Component Synonym Guide: Definition and Examples

In English, synonyms are different words that have the same…

In English, synonyms are different words that have the same meaning. They can be a lifesaver when you do not wish to repeat yourself. This article lists the synonyms of “component,” their etymologies, and usage examples.

Let’s jump in!

What Does Component Mean?

A component is a constituent part of a machine, system, or process. Each component type has its particular job to do. 

In psychology, personality, or international relations, the component is a working system unit. The components of a part of the brain are the microscopic cells that make up the tissue, the nerve cells, and the neurons.

Component was referred to as “one of a group of persons” in the 1560s. Its present meaning, however, originated in the 1640s to mean “constituent part or element.” Component stems from Latin componentem, a present participle of componere which means “to put together. 

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Sentence examples of component

  • The critical component is missing.
  •  The main component of the pizza that I love is the cheese.
  • A sentence is made up of three components: The Subject, Verb, and Object elements.

Component Synonym: Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

Component can be described in a variety of ways. Integral, intrinsic, basic, fundamental, and inherent are among the most common synonyms of component. Let’s have a look at these words in relation to component.


The word “integral” means the essential part of the whole thing. Integral refers to an aspect of a larger system critical to its success.

 Integral originated in the late 15th century to mean “of or pertaining to a whole; intrinsic, belonging as a part to a whole.” It comes from old French intégral (14c.) and Medieval Latin integralis, which means “forming a whole.” 

Examples of sentences with integral

  •  The engine is an integral part of any motor vehicle
  •  His daily portion of vegetables is an integral part of his diet. 
  •  The sales team is an integral part of our team.


Intrinsic refers to the most important part of something that makes it what it is. The term ‘intrinsic’ describes what something is at its core. 

If anything has an intrinsic value or interest, it is valuable or intriguing in and of itself, without reference to any external factors.

It was first used in the late 15th century and meant “interior, inward, internal.” It comes from Old French intrinsèque, which means “inner,” and from Medieval Latin intrinsecus, which means “interior or internal.” 

Examples of sentences with intrinsic

  • The music box holds an intrinsic value for the family.
  • The intrinsic worth of a vote cannot be estimated.
  • That doll has a lot of intrinsic meaning to me. 


Inherent means a permanent and inseparable part, trait, or attribute of someone or something. It originated in the 1570s from Latin inhaerentem and the present participle of inhaerere, which meant “be closely connected with, be inherent.” Literally, inherent meant to “adhere to, or cling to.” 

Examples of sentences with inherent

  • Her inherent motherly instinct played a considerable role in saving her daughter.
  • Exercise is an inherent part of weight loss.
  • Most fathers have an inherent need to be good role models to their kids.


The term ‘fundamental‘ refers to the essential nature or central issue. It is the basis of a critical structure or function. Simply put, it means the foundation of the existence of something.

The term originated in mid-15c. It implied “primary, original, pertaining to a foundation.” It was modeled on Late Latin fundamentalis meaning “of the foundation.”

 Examples of sentences with fundamental

  • The fundamental reason for today’s gathering is to announce the opening of our annex branch.
  • Were fundamental biotech-related issues discussed at the meeting? 
  • Allow people exercise their fundamental human rights!


Basic means that something is essential or crucial to a larger thing. It means constituting the barest minimum without embellishment or luxury. Basic denotes the central or most essential aspect of anything, without which it cannot exist.

Basic was adopted from Old French bas which means”depth” (12c.) In early 14c., basic implied “bottom of anything considered as its support, foundation, or pedestal.” 

Sentence examples of basic

  • The basic ingredient required is rice.
  •  The idea was so basic; why couldn’t he compose himself?
  •  It’s my client’s basic constitutional right.

To Wrap Up

We hope you now understand the meaning of “component” and how to use its synonyms in a sentence. You can swap numerous alternative words for others to make writing more captivating, compelling, and engaging. Always use a thesaurus and dictionary when uncertain.

Frequently asked questions

Is component same as types?

A Content Type is a data structure that is used in order to gather specific content. Components are data structures (also) that can be used and re-used in a variety of Content Types.

What is the definition of component ‘?

Component (Entry 1 of 2) 1. 2a : any vector term added to form a vector sum or resultant. B : the coordinate of a vector : either member of an ordered pair of numbers.

What is an example of a component of a system?

An authoritative source system may include: Human Resource systems like payroll, time and attendance, and benefits administration. Learning management systems on government-wide or agency level. Security and suitability systems used by agencies or governments.

What are the 10 components of a computer?

  • A random access memory (RAM).
  • Cooling fan
  • Power supply
  • Monitor
  • Mini-Grammy-Saver card
  • The CPU controls and communicates with the computer’s other components.
  • Hard drive
  • Motherboard

How can we define a component in react?

Components are reusable bits of code that are independent. They function similarly to JavaScript functions, but work separately and return HTML. Components are divided into two types: Class components and Function components. In this tutorial, we will focus on Function components only.

What is a guide called?

A guide is a person who guides travelers, sportsmen, or tourists through unknown or unfamiliar areas. For instance, the term can also refer to a person who leads others to inwardly abstract goals, such as knowledge or wisdom.

What you mean by guide?

1a : a guide who leads and directs another’s way should accompany the safari. This museum guide was very helpful. The stars provided a guide for a person who used them to find their way back to humanity. d : signpost sense 1.

What is a component and example?

Components are defined as only one part of a whole thing. CD players in stereo systems are an example of a component. Ingredients in recipes are an example of a component. noun. 3.

How do you use synonyms?

If you choose to use the word “beautiful” several times in your text, you might use synonyms such as “gorgeous,” “stunning”, or “ravishing” to convey your description better. You will keep your audience on your feet just to keep them entertained!

Which of the following is a component of a formal definition?

A formal definition is composed of three parts: The word or phrase to be defined:. The class of object or concept that a term refers to. This class is distinguished by its distinctive characteristics.

What is a sentence for component?

1. Activating a common element in all types of organisms was discovered. 2. Uranium is a key component of nuclear weapons.

What is the opposite of component?

This is opposite of a larger whole. whole. entirety. total. totality.

What are guide synonyms?

  • docent
  • model
  • teacher
  • pilot
  • superintendent
  • counselor
  • mentor
  • chaperon

What are the types of components?

Components normally come in two types: functional components and class components, but today we will also focus on pure components and higher-order components.

What is a component synonym?

Component, element, and ingredient are common synonyms of component.

Component Synonym Guide: Definition and Examples

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