“Demonstrate” Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms & Examples

Demonstrate is an English word that means “to make evident or establish by arguments.” Demonstrate synonym is a word whose meaning is the same as or similar to the word ‘demonstrate.’ If you’re having difficulty finding such terms, this article is for you!

Learn the definitions, synonyms, and antonyms of “demonstrate” in this brief guide.

The Definition of Demonstrate

The word ‘demonstrate’ is an English word borrowed from the Latin word dēmonstrō, dēmonstrātus, which means “I show.” Demonstrate is a verb with the following forms: simple present tense – demonstrates, present participle – demonstrating, simple past and past participle – demonstrated.

Quite a number of definitions will suffice for this term, but let’s look at some popular dictionary definitions. To demonstrate is to:

  • make evident or establish something by arguments or reasoning; prove: to demonstrate a principle.
  • explain, describe, or illustrate by examples, specimens, and experiments; to demonstrate the force of gravity by dropping an object.
  • exhibit or manifest; show: Mike demonstrated courage through his war actions.
  • display publicly or openly; as with feelings.
  • exhibit the operation or use of (a device, process, or product): to demonstrate the use of a tool.
  • participate in, or organize a demonstration. The lecturers are demonstrating against low wages.

Sentence Examples

  • The analytics demonstrate that our tool works effectively.
  • You need to demonstrate to our satisfaction that you’re capable.
  • The politicians demonstrated their plans for the citizens.
  • Can you please demonstrate how to use the browser?
  • The demonstrating students were made to face disciplinary actions.
  • “That’ll be all for today. Next week, I’ll demonstrate how to do pushups.”
  • Williams demonstrated that he’s a worthy candidate.

Demonstrate Synonym — Exploring words with Similar Meanings

Synonyms for demonstrate include prove, show, reveal, display, and illustrate. Others are: exhibit, indicate, introduce, explore, expose, establish, determine and validate.

1. Show

Show is from Middle English ‘schewen,’ from Old English scēawian (“to look, look at, exhibit, display”), from Proto-Germanic *skawwōną (“to look, see”), and from Proto-Indo-European *(s)kewh₁– (“to heed, look, feel, take note of”). To show is to display, to indicate a fact or to guide.

  • Mr. Dave finally showed us how to solve the Math question.
  • I tried not to show my anger, but I lost my cool when John called me a liar.

2. Reveal

The word ‘reveal’ is derived from Middle English revelen (“to reveal”), from Middle French reveler, and from Latin revēlāre (“to reveal, uncover”), from re- (“back, again”) + vēlāre (“to cover”). To reveal is to uncover, show and display that which was hidden.

  • The doctor did not reveal the results of my tests.
  • I can’t reveal the details of the project to you.
  • Mary’s smile revealed her beautiful dentition.

3. Display

Display originates from Middle English displayen, Anglo-Norman’ despleier’ and Old French despleier, desploiier. Also, from Medieval Latin displicare (“to unfold, display”). To display is to show conspicuously; to exhibit or manifest.

  • Michelle’s work was displayed at the event.
  • I love New Year’s Eve because of the display of fireworks.

4. Illustrate

The word is from Latin illustrat- ‘lit up, from the verb illustrare, from in- ‘upon’ + lustrare ‘illuminate.’ To illustrate is to shed light upon; to clarify something by giving an example or a comparison.

  • The chart on the board illustrates what I mean.
  • The teacher illustrated how to paint a drawing accurately.
  • Please could you use an example will illustrate your point?

5. Prove

Prove is from the Middle English word ‘proven,’ Old English, prōfia (“to esteem, evince, try”). The word can also be traced to Old French prover, from Latin probare (‘test, approve, demonstrate’) and probus ‘good.’ To prove is to show that something is viable.

  • These are strong allegations; can you prove them?
  • The steps we took to ensure justice is served proved abortive.

Antonyms for Demonstrate — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

1. Conceal

Conceal is from Middle English concelen, from Old French conceler (“hide, disguise”), from Latin concelāre, infinitive of concelō (“carefully disguise”). To conceal means to try to keep something secret, or hide something from public view or knowledge.

  • Henry tried to conceal the details of the report from me.
  • Williams had to conceal his identity to escape the kidnappers.

2. Hide

Hide is from Middle English hiden, huden, from Old English hȳdan (“to hide, conceal, preserve”) and Proto-West Germanic *hūdijan (“to conceal”). To hide means to put something out of sight.

  • Jerry smiled to hide his embarrassment.
  • Joy couldn’t hide her test results any longer.

3. Disprove

Disprove is from Middle English disproven, dispreven, from Old French desprover, from des- + prover. To disprove is to prove false or erroneous; to confute; to refute.

  • We were able to disprove Nathan’s allegations.
  • They tried to disprove each claim with as much documentation as possible.
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To Wrap Up

Demonstrate is a verb that means “to show or reveal information or to prove something.” A common demonstrate synonym is “prove.” Other synonyms for the term include show, reveal, display, and illustrate. You can learn other synonyms from a thesaurus.

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