Advocate Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

Are you having a hard time looking for an advocate…

Are you having a hard time looking for an advocate synonym? It’s not an easy task. But don’t worry — this guide will provide you with some helpful advocate synonyms.

By the end of this guide, you’ll be more than ready to use advocate and similar terms in your writing!

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What is Advocate?

The dictionary defines the verb advocate as “to speak or publish in favor of or defense of someone or something.” In legal circles, the word advocate refers to a lawyer who works on behalf of another person by representing them in legal proceedings.

Advocates of social campaigns, on the other hand, often speak in favor of and defend particular ideas, opinions, or movements.

  • advocate for a cause, and that’s the welfare of all animals.
  • The group of protesters advocated raising awareness about water pollution.
  • He advocated for a raise in the minimum wage of workers.

Advocate Synonyms — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

Advocate synonym examples are champion, supporter, backer, promoter, and proponent. Other words with similar meaning are commend, recommend, advise, favor, and support.


Defending means standing up for something, especially with force or attitude. Defending includes protecting someone against an opponent, defending someone’s reputation, defending a point of view, etc.

  • They defended their position on the issue with fervor.


The act of promoting means furthering the progress of something. This is usually done publicly. From a marketing point of view, promotions aim to attract attention to a product or service.

  • The goal of the seminar was to promote the utilization of digital advertising. 


To encourage is to raise enthusiasm and give aid towards something. It is done to provide confidence and help to make something possible.

  • Our school encourages us to join extracurricular activities.

Advocate Antonyms — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings


Block can mean preventing someone from doing something, negating activity, or impeding the flow of something. If you lock the door, you are blocking people’s movement from entering your home.

  • Their actions were aimed at blocking the progression of the case.


To condemn is to be against, oppose, and repel something. It is to express great disapproval publicly.

  • The court moved to condemn the actions of the defendant.


In direct contrast to advocate, the term oppose denotes opposition and conveys feelings of aversion. Oppose can also be an adjective, meaning to have an opposing opinion.

  • A lot of organizations were inherently opposed to the new regulations.

To Wrap Up

Advocate is an act of lobbying for a particular matter. You can use it interchangeably with promote, encourage, and other similar words. The decision on which term to choose will depend on the context of your writing.

Hopefully, this guide has helped make that decision much more manageable!

Frequently asked questions

How do you say advocate?

What is a synonym for oppose?

Contrary to other words, combat, resist, and withstand are common synonyms. The word oppose can apply to any conflict, from merely objectioning to hostility, combat, or warfare. opposed the plan.

What is your advocacy in life example?

Being an individual advocate for others includes helping an elderly neighbor figure out local bus and shuttle schedules so she or she can live independently without driving. School officials contact a child who was bullied.

What is an advocate example?

Advocates are people who fight for something or someone, particularly those who fight to defend their rights. An advocate is an attorney who specializes in child protection and who advocates for abused children in court.

What is the adjective of advocate?

Adjectives commonly used by advocateardent, enthusiastic, keen, passionate, powerful, staunch, strong.

What antonym means?

Anonym : a word of opposite meaning is usually used to describe good as bad.

How do you use advocate?

Advocate is applied topically to the skin above the neck – usually once every month or once every four weeks. Apply it to an area where your pet cannot reach to lick it off, usually between shoulder blades.

What is the synonym and antonym of advocate?

Advocates are often described as back, champion, support, and uphold. Argumentation for urging or pleading signifies all these words mean “to favor actively one that meets opposition.”.

What are some examples of advocacy?

Volunteering for a local organization that raises awareness of global poverty. Volunteering for a relief organization in another country to address global poverty issues.

What does advocate for yourself mean?

You can tell people about your thoughts and feelings through self-advocacy. You have the option of asking for what you need and want. You are aware of your rights and you are fighting for them. You are given the power to make decisions and choices that affect your life and to take responsibility for the choices you make.

What is a word that means advocate?

Protector, patron, protector, promoter, proponent, supporter, backer. Spokeswoman for, spokesperson for, speaker for, campaigner for, fighter for, battler for, crusader for, spokesman for. Evangelical, reformer, pioneer, pleader, propagandist, apostle, apologist.

What are some antonyms for advocate?

  • assailant
  • antagonist
  • enemy
  • opposition
  • opponent
  • protestor

What are synonyms for advocacy?

  • defense
  • justification
  • assistance
  • advancement
  • encouragement
  • promotion
  • backing
  • aid

How do you use advocate in a sentence?

  • Make an advocate for her privacy, not her identity.
  • Many places are harder to advocate for their destruction once you have visited them.
  • Abraham Lincoln opposed slavery and advocated against it.
  • In 1789, he received the honor of advocating for Normandy.
Advocate Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

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