Facilitate Synonym: An Effective Guide — Definition & Examples

Using words similar in meaning to replace a key term in your writing will give your piece a better look. The dictionary’s meaning of the term ‘facilitate’ is “to make something easier”. Also, “to preside over something.”Facilitate synonymis the word ‘assist.’ There are other similar words for facilitate – this article provides a list of such words.

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    Definition of “Facilitate”

    ‘Facilitate’ originates from French’ faciliter’, Latin’ facilis’ (‘to make easier, to make less difficult). It means “to make something easier or more likely to occur.” The term functions grammatically as a verb – it takes the following forms: simple present – facilitates, present participle – facilitating, past tense and past participle – facilitated.

    To facilitate is to:

    • Make a situation easier. “The road block was removed to facilitate movement.”
    • Reduce the difficulty inherent to an activity or aid in an activity. “Mr. David included diagrams in the teaching outline to facilitate learning.”
    • Preside over an event or a subject matter. “June facilites the exchange of goods.”

    Sentence Examples

    • The loan will facilitate the development of the children’s center.
    • The army arrived in the aftermath of the conflict to show the flag and facilitate healing.
    • It’s your responsibility to take care of the animals and facilitate their well-being.
    • The movement will cause a significant change and facilitate improvements.
    • Hillary has been reluctant to facilitate the examinations.
    • He was dismayed with the state of the school, which did not facilitate the betterment of the students.
    • This will send a clear message to the country’s people that should facilitate changes.
    • The agreement would facilitate a decrease in trade.

    Facilitate Synonym — Exploring Words with Similar Meanings

    Common synonyms (words with similar meanings) for the word ‘facilitate’ includeassist, ease, simplify, expedite and promote. Others include aid, help, hasten, walk-through, speed up and accelerate.

    1. Assist

    Assist is originally from Middle English ‘assisten,’ from Old French ‘assister’ (“to assist, to attend”), and Latin’ assistō’ (“stand at, bestand,” verb). Assist means “to provie support to a person or organization.”

    • Drinking water assists in keeping you hydrated.
    • The only thing that could assist in this situation is obtaining a court order.
    • The human eyes assist in visual accommodation.

    2. Ease

    ‘Ease’ is derived from middle British ‘ease,’ from Anglo-Norman ‘esne’ (“equal, fair”), from French’ égal.’ Ease refers to being comfortable, free of worries or problems, and void of difficulty.

    • They did everything they could to put her at ease with herself.
    • Now that they have settled, they are at ease and happy again.
    • She wanted to be at ease and relaxed in the warmth.

    3. Simplify

    ‘Simplify’ is from French’ simplifier’ (take something complex and make it simpler). To simplify is to reduce complexity, reduce parts, or create a concept easier to understand.

    • To make it easy, kindly simplify your literary work.
    • Some people simplify their makeup routine by using only a few products.

    4. Expedite

    The word ‘expedite’ originates from Latin expedītus (“unimpeded, unfettered”), the perfect passive participle of expediō (“bring forward, set right”). To expedite is to accelerate the progress of an event or a particular occurrence.

    • Please expedite this delivery of the product.
    • The new process was placed to expedite proceedings in court.

    5. Promote

    The word ‘promote’ finds its origin in Latin prōmōtus, the perfect passive participle of prōmoveō (“move forward, advance”). Promote defines helping or encouraging an event to happen, increase, or spread.

    • In either case, he aimed to promote transparency.
    • Thompson’s only desire was to promote the acceptance of his product.

    Antonyms for Facilitate — Exploring Words with Opposite Meanings

    1. Hinder

    The word ‘hinder’ originates from Middle English ‘hindren’, Old English ‘hindrian,’ and Proto-Germanic *hindrōną, *hinderōną (“to hinder”). Hinder is a word that implies stopping, stalling, or calling back.

    • His teaching methods could hinder assimilation.
    • The military used lethal force to hinder the brawl between both parties.

    2. Delay

    ‘Delay’ is from Middle English ‘delaien’, borrowed from Anglo-Norman ’delaier’, andOld French ‘deslaier’ (“to leave”). Delay means “to put a hold on something.” It also means “to not do something at the planned or expected time but instead move it further.

    • The long skirt she wore was the cause of the delay in getting to the event.
    • Many factors led to the delay of his presentation.
    • Any further delay in the project might result in losing the contract.

    3. Impede

    The word ‘impede’ is borrowed from Latin impediō (“to shackle”), and from pēs (“foot”) (compare pedestrian). To impede means to get in the way of something, making their movement, development, or progress difficult.

    • The passage to the inner chamber was barred, which was meant to impede the path.
    • The goal behind the new constitution is to impede free speech.
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    To Wrap Up

    Proper knowledge of words and their synonyms will help you minimize the repetition of a term in writing. You could use a word’s synonym to give your piece some color and enhance your point.

    Facilitate synonym is ‘assist.’ Other terms related to ‘facilitate’ have been outlined in this article! A thesaurus will come in handy if you need to learn more synonyms for the word.

    Facilitate Synonym: An Effective Guide — Definition & Examples

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