Belief Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms & Examples

Belief is a type of cognitive bias in which one holds firmly to a falsehood despite incontrovertible evidence to the contrary. A belief synonymis the word’ conviction.’ Other similar term for the word ‘belief’ will be explored in this article.

The Definition of Belief

The word ‘belief’ originates from Old English’ beliefe’, which means holding or maintaining viewpoints.

A belief is an acceptance that something is the case, especially one without proof. Martha held the belief that the imposter was someone within.

Belief is often based on one’s reasoning or confidence in a claim. My belief is that Salmon will taste better than Tuna.

Sentence Examples

  • What Juan stated was beyond belief, yet I had no doubt.
  • His religious beliefs highly influence his novels.
  • Milk does not appeal to cats, contrary to popular belief.
  • His belief system is filled with so many uncertainties.
  • I had a deep belief that he was, at best, a liar.
  • The novels are the foundation of her morally bankrupt belief system.
  • The belief of Columbus drew him to the discovery of America.

Belief Synonym — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

Common synonyms for the word‘belief’ are conviction, acceptance, assumption, conclusion, and expectation. Others are judgment, position, knowledge, notion, opinion, and suspicion.


‘Conviction’ takes its origin from late Middle English’ conviction,’ Anglo-Norman’ conviction,’ and Latin’ convictiō’ (“to convict”). ‘Conviction’ relates to a firmly held belief.

  • I didn’t share his conviction because his story was hard to believe.
  • John’s argument does not carry much conviction.
  • It is our organization’s conviction that all staff must be accounted for.


Acceptance is a belief synonym. The word is derived from Middle French’ acceptance,’ Old French’ accepter’ (“accept”). Equivalent to accept +‎ -ance. It is the state of assenting or believing in something.

  • His acceptance of religious fallacy made him an extremist.
  • A general acceptance is that ‘hard work is a viable virtue.’


‘Confidence’ is from Middle English’ confidence,’ Latin’ cōnfīdentia,’ ‘cōnfīdō’ (“believe, confide in”) from con- (“with”) + fīdō (“trust”). Confidence defines the feeling of strong trust, certainty, and strong belief.

  • He had high confidence he was going to get the promotion.
  • A great leader needs a natural air of confidence.
  • His confidence is always misunderstood as arrogance.


The word ‘opinion’ originates from Middle English’ opinioun,’ Anglo-Norman, and Middle French’ opinion,’ andLatin’ opīnor’ (“to opine”). Opinion connotes a belief, judgment, or perspective that a person has formed about a topic, issue, person, or thing.

  • A high opinion of yourself is the best gift you can offer yourself.
  • There is a strange opinion she has about me.
  • The primary cause of our regular brawls is that our opinions differ vastly.


‘Notion’ originates from Latin’ nōtiō’ (“an investigation, a conception, or idea”), from nōscere (“to know”). Notion defines a sentiment, an opinion, or preconceived belief about something.

  • Martin has a high notion of himself.
  • He held the notion that his girlfriend was cheating and couldn’t be convinced otherwise.

Antonyms for Belief — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings


The word ‘disbelief’ is from Latin’ non credentes,’ which means “not believing.” To be in disbelief demonstrates unpreparedness, unwillingness, or inability to believe something is true.

  • They stared in disbelief because the story was unverifiable.
  • Jack expressed his disbelief by shaking his head in disagreement.
  • He looked at her in disbelief because she chose Mike over him.


‘Disagreement’ is from dis- +‎ agreement or disagree +‎ -ment. Disagreement defines a condition of not being in agreement or concurring with an opinion.

  • He had a disagreement with his father due to their contrasting beliefs.
  • The move to California caused a significant disagreement among the workers.
  • The disagreement arose over the difference in salaries.


The word ‘ignorance’ originates from Middle English’ ignoraunce,’ Old French’ ignorance’ and Latin’ ignōrantia.’ Ignorance connotes the absence of knowledge or belief in a concept.

  • Their ignorance was evidenced in their actions.
  • Jake’s ignorance of the law costs him his job.
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To Wrap Up

Belief is the state of mind or the conviction of one’s ideas or thoughts that something is true or accurate. A belief synonym is ‘conviction.’ Other related terms include acceptance, confidence, opinion, and notion. The terms also have a variety of antonyms (opposites), such as “disbelief” and “ignorance.”

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