Exemplify Synonym Guide — Definition and Examples

In linguistics, a synonym is a term that has the…

In linguistics, a synonym is a term that has the same or almost the same meaning as another. Using appropriate synonyms improves the quality of your work.

One of the best ways to improve your language abilities and expand your vocabulary is to become familiar with related terms. You can apply the following list of synonyms to replace ‘exemplify’ in your writing.

What Does Exemplify Mean?

Exemplify means to be a good example of something or a way of representing something else. 

Sentence examples using exemplify

  • We were asked to exemplify the life of the northerners.
  •  For this instance, let Mary exemplify Margaret Tacher
  •  Could you help us clarify the graph? Exemplify or illustrate, please.
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Exemplify Synonym: Words with Similar Meanings


 To demonstrate means to give a tangible illustration and explanation of something to establish its veracity.

It first appeared in the 1550s and meant “to point out, indicate, exhibit.” It stems from Latin demonstratus, a past participle of demonstrare which means “to point out, indicate, demonstrate.” 

Figuratively, demonstrate means “to prove, establish.” de- stands for”entirely,” and monstrare means “to point out, or show.” 

Examples of sentences using demonstrate

  • Try to embody and demonstrate what you have learned everywhere you go.
  • How do you demonstrate your ability and skills?
  • Can I demonstrate the process?


Manifest means to demonstrate or make apparent. It is an indicator of something’s existence, reality, or presence.

Manifest was coined from Old French manifest in the 12th century and meant “evident, or palpable.” In the late 14th century, it meant “clearly revealed to the eye or the understanding, open to view or comprehension.”

Examples of sentences with manifest

  • My little pupil says a word and tries to manifest it as an activity. 
  • I shall believe when I see the word made manifest in her life. 
  • When you say a word and manifest what you say, we say you have integrity!

To Wrap Up

Exemplify is a frequent English term, yet it is difficult to explain in diverse circumstances. Examine whether you can identify them as synonyms or antonyms in other contexts. Utilize a thesaurus or dictionary and seize opportunities to experiment with these new terms.

Frequently asked questions

Can you start a sentence with but?

It is okay to start sentences with a conjunction like but, and, or or.

What is the synonym of exemplify?

You can find 24 synonyms, synonyms and antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for exemplify like: typify, represent, show, embody, personify, epitom.

What part of speech is exemplify?

(used with objects), exemplified, expli*fying.

What is the synonym of how?

Here you will find 24 synonyms, antonyms, expressive expressions, and related words for how, like: in what way, by what method, by how, in what manner, so, through what medium, that, show.

What does exemplification mean in writing?

Exemplification is the act of providing examples. Examples are used as supporting materials in this type of essay to explain or clarify a generalization. To convey your point effectively, exemplification essays must use enough detailed and specific examples to illustrate the point.

What is the noun form of exemplify?

[ ig-zem-pluh-fi-key-shuhn ] SHOW IPA. / / (g*z*m /f*ke* / **** / Phonetic Response.

Can a person exemplify something?

A person or thing is an example of something such as a situation, quality, or class of things. The room’s style represents their ideal of elegance and practicality.

What is the opposite of exemplify?

As opposed to to be, or serves as, a typical example or representation of. conceal. confuse. cover. distort.

What is an example of exemplify?

If you are an an example of something, you’re perfect. Wear frilly shirts, knee-high boots, and black eye make-up – you exemplify the fashion world’s obsession with pirates. Exemplifying something can also mean showing an example or illustration.

Whats the definition of exemplify?

transitive verb. To illustrate or demonstrate those virtues by example. 2 : Make an attested copy or transcript of (a document) under seal.

What do you think is the meaning of the word exemplified in the last sentence?

If using an example, or as a demonstration, other printing technologies will also be employed; the examples are all for illustration purposes only.

What is the synonym of explain?

  • elucidate,
  • construe,
  • explicate,
  • clarify,
  • demonstrate,
  • clear (up),
  • expound,
  • demystify,

Is shown to synonym?


What is the root word of exemplify?

Ext exemplific (v.) Early 15c., exempedlifien, “to illustrate by examples, to instruct by (good) example, to be or serve as a model (of conduct.

How do you use exemplify in a sentence?

  • Students expect their teachers to be helpful at all times.
  • James will select the closest employee who shows off the company’s core values when he chooses his assistant manager.
  • These high school dropouts illustrate the problems with today’s public school system.
 Exemplify Synonym Guide — Definition and Examples

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