Aggressive Synonym Guide: Definition and Examples

A term is considered to be a synonym if it…

A term is considered to be a synonym if it can be used interchangeably with another phrase and yet convey the same meaning. The quality of your writing can be improved by making use of relevant synonyms.

Getting to know related words is a great way to improve your language skills and increase your vocabulary. You can use one of the words below to replace “aggressive” in your writing.

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What Does Aggressive Mean?

To be aggressive means to initiate a conflict or a quarrel with another person or thing. It denotes being prepared or likely to engage in combat, an argument, fight or attack.

Simply put, aggressive means to be engaged in an unfriendly, threatening, violent behavior towards someone else.

Sentence examples of Aggressive

  • Some people are always aggressive and troublesome.
  • It is rare to find such an energetic and aggressive style of policing in the states.
  • He’s slightly aggressive when hungry.

Aggressive Synonym: Exploring Words with Similar Meanings


Rapacious means possessing or displaying a great desire to grab things for oneself, typically through unfair means or force. A rapacious person is extortionate and excessively avaricious.

It was derived in the 1650s, from Latin rapaci-, which is the stem of rapax meaning “of a grasping habit or disposition.”

Examples of sentences with rapacious

  • His rapacious hunger built as his fangs began their descent.
  • But she appears to have been passionate, exceedingly rapacious and ever careful of her own interest.
  • However cruel and rapacious the Vikings may have been, the work of disorder and ruin was not all theirs.


A contentious person is prone to spark conflict, trouble or dispute. A contentious person is a person who displays a proclivity to argue or prone to produce a squabble.

It was first recognized early 15c., as contencios, and meant “quarrelsome, apt to contend.” It emanates from Latin contentiosus which means “obstinate, quarrelsome,” and from contentionem meaning“a vigorous struggling, a contest, a fight.”

Examples of sentences with contentious

  • The drama was filled with contentious and graphic scenes.
  • The land dispute has been a contentious issue for decades.
  • There was contentious debate on gender equality few weeks ago.

To Wrap Up

When you are writing in English, utilizing synonyms and antonyms not only makes your content more vivid, but it also produces a more intriguing mental image in the mind of the reader. A dictionary and thesaurus are useful resources to have at your disposal while looking for similar words and synonyms.

Frequently asked questions

What are the 4 types of aggression?

In general, aggressive behavior can be classified as accidental, expressive, instrumental, or hostile.

What are the 3 types of aggression?

The three aggression types included reactive-expressive (i.e., verbal aggression), reactive-inexpressive aggression (e.g., hostility), and proactive-relational aggression (is aggression that can break human.

What does aggressive look like?

Aggression can involve direct actions, such as hitting, kicking, biting, and pushing, to name a few. Additionally, aggression can take indirect forms such as bullying, teasing, name-calling, or ignore.

How do you use aggressive in a sentence?

A way to use aggressive in a sentence. According to his word, he was aggressive without hurting her. She felt safe with him despite his aggressive behavior, however. After Bonaparte closed the club of the Pantheon on 27 February 1796, his aggressive behavior intensified.

What type of word is aggressive?

What is the kind of word that is aggressive? As described above, ‘aggressive’ is an adjective. I use it as an adjective for an aggressive policy, war, person, or nation.

Is it good to be aggressive?

Fighting for your life or your loved ones is part of the Good. Aggression is a responsible, morally justifiable, and marked by arousal with a negative significance. A successful fight subsides. Therefore, it can be perceived as a rewarding response.

What is aggressive and example?

1a : tending towards or exhibiting aggressive behavior. B : marks combative readiness or aggressive combat. 2a : marked by unrelenting energy, self-assertiveness, and rude, aggressive personality. b : driven by forceful energy or initiative : a salesman who is aggressive.

What is the synonyms of aggressive?

These adjectives are usually combined with assertiveness, militantism, and self-assertive. As all of these words suggest “obtrusively energetic especially in pursuing particular goals,” aggressive implies a disposition to dominate often in disregard of others’ rights or in determined and energetic pursuit of one’s goals.

What is the synonyms and antonyms of aggressive?

  • intrusive
  • antipathetic
  • advancing
  • threatening
  • contentious
  • destructive
  • assailing
  • combative

What are the 5 categories of aggressive behavior?

Aggressive behaviors can be verbal or physical. Among aggressive behavior are accidental, expressive, instrumental, and hostile. Remember to understand the different types of aggressive behavior children may display so that your responses are effective.

Can you tell me the meaning of aggressive?

ANGRY (angry adjective) indicating an angry and violent behavior toward another person. The stereotype is that men are more aggressive than women.

What is an example of passive aggressive?

Negative comments or subtle digs are common forms of passive aggression. The person may comment on a topic they know makes another person uncomfortable, such as their dating life or weight. They may also subtly hurt a person based on their knowledge of their history.

What is the meaning of aggressive girl?

Aggressive girls often gain power withholding their friendships or sabotaging their relationships with others. Relational aggression is calculated manipulation to harm or control another child’s relationships with their peers.

What is the operational definition of aggressive?

Aggression is a force that is used intentionally to cause damage to objects or others. Excessive aggressive behaviour includes hitting, pushing, kicking, punching, pinching, throwing objects, head-butting, biting and scratching.

What is the opposite aggressive?

It is opposite to any full of aggression or hostility. friendly. affable. affectionate. amiable.

Aggressive Synonym Guide: Definition and Examples

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