A Assist Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

The English language has many similar words to define your thoughts, emotions, or ideas. There are slight nuances of the words to fit the context, whether you’re in an emotional, casual, or professional situation. Therefore, learning the synonyms of different terms will not only improve your vocabulary but your communication skills as well. Here we have outlined an assist synonym guide to help enhance your word choice and sentence construction with the right synonyms and antonyms.

The Definition of Assist

‘Assist’ means making things easier for someone by sharing a portion of their work or making things simpler. This is also the act of helping someone by providing money, information, or advice. It could also mean lending a hand in times of difficulty. Based on the dictionary, the term ‘assist’ primarily functions as a verb, but it can also be used as a noun. ‘Assistance’ is the noun form of the verb ‘assist.’

As a Verb

  • The machine is designed to assist people with hearing difficulty
  • You should hire someone to assist in your work.
  • Could you assist him in the experiment?

As a Noun

  • We would need an assist to take off our new venture.
  • The company would need an assist to get over this financial crisis.
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Assist Synonym — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings


‘Help’ was derived from the Old English verb helpan and noun help, meaning “assistance, relief, aid.” It also comes from the Dutch term helpen and German helfen. The word “help” refers to making things easier for people through services or resources.

  • Can you help me with my assignment?
  • I can help you with work in the evening.


‘Aid’ comes from the Old French aidier, meaning “help, assist,” and the Latin adiuvare, meaning “to give help to.” The term ‘aid’ refers to providing useful or necessary things to someone to achieve a goal.

  • The government gave financial aid to the victims of the flood.
  • The research was used to aid new theories.


‘Abet’ comes from the Old French term abeter, where a- (derived from Latin ad “to, at”) + beter, which means “hound, urge on.” The word ‘abet’ is used in a negative context, which means to encourage or involve someone to do something wrong, particularly a criminal act.

  • Did you abet the thieves into the house?
  • He abetted others in the crime.


The word ‘Support’ comes from the Old French supporter and Latin supportare, where sub- “from below” + portare “carry.” The term ‘support’ refers to giving assistance to someone financially. It also means encouraging someone to do something to succeed.

  • The charity foundation is meant to care for and support homeless children.
  • We should all support the voluntary service.


The word ‘Succor’ is derived from Old French and Latin succursus and succurrere, meaning “run to the help of.” ‘Succor’ refers to the act of supporting or assisting someone who is in a difficult situation or going through hardships.

  • We should succor others in times of need.
  • They gave succor to the war victims.

Assist Antonyms — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings


‘Hinder’ is when you make an action or task difficult for someone by slowing down their progress. When you come in the way of someone’s work or something good that’s about to happen, you hinder their progress.

  • Your anger will always hinder proper decisions.
  • Please don’t hinder my work.


‘Damage’ is a common term that defines any physical harm caused to someone or something to reduce its usability, value, or function.

  • Your rumors will damage her reputation.
  • The damage from the war is still evident in the country.


‘Impede’ is similar to hinder, which means to prevent or slow down the progress or action of someone or something by obstructing them.

  • You must raise your voice against policies that impede progress.
  • The government regulations are to advance economic growth, not impede it.


‘Hamper’ refers to an action that prevents someone from achieving something easily. Hamper is when something creates a problem or difficulty in the way of an intended action.

  • I will make sure the budget restraint doesn’t hamper the project.
  • The rain could hamper all our outdoor party preparations.


‘Obstruct’ is another term close to hinder and impede. It means to deliberately cause difficulty for someone or to prevent something from happening.

  • Don’t even try to obstruct my progress!
  • The political party might obstruct the investigation.

To Wrap Up

Your words are powerful because it reflects your understanding and efficiency of a specific language. Now that you have learned the most common similar and opposite words related to ‘assist,’ make sure to keep them in practice.

sIt’s time to boost your writing quality and impact the readers by learning the correct words from this assist synonym guide. And to look up any specific synonyms, there’s always a Thesaurus to assist you!

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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