Control Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

You might end up sounding dull when you keep using…

You might end up sounding dull when you keep using the same words in your article. That’s why synonyms are such an essential tool for every writer. So if you’re having a tough time searching for a control synonym, worry no more.

We’ve made this guide, especially for you. It is complete with a comprehensive definition of control and control synonyms and antonyms.

So get excited to learn some fantastic new terms!

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The Definition of Control

According to the English dictionary, control means being in charge of something. Someone who is in control is in a position to influence the progress of things in a certain way. It can also mean restricting something. The thesaurus lists authority or influence as some of its related terms.

  • I’ve been controlling my sugar intake this past week.
  • She lost control of her skateboard and fell.
  • It would help if you took control of the situation before speaking out.
  • My mom had to call pest control because of the rats. 
  • They tried controlling the limits of the device.

Control Synonyms — Exploring Terms with Similar Meanings


To dominate means to have control over somebody or something. It can also be related to the influence someone exercises over somebody, be it physically, mentally, or socially.

  • The company has dominated the retail business for years.


Discipline refers to a positive form of control. It allows someone or something to reach the desired goal while allowing the individual or entity to maintain their self-esteem. Discipline can include going to the gym, studying, or following a diet.

  • Swimming professionally requires a tremendous amount of skill and discipline.


Restraint means not allowing something to happen. Restraint imposes restrictions on a person or another entity to control their behavior or prevent natural consequences.

  • She restrained herself from crying inside the theater.


To rule over something is to be in absolute “control”. It is having power, authority, or the ability to cause a person or thing to obey the rules of decorum.

  • The king ruled the kingdom with an iron fist. 

Control Antonyms — Exploring Terms with Opposite Meanings


When control is absent, chaos can ensue. Chaos describes significant damage resulting from man-made disasters or acts of terrorism. It can also mean a lack of order, such as when a person fails to finish tasks on time.

  • Chaos erupted as a result of the robbery.


Having freedom is having the right to do as you please without restrictions on what you can do. It’s being free from the restrictions imposed by people, places, or things.

  • We were given creative freedom in painting the mural.


A state of disorganization occurs when there is an absence of control or lack of proper planning. In many cases, it is associated with disorder, disturbance, & chaos.

  • Disorganization can affect productivity in an office.

To Wrap Up

No one wants to write a dull article. And that’s why you should try utilizing these new similar terms in your next piece. They are sure to give your writing more variety and color.

Frequently asked questions

What is the opposite of control group?

As part of an experiment, control group and experimental group are compared. Only one difference between the two groups is that the independent variable is changed in the experimental group. A control group controls an independent variable or holds it constant.

What is a synonym for under control?

Conditional control words. reliant. susceptible. counting. reckoning.

Which is the best antonym for the word guide?

  • mislead
  • misguide
  • disorganize
  • obey
  • ignore
  • neglect
  • mismanage
  • leave alone

What you mean by guide?

The safari needed a guide to lead or direct others. A museum guide made a huge difference. A guide that provides a person with guiding information. The stars serve as a guide to navigate back to their place. d : signpost sense 1.

What is an antonym for guidance?

Antonyms. Displeased discontented disapproving approval unbelief belief unhappy.

What is the synonym for control?

Power, authority, command, dominance, dominomination, government, mastery, leadership, rule, reign, sovereignty, supremacy, ascendancy, predominance, hegemony. Supervision, supervision, supervision. influence. Prepotency, prepower, and prepollency are rare.

What is control word?

An control word is a word whose bits represent the various control signal. In microprogram memory, control words associated with an instruction are stored. This is a set of micro-instructions in a microroutine. An example of a microoperation is microinstructions.

What is a synonym for full control?

An excellent noun. commanding position. complete control. controlling position. enviable position.

What is synonyms for guide?

  • lead,
  • mentor,
  • tutor
  • pilot,
  • show,
  • coach,
  • counsel,
  • shepherd,

What is a synonym for take control of?

capture. Take verbally and forcefully. apprehend.

What is the antonym of control?

Antonyms. The powerless stop, let go of defy surrender, and start.

What is the opposite of power and control?

The opposite of Power & Control is the Equality Wheel.

Can’t be controlled synonyms?

  • disorderly
  • unmanageable
  • carried away
  • out of hand
  • unruly
  • uncontrollable
  • ungovernable
  • rebellious
Control Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

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