions or efforts: learning. Linguistics. (A language or linguistic rule or element) : native or native-like control.

What is the synonym of guide?

The commonly employed synonyms for guide are engineer, lead, pilot, and steer. This word represents “to determine a course or show a way to follow,” while guide implies intimate knowledge of the way and all its difficulties and dangers. Guided the scouts through the caves.

What is the synonym and antonym for acquire?

verb. Create something concrete or abstract (kwa). Antonyms. Sell lose liquid calcify pack Iodine. We obtain buy and gather up come by.

What does we acquire mean?

To acquire means to get or become an owner. You get an education by doing your own thing. Paintings are purchased by paying for them or by someone giving them to you. In a crisis, you experience calm. You can acquire objects, traits, skills, or abilities in a variety of ways.

Acquire Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

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