Enable Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

What if we always say or write the same words…

What if we always say or write the same words when talking, reading, and writing? If there was only one term to describe every person, place, or thing in the world, it would be pretty boring.

Synonyms are terms or phrases that mean the same thing or can be interpreted similarly. This guide gives the synonyms of “enable,” their etymology, and sentence examples.

Let’s dive in!

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What Exactly Does Enable Mean?

Enable means making someone or something capable of performing a task by giving the required resources. Enabling someone is to grant them permission or the right to do something.

Examples of sentences that include enable

  • Only teamwork will enable us to succeed. 
  • The money will enable us catch a flight instead of a car. 
  •  The decrease in security personnel will enable criminals to roam around freely.
  • You can be in charge if you enable the staff to do their work.

Enable Synonym: Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

Some enable synoym examples are authorize, sanction, license, qualify, allow, permit, and legalize. Others include accredit, validate, commission, delegate and okay.


To empower somebody is to provide them with the means to accomplish something. Empower means to offer a person considered vulnerable or oppressed the resources or opportunities to change their position.

The French and Latin roots of the word “empower” are the preposition “em” and the noun “power.” “Em” probably comes from the Old French word “en,” which meant “in” in both languages.

Examples of sentences using empower

  •  We can empower people to learn various skills. 
  • They also help empower those with disabilities. 
  • My mission has always been to empower and enrich the lives of teenagers.


Facilitate means assisting others in dealing with a process or reaching an agreement or solution without being a part of it. To facilitate is to make it easier, to assist in taking action, etc. 

Facilitate comes from Latin facilis, which means “easy.” Other terms that come from facilis which mean “easy to do” or “the quality of being easy to do,” are facile, facility, and faculty. Facilis comes from Latin facere, which means “to make or do.” 

Examples of sentences using facilitate

  • Technological devices facilitate quick transactions. 
  • The new ramp will facilitate the free flow of movement for everyone.
  • Who will facilitate the conversation between the parties?

Enable Antonyms: Words with Opposite Meanings

Some enable antonym examples are disallow, enjoin, forbit, prohibit, and prevent.


Prevent means to stop something from occurring or someone from performing a particular action. It indicates that something is being done to avoid some effects, such as scarcity, danger, or disease.

By the 1540s, it meant “to stop something from happening or happening at all” in Latin. In Late Latin, “to prevent” was from prae, meaning “before” and venire “to come.” 

Examples of sentences using prevent

  • You can’t prevent my resignation.
  •  Why do you want to prevent police interference? 
  • I do all this to prevent sickness. 


Hinder means to make something hard for someone to do or for something to happen. It means to get in the way or slow down a person or thing. 

It was first noted before the year 1000 as hindren in Middle English and Old English as hindrian, which means “to hold or pull back.” 

Examples of sentences: Hinder

  • Anger and pride hinder good counsel.
  • Don’t hinder my movement. 
  • I wouldn’t dare to hinder your work; I’m off to school.

To Wrap Up

Mastering synonyms means you can quickly choose the word that best fits your need without wasting time searching for the appropriate term. The thesaurus can be an excellent tool for choosing synonyms.

Varied phrases make your language more expressive and exciting.

Frequently asked questions

Is enable antonym of disable?

Disable means put out of action, while enable means to give someone the authority or means to do something; make it possible to do so. Therefore, both have opposite meanings and are thus synonyms.

How do you write a guide?

Keep in mind that when you write your Guide, you should write in plain English to make your content as understandable as possible. Organize your content so that the most important information is at the top. Divide content into sections that are easy to follow. Headings help users navigate and structure the content.

What is the synonym and antonym of guide?

verb. I’m going somewhere, somebody. A rear tail reverse foot does not work. Lead lead astray in a misguided manner.

Which is the best antonym for the word guide?

  • mislead
  • leave alone
  • mismanage
  • ignore
  • disorganize
  • misguide
  • obey
  • neglect

How do you say guide me?

  • help me
  • guiding me
  • assist me
  • be my eyes
  • brief me
  • brings me
  • control me
  • direct me

How do we use enable in a sentence?

The wings of a bird allow it to fly. Secondly, birds are permitted to fly with their wings. 3, Taking on a project on time will only be possible through teamwork. These funds will be used to improve the town’s leisure facilities.

Can could synonym?

You can find 16 synonyms, antonyms, expressions, and related words for could, including: would, might, do, should, may, can, shall, want-to, cannot, will and must.

What is enable example?

verb. 4. It refers to the desire to make something possible. Allow people to pay for their cars.

How do you use synonyms?

A great example is to use synonyms such as “gorgeous,” “stoning,” or “ravishing” instead of the word “beautiful” multiple times in your text. You will lose your audience’s attention just to repeat one word. Not out of boredom!

How do you enable a sentence?

  • Teamwork is essential for us to be able to complete the task on time.
  • The money will allow us to upgrade the town’s leisure facilities.
  • Bird wings allow them to fly.
  • It will allow the Prime Minister to push through tough policies.

What is the synonyms for Enable?

  • facilitate
  • capacitate
  • set up
  • accredit
  • implement
  • empower
  • approve
  • permit

What is the synonym of guide?

Guides are often described as engineers, lead engineers, pilots, and steer. This word also means “to direct the course or to show the way to follow,” and guide implies intimate knowledge of the way and its difficulties and dangers. Guided the scouts around the cave.

What does enable mean definition?

Describe the transitive verbs. 1a : to provide people with a means or opportunity to earn a living. In order to make it possible, practical, or simple to create a new law. To cause you to operate software that allows you to use the keyboard.

Enable Synonym Guide — Definition, Antonyms, and Examples

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