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The relationship between cause and effect is something we encounter…

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The relationship between cause and effect is something we encounter regularly. The word “because” is one of the most commonly used words to denote reason. This guide might be what you need if you’re having difficulty selecting a because synonym example.

This guide helps readers find a more appropriate alternative for their case use. Read on to learn more.

The Definition of Because

“Because” is a conjunction that identifies the cause of something. Such cause or explanation can be a person, event, or thing.

For example:

  • He was late for work because he woke up late.
  • He woke up late because he had stayed up all night working on his project.

Because Synonym — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

The English language is replete with words and phrases that can enrich your writing. Here are some alternatives to the word “because.”


The term usually describes a time between periods, but it can also refer to an event that is the primary cause of something.

For example:

  • He hasn’t been able to walk properly since the accident.
  • Since he was late for work, he was under tight scrutiny by management.

By Virtue Of

This because synonymsuggests that something is happening by the authority of something or someone. It also indicates that a positive characteristic is the cause of something. It also entails that negative descriptions and characteristics do not work with this phrase, as virtues are always a positive force.

For example:

  • He was knighted by virtue of the King’s decree.
  • You will achieve all your goals by virtue of determination.

As Long As

This phrase suggests a conditional cause of something.

For example:

  • The Plaintiff will drop charges as long as the Respondent signs the settlement papers.
  • The people will follow as long as you lead them well.

On Account Of

This idiom can substitute for because of, but it more accurately expresses that something is performed for the benefit of someone.

For example:

  • He was cared for gently on account of his illness.
  • The committee accepted his theories on account of recent discoveries. 

In View Of

This phrase expresses that you are considering newly-discovered facts.

For example:

  • Richard promoted Allan in view of his recent performance.
  • The regulatory board barred Sarah from competing in view of her latest medical report.

Because Antonyms – Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

“Because” antonyms are confusing at first, the trick to understanding them is to think of something that is NOT the cause of something. We explain this further in the examples below.


“Despite” describes being unaffected by a cause. A potential reason is rendered ineffective.

For example:

  • The team succeeded despite difficult odds.
  • He finished his work despite exhaustion.

Even Though

This phrase is a more potent way of saying “although” and “thought.” It also describes being unaffected by something that would have been a reason.

For example:

  • He treated me well even though I was small and weak.
  • The athlete finished the race even though there were many obstacles.

Regardless of

This phrase refers to a disregard for something. It entails that something happens despite conditions that would have hindered it.

For example:

  • The results of the bar exams will be published regardless of weather conditions.
  • Coaches expect athletes to persevere regardless of challenges.


Expresses that something happens even if something might prevent it.

For example:

  • The books were written and distributed, notwithstanding the fact everybody was tired.
  • The fighter jet landed safely, notwithstanding the extensive damage to its frame.

Without Considering

This phrase means paying no heed or disregarding something as a factor.

For example:

  • The cavalry met the enemy on the fields without considering the disparity in their numbers.
  • Frodo volunteered to take the ring to Mordor without considering the dangers involved.


English is a language with a rich history and an even richer scope. These examples are only a few synonyms and antonyms of the word “because.” If you need more examples, don’t forget to consult your dictionary and thesaurus to gain a deeper understanding of the world’s most popular language. 

Frequently asked questions

Which is the best antonym for the word guide?

  • misguide
  • leave alone
  • mislead
  • ignore
  • disorganize
  • mismanage
  • neglect
  • obey

What is the 10 Example of synonyms?

amazing: astounding, surprising, stunningfertile, fruitful, abundant, productive
brave: courageous, valiant, heroicinjured: damaged, wounded, harmed
cohesive: united, connected, close-knitintelligent: brilliant, clever, smart
cunning: keen, sharp, slickkindle: ignite, inflame, burn

What is the synonym for guide?

Guides are commonly known as engineers, pilots, and leaders. All these words mean “to direct a course or make a path to follow,” but guide implies intimate knowledge of the way and its difficulties and dangers. The scouts ran through the cave.

What you mean by guide?

1a: one who leads or directs another’s way needs a guide for the safari. An exhibitor who explains issues of interest. Guided by the stars, c is something used as a guide to find one’s way back. d : signpost sense 1.

What is synonyms give 50 examples?

HelpI couldn’t help but do it.Assist
SayI won’t say anything to anyone.Tell
RichWe all dream of becoming rich.Wealthy
NaughtyHe is a naughty boy.Mischievous

What are the 20 antonyms?


What is the synonym of because?

As a consequence, as a result of, owing to, by reason of, on grounds of, by way of, due to, due a, I thought I could not have children because I was an adult. As a result of, on the strength of,. Consequently, following, and following.

Are since and because synonyms?

The precise grammarians may not like it, but “since” and “because” can be synonyms for “since.”. The phrase “Since I love you, let’s get married” is the same as “Because I love your heart, let us get married.” (You may use the phrase “because” at the beginning of a.

What is an antonym for guidance?

Antonyms. Approval approval unsatisfied discontented.

What is a synonym and example?

Synonyms are words, morphemes, or phrases that have the exact same meaning, or a very similar meaning, to another word. ‘Happy’ is synonymous with ‘joyful’, ‘cheery’ and ‘contented’. When learning about literacy synonyms, you will often find references to antonyms.

What is a synonym and antonym definition?

Key Takeaways. Synonyms are words that have the same, or almost the same meaning as another word. Anonyms are words that have opposite meanings to other words. It is important to choose the right synonym for your work. The experience of learning common antonyms sharpens your vocabulary and enhances your sense of language.

How do I change because?

  • As
  • As a result
  • As long as
  • Being (or being how or being that).
  • Considering that
  • For
  • Now that
  • Out of

What is synonyms and antonyms give the definition with example?

Synonyms refer to words with the same meaning as or similar to another word. Anonyms are words that mean the opposite of a word. As an example, sadness is an antonym of happiness.

What are the 100 examples of antonyms?

  • accept – refuse
  • abundance – lack
  • about – exactly
  • active – lazy
  • above – below
  • add – subtract
  • absence – presence
  • accidental – intentional

What are the 10 examples of antonyms?

  • young — elderly
  • wise — foolish
  • fast — slow
  • fat — slim
  • hard — easy
  • warm — cool
  • happy — wistful
  • early — late
Because Synonym Guide — Antonyms, Definitions, and Examples

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