A “Cause” Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

Learning the synonyms of terms will improve your writing abilities.…

Learning the synonyms of terms will improve your writing abilities. If you’re wondering what some cause synonym examples, you’re in luck.

As a writer, a thesaurus can improve your vocabulary significantly. It’s an excellent tool that can assist you in studying synonyms. You can familiarize yourself with terms like “cause” when using one.

Indeed, you will learn a lot from the cause synonym guide below.

The Definition of Cause

The dictionary defines the term “cause”as both a noun and a verb. It is a reason for something that happened” or “that gives rise to a certain phenomenon.”

It may also be “the spark of an event” or “the root of a problem.” 

On the other hand, it means “a principle or a movement that intends to bring radical change to something.”


  • I found the root cause of the company’s downfall.
  • Richard has no cause to question you.
  • The labor group insisted on their cause to the President yesterday.
  • Your family will never hear your cause.
  • Why did you cause these troubles?

Cause Synonyms — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings


It derives from the Latin “cause,” meaning “sake.” You can also use this term when referring to something or someone that gave you information about a particular topic.

  • The source told Jesse that his boss was angry at him.


The term derives from the Greek γένεσις “(genesis), which directly translates to “birth” or “production.” It may also stand for the beginning of a significant circumstance or phenomenon.

  • The British will never forget the genesis of Sir Isaac Newton’s scientific renown.


It derives from the Anglo-French term “purposer,” which translates to “intend” or “to propose.” Also, it was widely used during the High Medieval Ages to “advance an intention” or “insist radical change.” For the contemporary era, it pertains to a “mission.”

  • Life’s purpose is never straightforward.

Cause Antonyms — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings


The direct antonym of the English word “cause” is “effect.” It derives from the Latin “efficere,” which means “accomplish.” You might remember how “cause and effect” were taught during primary school. They’re like the “peas and carrots” of English writing.

  • There will be no effect if there’s no cause.
  • Everyone has witnessed the effect of negligent governance.


Another antonym of “cause” is “product.” It derives from the Latin term “producere,” which directly translates to “fruit of production” or “produce.” Don’t confuse this term with the mathematical concept of “product” in multiplication.

  • The product of his work is underrated.


The term derives from the Latin “resultare,” which roughly translates to “jump.” When something is done, there’s always a result.

  • Because of Thomas’ help, I got the highest College Admission Test result grade.

To Wrap Up

To wrap up, “cause” has three typical synonyms and three typical antonyms. You must ensure that you’re familiar with these terms to improve your writing skills. Remember the things you’ve learned with this cause synonym guide.

Frequently asked questions

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What kind of word is a?

Nouns and adjectives that modify nouns precede “A” and “A”, respectively. English grammar describes “a” and “an” as determiners, which means that they identify something or a quantity, and that quantity is the word they derive from.

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A “Cause” Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

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