Contribute Synonym Guide: Definition and Examples

Imagine if we always used the exact phrases in speech,…

Imagine if we always used the exact phrases in speech, writing, and reading. If every person, place, or thing in the universe could only be described by a single word, the world would be pretty uninteresting.

We should use as many unique terms as possible to make English considerably more expressive and engaging. This is where synonyms enter the picture!

Synonyms are words or phrases with the same meaning or meanings that are relatively close. This guide includes contribute synonyms, their etymologies, and examples of use to assist with your writing.

Let’s plunge into the contribute synonym guide!

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What Does Contribute Mean?

The word ‘contribute’ means donating to a cause. Donating to a cause could be a monetary contribution or donation, time, expertise, and effort.

To contribute is simply the act of adding to a thing, such as a project. It could also mean taking action or making decisions that affect a project’s progress.

Sentence examples with contribute

  • Do not force anyone to contribute to the cause.
  • How many times will I tell you to contribute what you can afford?.
  • Each of us can contribute something, no matter how little.

Contribute Synonym: Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

When substituting a term with its synonym, care should be taken to retain the sentence’s precise meaning. Here are some words that are suitable contribute synonyms:


The term “add” means merging or combining two or more things to boost the quantity, number, size, or alter the overall effect.

Add originated from the late 14th century and meant “to join or unite (something to something else).” It stems from Latin addere, which means “add to, join, attach, place upon.”

Examples of sentences with add

  • Add the contributed amount to the account.
  • Add related words to your poetry.
  • I have nothing else to add.


To commit means to give something your full attention. You commit to something or person when you say that you will meet a promise or help that thing or person become successful.

You can commit to a cause, a project, a philosophy, or an object. It is also possible to commit to a person you care greatly about.

It originated in the late 14th century meaning “to give in charge, entrst.” Commit stems from Latin committere, which means “to unite, connect, combine; to bring together.”

Examples of sentences with commit

  • To go far in life, you have to commit yourself to learn.
  • A true friend will commit to you despite your flaws.
  • How do we prove he did not commit the crime?

To Wrap Up

By substituting a ‘contribute’ synonym or similar phrase for the word effect, you can improve your capacity to communicate your ideas.

Using synonyms in English grammar makes your writing more vivid and produces a more engaging mental image in the reader’s mind. A thesaurus and dictionary are also handy for locating related words and synonyms.

Frequently asked questions

What does contribute reading mean?

It is necessary to write something (such as a story, poem, or essay) for a magazine.

What is the meaning of the root word in Contribute?

From Latin contributus, past participle of contribuere “to bring together, add, unite, collect, contribute” (see con-) + tribuere and “to allot, pay” (a.

How do you you pronounce contribute?

Can we say contribute with?

It is not used with contribute, so it is a transitive verb.

What is the best synonym for contribution?

Contributions are associated with 35 synonyms, antsonyms, and idiomatic expressions, including: offering, donation, present, aiding, input, bestowal, participation, part, benefaction, supplement,.

Which sentence is an example of the word published?

The newspaper is published on a daily basis. It is important for professors to publish regularly. After a lengthy absence from publishing, he hasn’t published much. I was published in a magazine that published two of my stories.

What does it mean to contribute to society?

Taking part in community-building and self-development activities encourages a contribution to society. Participating in community decision making processes, volunteering for and donating to charities, constructive involvement in social networks or concerted efforts to enhance one’s own wellbeing and character are examples.

How do you speak to contribution?

What does contribute to the development mean?

Contributing to something helps it succeed or produces it.

What is contribute and example?

Contributions are done to give something or make something happen. Contributing is an example of a check sent to charity. When you plan a party to be successful, you may contribute. verb.

What does it mean to contribute something?

1As a transaction, one can give something, especially money or goods, in order to help someone or something contribute something (to or toward something).

What are synonyms to contribute?

  • give
  • add
  • share
  • devote
  • subsidize
  • commit
  • grant
  • pony up

What does contribute mean in simple words?

2: To give with others. Your contribution to the project was largely shared among all. 3 : to supply (as an article) for publication in a magazine.

What is a sentence for contribute?

Contribute sentence example. You all contribute to what we do. Someone I hope to hear from offers intelligent conversation and not grovel at my feet. I am sure you can contribute, and you just want to.

How do you use vividly in a sentence?

In a vividly reconstructed demonstration, she has herself responded in direct discourse. Based on this neuron’s activity, visual response fails to predict whether a saccade will be made into the receptive field. Nationalist students expelled her from her rooms vividly in memory of where she stood.

Contribute Synonym Guide: Definition and Examples

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