Attack Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

Are you having a hard time looking for an attack…

Are you having a hard time looking for an attack synonym? Well, there are actually many terms closely related to attack. And these can help you sound less redundant in your articles.

In this guide, you’ll get to know some attack synonym examples as well as antonyms. They all have varied definitions, so it’s vital to understand what they mean and how you can use them more in your writing.

So get ready to start learning!

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The Definition of Attack

According to the dictionary, an attack is a forceful move that takes control of the opponent’s position. It is an attempt to assume authority or gain territory. This can be a physical attack, but other times it can be a mental or emotional attack. It throws the opponent off or distracts them from gaining the upper hand.

  • They attacked his ego all week and sent him into a deep depression.
  • My dog kept attacking the birds at the park yesterday.

Attack Synonym — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

Attack synonym examples are charge, pounce, strike, ambush, bombard, shell, blitz, and strafe. Other words with similar meaning are assault, onslaught, offensive, strike, storming, and censure.


There are many definitions for the term charge. One is attacking someone by charging and thrusting a weapon at them. It also means rushing toward them in an attempt to attack. Other definitions of charge include asking for a fee from someone or electrically charging something.

  • He unexpectedly charged me with a knife, and I almost got cut. 


When you pounce, you launch yourself at an opponent and hope to catch them. It is a surprise and sudden assault, like a bird swooping swiftly and grabbing its prey by its talons.

  • The critics were ready to pounce on him when they got the chance.


Strike is a straightforward term. It refers to hitting something forcefully. To strike is to beat or collide with destructive force. You may use weapons, fists, or blunt force to strike your opponent.

  • The thief tried to strike me from behind but missed.


An ambush means a surprise attack which often means quick and decisive. The term also implies that the enemy is taken off guard when you’re not where they expect you to be. An ambush typically lasts a limited amount of time, unlike an attack’s duration.

  • The celebrity was frustrated about the press ambushing her while meeting a friend.

Attack Antonyms — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings


In contrast to attack, to protect means to preserve or defend something from an attack, get help from friends, or take precautions. You can utilize different methods to protect something. An example of protection would be setting up a security system. 

  • In chess, the goal is to protect the king no matter what.


Retreat relates to backtracking and making strategic maneuvers to move away from a situation of unforeseen danger. You usually retreat when you are overpowered or defeated by the attacking forces.

  • My brother retreated to his room to hide from my dad.


Surrender means to stop resisting your opponent and submit to their authority. The word surrender can be seen in phrases that describe the surrender of territory or control, such as surrendered borders.

  • They surrendered their possessions at the lounge before entering the premise.

To Wrap Up

An attack is initiating an offensive action or shift against a target. Pounce, strike, or charge can be used interchangeably, depending on the context.

And now that you know these helpful new terms, you can get back to writing a better and more interesting article.

Frequently asked questions

What does the word antonym?

Anonyms of bad and good are commonly used in the same sentence.

How do you say attack?

Stack attacks into sounds: [HUH] + [TAK] – say them out loud and exaggerate until you have consistency in production. Make a full sentence on your camera saying ‘attack’ then watch yourself as you listen.

What is example of attack?

There are several types of attacks, including physical or verbal attempts to cause harm or destroy, sometimes intentionally hurtful. An attack is an example of a military unit finding an enemy building, and they begin heavy firing and bombing the building.

What word goes with attack?

  • attack. verb. Violence is a way to harm a person, animal, or place with violence.
  • go for. phrasal verb.
  • set on. phrasal verb. Attack on someone.
  • fly at. phrasal verb. An attack on someone violently.
  • ambush verb
  • strike at. phrasal verb.
  • assault. verb. A violent attack against someone.
  • mug verb

What is a antonym for the word assailant?

Antonyms. Soft, tender edible and weakly inexperienced.

What is the Synonym of answer?

Answers are often referred to as rejoinder, reply, response, and reply. While all these words mean “something spoken, written, or done in return”, reply signifies the satisfaction of a question, demand, call, or need.

What is attack explain types?

Passive and active attacks are security attacks. An attacker attempts to manipulate the content of a message in Active. A passive attacker observed the messages, copied them, and may use them for malicious purposes. Here are some notable differences between Active Attack and Passive Attack.

What is the synonym of the word attacker?

Synonyms. assailant. Other partygoers saved the man from his attacker. assaulter. raider.

What is attacker in network security?

An attacker is someone who attempts to access data, functions, or other restricted areas of a system without authorization, potentially with malicious intent. Cyberattacks can be considered cyber warfare or cyberterrorism based on the context.

What is the synonyms and antonyms of attack?

Attacks are often identified as-sail, assault, bombard, or storm. All these words mean “to launch an onslaught on” – attack implies taking the initiative in a struggle.

What is types of attack?

  • MITM Attacks
  • Spear-phishing Attacks
  • DDoS and DoS Attacks. A denial-of-service (DoS) attack attempts to overwhelm the resources of a system to the point where it is unable to respond to legitimate service requests.
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Whale-phishing Attacks

What is a synonym for predator?

  • carnivore
  • animal of prey
  • meat-eater
  • beast of prey

What are the antonyms for attack?

  • retreat
  • reprisal
  • health
  • aid
  • protection
  • defense
  • flight
  • pull

What is an attack definition?

Invasion, injury, or destruction Troops attacked the fortress at dawn. 1 : to use harsh words against : criticize harshly People attacked the plan as too complicated. 3 : to act against or begin to affect.

Attack Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

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