Continue Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

Are you having a hard time thinking of a continue…

Are you having a hard time thinking of a continue synonym examples? Well, you’re not the only one. While continue may seem like a common word, its synonyms are not as apparent.

But with the continue synonym guide below, you’re not going to have any problems finding other similar terms. Keep reading and discover some awesome new terms for your word arsenal.

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The Definition of Continue

Continue is a transitive English verb that describes being in the middle of a chain of action. To continue according to a thesaurus is similar to persisting or persevering in a process. It originates from the Old French term “continuer,” which translates to “joining or connecting with something” and “following one after another.” 

How to Use Continue in a Sentence

Utilizing a term is the best way to fully grasp what it means. Try constructing sentences with the term continue. You can utilize it as either a transitive or intransitive verb. Here are some examples to get you started.

  • My mom continues to inspire me to be a better person.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to continue your work without proper breaks.
  •  Thanks to their swimming lessons, they have continued to get better each day.
  • If you don’t continue to put in the effort, you’ll never achieve your goals.

Continue Synonym — Exploring Terms with Similar Meanings

Some similar terms for the word continue are resume, pick up, take up, carry on with, keep at, and pursue.


Resuming something means beginning again after ceasing for a certain period. It’s essentially picking up where one left off. For instance, you can continue a book you had started reading and resume traveling after arriving somewhere.

  • They resumed their work after they stopped for a quick break.


You can think of pursue as to proceed with energy and determination. Pursue can also be the need to get something desired or important. 

  • Despite the odds, he endured and pursued his dream of being an actor.


Advance means to move ahead, especially in a project. It can also refer to a territorial advance or any military or political advance.

  • The team was able to advance to the finals after holding their ground during the last game.

Continue Antonyms — Exploring Terms with Opposite Meanings

Some continue antonym examples are stop, discontinue, abandon, and end.


According to the dictionary, cease means staying still and coming to a halt or ending an activity. Opposite to cease is to persist with something or continue.

  • After the violation, they were ordered to cease all activities at the amusement park.


Halting is usually transforming something from a motion or process into an end state. This action is usually instant or abrupt.

  • They had to halt operations until no issues remained with the machines.


The term quit means to terminate doing something or withdraw from a project or work. It implies a permanent and complete end to something.

  • He had to quit the sport due to a debilitating injury.

To Wrap Up

Now you won’t have to waste time thinking long and hard about continue synonyms. With this guide, you now have full knowledge of the definition of continue and words similar and dissimilar to it.

So carry on and start writing those articles!

Frequently asked questions

What are the examples of continue?

The team will continue to perform drills until the coach is satisfied with their performance. The world’s population is expanding. Traditions will only continue in perpetuity until generations follow them. The weather continued for several days.

Which is the best antonym for the word guide?

  • leave alone
  • disorganize
  • neglect
  • mislead
  • mismanage
  • ignore
  • obey
  • misguide

What you mean by guide?

Guide 1a : a person who leads or directs others. The museum guide was a very useful resource. C : something that gives guidance to a person; it is used as a guide to finding their way back. d : signpost sense 1.

What is a good sentence for continue?

Continue in a sentence. Until he was satisfied, he would continue. We were both racing our minds when Jade continued to search. In my prayers, it would forgive me, continue healing my people.

Which continues or continue?

The word forms: continue, continue, continued. Intransitive verb/transitive verb. When someone or something continues to do something, they take it and continue doing it.

What is an antonym for guidance?

Antonyms. Apapproval approval unbelief belief unhappy displeased discontented.

How do you say continue to?

  • continue. verb. Keep doing something without stopping.
  • go on. phrasal verb. Continued happenings or doing as before.
  • follow through. phrasal verb.
  • persist verb
  • press ahead. phrasal verb.
  • persevere verb
  • carry on. phrasal verb.
  • get on. phrasal verb.

What is the short word for continue?

vs. Cont’d. If you need to abbreviate the word continue, your style guide, including The Chicago Manual of Style, advises you to write “cont” and add an extra period after it. Using cont.

What is synonyms for guide?

  • show,
  • pilot,
  • shepherd,
  • tutor
  • lead,
  • coach,
  • mentor,
  • counsel,

Do not continue meaning?

Stop working or doing something. pack up. finish. quit. desist.

What is noun of continue?

continuation. (kntnjen) / noun. An addition or extension of a given element to a book or play, particularly a sequel.

What is the synonyms and antonyms of continue?

Continue is often referred to as abide, endure, last, and persist. As all these words refer to the process that occurs over a period of time or indefinitely, continue applies to a process without end.

Are synonyms and antonyms?

Synonyms are words that have the same, or almost that same, meaning as another word. Anonyms are words that have opposite meanings that another word has. You can refine your writing with the right synonym.

What is the best antonym for continue?

  • depart
  • discontinue
  • go
  • halt
  • ignore
  • decrease
  • condemn
  • cease

What is the synonym of the word continuous?

Continuous is often referred to as constant, continuous, incessant, perpetual, or perpetual.

Continue Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

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