A Cry Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

‘Cry’ is a word we have been familiarized with since kindergarten. This term has been deeply rooted in our brain that we don’t think of its replacement.

However, in professional and academic writing, we must upgrade our vocabulary choice and employ the most appropriate word in a given context. Therefore, learning synonyms and antonyms is vital in improving your language proficiency.

This cry synonym guide will add more words to your knowledge, along with appropriate examples.

The Definition of Cry

Based on the dictionary, the word ‘cry’ can work as a noun and a verb. It refers to shouting or saying something loudly to express pain, fear, or grief. It could also mean shedding tears out of sorrow or distress. Moreover, ‘cry’ could also refer to a loud call of a bird or animal.

As a Verb

  • Don’t cry over little things.
  • She will always cry when she can’t win the argument.
  • I hear a baby crying for a long time.

As a Noun

  • I hear a loud cry of birds from the window side.
  • We could hear the cheerful cries of children from the playground.
  • The cry of the baby caused a disturbance in the restaurant.
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Cry Synonym — Exploring Words with Similar Meaning

Cry synonym examples are weep, sob, wail, be in tears, bawl, howl, snivel, whimper, whine, and squall. Other words with similar meaning include call, shout, exclaimation, yell, shriek, scream, screeech, and bellow.


The word ‘wail’ refers to a long and high-pitched cry of grief and pain. It could also mean someone complaining in a loud tone and voice.

  • The wail of the infant was heard from the closed door.
  • The wail of the siren could be heard from a distance.


‘Lament’ refers to a passionate expression of sorrow, grief, or regret about something. It comes from the French lamenter or Latin lamentari, meaning “weeping, wailing.”

  • She lamented over the loss of her only son.
  • The poem expresses the lament of a tragic love story.


The term ‘sob’ is defined as an uncontrollable loud cry, often noisily with convulsive short breaths. The word relates to the Old English seofian, meaning “to lament,” and Old German sufan, meaning“to draw breath.”

  • The little girl was sobbing about losing her favorite doll.
  • She began to sob when telling the story of how she was betrayed.


The term ‘weep’ is a traditional synonym for ‘cry.’ It refers to expressing great sorrow and feeling of sadness by shedding tears. Weep comes from the Old English wepan, meaning “shed tears” or “mourn over.”

  • She wept at the news of her grandmother passing away.
  • You should not weep thinking about past events.


The term ‘bawl’ is used in the sense of an animal howling or barking. In recent times, it refers to the act of shouting out very loudly and uncontrollably. The term is related to Medieval Latin baulare, meaning “to bark,” and Icelandic baula, meaning “to low.”

  • She would always bawl without even listening to the whole thing.
  • I can hear you loud and clear; you don’t have to bawl.

Cry Antonyms — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings


‘Laugh’ is defined as the expression of amusement when you find something funny and smile with an instinctive sound from the throat.

  • Here he is with his loud and sarcastic laugh as always.
  • It’s not nice to laugh at people because of their sense of style.


‘Whisper’ refers to speaking with a soft tone using the breath rather than the throat. You whisper when you want to say a thing secretly or discuss something confidential.

  • I didn’t get any of what she whispered in my ear.
  • Stop whispering in the class.


‘Chuckle’ is a gentle, involuntary sound that someone makes when they are laughing silently, resembling a suppressed laugh.

  • She chuckled at his sarcastic remarks.
  • He chuckled in response to her question.


‘Calm’ refers to a peaceful emotional and mental state where the person doesn’t show strong emotions or excessive anger. A calm person will handle a situation peacefully without shouting.

  • She is always calm and composed in times of hardship.
  • You should keep your calm during the competition.


The word ‘quiet’ refers to someone who makes little to no noise at all. It could also refer to a place or situation with minimal sound or disturbance.

  • He would always remain calm and quiet in the class.
  • Why are you so quiet today?

To Wrap Up

While there are numerous words for the term ‘cry’ in the Thesaurus, we have outlined the most common ones in this cry synonym guide. As these words are frequently used, practicing them will add to your advantage. Antonyms are just as important as synonyms, and you will have the most common ones in this simple but effective article.

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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