“Different” Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

Replacing different terms for the word ‘different’ can be tricky as you write. This is a quick different synonym guide to enrich your word choice and take your writing to the next level.

Even if you have to write repetitive content, choosing various terms with the same meaning can make all the difference. Let’s learn some of the common synonyms and antonyms of different along with examples.

The Definition of Different

Based on the dictionary, ‘different’ means something is not the same as another in terms of form, nature, or quality. It could also mean something distinct, unique, or unusual. It is also defined as ‘divergent’ or ‘disparate.’ Different functions as an adjective in sentences.

The word originated from the Old French and English term ‘differ.’ It has its rootin the Latin word different, meaning “carrying away,” and the verb differre.

Example Sentences:

  • We got the solution to the problem in two different ways.
  • Though they are siblings, they are quite different in characteristics.
  • We met Laura on a few different occasions.
  • He has a very different style of convincing people
  • We bought two different dresses for the prom night.
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Different Synonym — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings


This is one of the closest synonyms of ‘different.’ It means two things are not the same or alike. The term originated from the combination of the prefix dis- (expressing reversal) + similar (the root word). It follows the pattern of Latin dissimilis and French dissimilaire.

  • The two sisters have dissimilar academic backgrounds.
  • The sequel of the movie was very dissimilar from the first one.


It means to be strikingly different in a very obvious way. It is also used to compare two things to demonstrate how they differ. The word originates from the French contraster and modified by the Italian contrastare, meaning “to resist; to withstand.”

  • The team leaders displayed highly contrasting perspectives.
  • You should paint the walls of your room in contrasting colors.


‘Unalike’ refers to people or objects differing from each other. When two things are not resembling one another, they are considered unalike. It is the negation of alike that is un + alike.

  • The two sisters are completely unalike in personality.
  • They couldn’t come to a mutual solution because of their unalike opinions.


It means there is a great deal of variety or difference between people or things. The word has its root in the Old French divers and Latin diversus, meaning “various, different.”

  • We have a diverse workforce in our company.
  • Our club consists of diverse cultural activities.


It means to divide something into its constituents. It also refers to things that are not joined and forms a unit part on their own. The word comes from the Latin separat-, meaning “disjointed, divided.” It has its root from the verb separare, which could be split into se- “apart” + parare “prepare.”

  • There were two separate issues raised among the students.
  • These are two separate gifts for your birthday and anniversary.

Different Antonyms — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings


It refers to something which is exactly like something else. You may use the same when referring to a person or thing connected to something else. It also means something is like an earlier version and did not vary.

  • You are giving the same answer every time.
  • Our work progress is the same so far.


‘Identical’ means something or someone is the same in every little detail. When there is no change between two things, and they are equal or alike, it is termed identical.

  • I have two new and identical hats for both of us.
  • I saw two identical twins at my office on my first day of work.


When two things or people are alike, it means they are the same in nature, form, or quality.

  • Both the sisters dressed alike for the party.
  • We might be alike in appearance, but our choices are completely different.


‘Akin’ means having the same character or qualities. It could also mean two people are connected by blood.

  • They spoke a language akin to Spanish.
  • The baby was wearing a hat akin to a Panda head.


It means two things connect in some way. It could also mean two things or people share the same characteristics and belong to the same group.

  • Cats and tigers are related species in the animal kingdom.
  • We look pretty alike but are not related by any means.

To Wrap Up

This different synonym guide will help you enhance your writing quality without sounding repetitive. It outlines not only similar words for ‘different’ but also the opposite terms with definitions and examples.

Also, keep an English thesaurus handy if you need to learn more synonyms.

Pam is an expert grammarian with years of experience teaching English, writing and ESL Grammar courses at the university level. She is enamored with all things language and fascinated with how we use words to shape our world.

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